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  1. That sounds like that's what happened here. Although that makes me wonder, how you're supposed to use both these features together? What if i want to use access control?
  2. I've found the issue.. The field that was being used in the repeater had access control enabled, but guest had view permissions. I turned it off, and now it works again. Can you explain why it didn't work, even though guest had view access? Cheers, Dennis
  3. Hi @kongondo, "Schule" and "Mehr erfahren" are just hard coded values in my template. The template here is called home and the field we're looking at is a repeater field (back then I didn't know that Fieldset elements existed.) The repeater field has two fields - ttile and paragraph. Those are the fields that come from the database. In my template, I access the repeater field via: $page->schule_home[0] Also there's no restrictions set on the template or the repeater field. The problem also occurs on other page templates...
  4. Hi, I have this weird problem where my page content is only shown, when I'm logged in as an admin. A thing worth mentioning is, that I've imported data from a site that's already online via the built-in import/export functionality. Maybe someone here had a similar experience? I don't know how to debug this as well, since there's no errors thrown when accessing the data in the templates. It's just blank when not logged in. When logged in: When logged out: Cheers Dennis
  5. Hello guys, is this still a thing? The git repo seems to be dead. 😄
  6. Hi guys! I really like this Module so far. One thing bothers me though: the returned data from GraphQL is kinda "messy", e.g. if i have only one element returned from a list operation, I don't want it to be returned as an array holding one element, but instead just return the one object instead. I've written a quick and dirty JS function, which transforms the data I receive into the format described above. transformGqlResponse (response, pagename) { const data = response.data[pagename] const content = data.list[0] for (const item in content) { if (Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty.call(content[item], 'list')) { content[item] = content[item].list[0] } } return content } Obviously this poses a problem for deeply nested list operations. Is there a way to transform the data like that before it is returned to my frontend, like make the list operation return the object instead of an array when the list operation result only yields one item? Also first post, LOL.
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