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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, ProcessWire has been the perfect CMS for me so far but I always missed the Laravel way of doing things when working with PW. Therefore I've built a package that will integrate Laravel into ProcessWire. It's already working out really well and I can imagine a lot of stuff to come in future. Anyways I'm hoping for some peoples support / pull requests / ideas / opinions ... Here's the link: https://github.com/hettiger/larawire Enjoy!
  2. Howdy PW Gurus Who Also Know Laravel or Symfony, I built a few web applications with PW, and was very happy with the result. For example: - an email to web help ticket system, with a front-end login - a Linux account management and multi-server account creation app, with a front-end login and PW server scripts run from the command line - a complex business app to test the viability of business ideas against a variety of metrics and algorithms, with a front-end login. The front-end logins displayed pages specific to the app needs, entirely bypassing the normal PW admin backend. => My question is: since PW can build the types of apps above, what can Laravel and Symfony do that PW cannot? Thanks for any insights! Peter
  3. I'm incorporating PW into a Laravel site layout. For the Login/Logout links, I have: <?php if ( !wire('user')->isGuest() && wire('user')->id && wire("user")->isLoggedin() ) { echo '<li><a href="/pages/control/">Admin</li> <li><a href="/pages/control/login/logout/">Logout</li>'; } else echo '<li><a href="/pages/control/login/">Login</li>'; ?> I started with just wire('user')->isLoggedin(), and that didn't seem to work, so searching around the forums added in the other items. Basically, whether I'm logged in or not, I always see a Login link. If I dd/datadump (a Laravel function) the wire('user') I get what looks like the PW user class. So I've included the PW index.php correctly into my Laravel bootstrap/start.php. As an aside, $wire->user->isLoggedIn() doesn't work. It's probably some conflict with Laravel. Switching to use wire('user')->isLoggedIn() let me work, though it gives the wrong result. EDIT 1: It works fine on the pages that are pure PW, just not any that are Laravel driven.
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