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  1. Note: AdminOnSteroids has some of this module's functionality if you need something that works with 3.+
  2. Thanks for sharing. This would make for a good recipe on
  3. +1 on the icon list
  4. Both would be probably be fine. I prefer everything to be in site/templates so I know I can copy that whole directory to another site if needed to get the same functionality. If snippets are uploaded to site/assets, I then have to change out of my working directory and hunt down specific folders in site/assets. I prefer to work in one primary directory (site/templates) without switching around if necessary. It saves time. The way I see it is: Does the module have to generate files? if yes, store the files in site/assets. If no, store the files in site/templates somewhere. Sounds good Thanks for all you do!
  5. IMHO.. I think it would be best to specify a default directory in site/templates/TracySnippets and allow an override in Tracy for the directory to use in site/templates. I wouldn't recommend snippets in /site/assets/TracyDebugger/snippets because that folder typically isn't versioned control whereas site/templates/ is version controlled.
  6. @SamC - You can configure the module the way you like under Modules > Configure > AdminThemeUikit Also @tpr - updated the AdminOnSteroids module to fix the hotkeys now. Thanks @tpr!!
  7. @abdus - With AdminOnSteroids you can enable the Alt + d shortcut to focus the search field. It doesn't work yet with the new AdminThemeUikit though. There are other shortcuts as well like Alt + o to open the page tree in a panel. Cmd + s to save a page.
  8. I submitted the InputfieldCheckbox issue to reduce the comments here.
  9. Sorry, it looks like those fields are collapsed ajax loaded fields, not fieldsets. So to summarize: Field Initially Collapsed - Field set to Open when populated, closed when blank = works good, span full width and tooltips appear when hovered Field Initially Collapsed - Field set to Open when populated + Closed when blank + Load only when opened (AJAX) = doesn't work, only spans the width of the label, tooltip doesn't appear when hovered. I think the type matters here as well, I think I'm seeing the problem only on InputfieldCheckbox fields.
  10. I noticed an issue when AOS is enabled. The collapsed fieldsets aren't fully expanded. In Chrome dev tools, you can hover over the "label" html element to see it. I think it has something to do with this rule: .aos_hasTooltip .title, .InputfieldCheckbox label { position: relative; display: inline-block; } I also noticed on those fieldsets, the AOS tooltip popup isn't working. Nothing pops up to show the edit field links. If I find a solution, I'll report back. Hope that helps, -Glenn
  11. @Hantsweb - could you elaborate more on how you used Authy with Processwire?
  12. Do you have an admin.php in you site/templates folder?
  13. I like the direction you are going with that module. It looks like it could be really useful.
  14. @dragan - Can you elaborate more on how you did this? I would like to implement something like this on my sites.
  15. Sorry, I'm still not able to reproduce this error. Like @abdus mentioned, try in a browser that doesn't have browser addons or extensions. Try on another computer if the website is already public. Try on a fresh PW install and see if it still does it. Try editing the page with a different admin theme. I'm using the default admin theme when I test. Make sure your modules are up to date.