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  1. I know this is an older post, but you should be able to do some of this now with this module:
  2. Couldn't you loop over all templates(excluding system templates) and use the template's name along with a count? For example: Basic Page (55) Calendar Postings (77) Job Postings (88) community-event (55) <- this one doesn't have a friendly template name, the others above do Total Pages (400) It would probably be helpful to show file information as well. Like: Documents (1,000) Images (2,000) Audio (30) Videos (40) Total Files (3,000) The number of users would be helpful per role Editors (20) Contributors (25) Vendors (22) System Admins (2) Total Users (60) All of that would probably need to be cached so isn't too taxing on the server. Maybe only displayed to admins as well? I thought I remembered a module that already provides similar counts? I can't remember the name. Maybe I'll remember it later?
  3. Thanks Robin, just tested and it does work. Man, you're fast!
  4. Haven't tried out the module **yet**, but I love the look of these dashboards. One panel that could be useful is a content overview panel like in Wordpress. It would show the amount of pages for each type of page with a link to the built in pages lister that shows all pages filter for that page type. Another feature that might be useful would be the ability to create multiple dashboard pages, or tabs within dashboards like what is shown in the Drupal Workbench module? This could be a dashboard for the user? Maybe you could have a site dashboard(displayed when clicking on the main logo or the Processwire logo or visiting the main processwire admin page at /processwire) and a user dashboard(displayed when a user first logs into the Processwire Admin)? Here is what a "My dashboard"(from drupal.org) for users could look like If we had the ability to create multiple dashboard pages then while creating/editing each dashboard page, you can choose which roles are allowed to view the page. If you do not choose any roles, then only admins can view the dashboard page. For obvious reasons, anonymous users will not be able to save pages or add custom items. All of this might be too complex, but I thought would just get these thoughts out of my head in case anybody liked them. Here is another dashboard I found just to give others some ideas of what could probably be created with this module. Anyways, thanks for making this module. Look forward to trying it soon.
  5. Hi @Robin S, just wanted to let you know that I tried out the latest version, but it didn't seem to work with the file/image files with no extension. Here are some examples that didn't work for me: Ex. pdf file with no extension: https://www.charleston-sc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18787/Certificate-of-Construction-Completion-RES-Checklist?bidId= Ex. image file with no extension: https://www.charleston-sc.gov/ImageRepository/Document?documentID=23023 After saving the page with those urls, it shows the following error message: AddImageUrls: The remote file https://www.charleston-sc.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18787/Certificate-of-Construction-Completion-RES-Checklist?bidId= has no file extension and its MIME type does not correspond with a valid file extension for field "page_files". The file field is configured to allow pdf files and the image field is configured to allow png, jpg, jpeg, gif. Do these urls work for you?
  6. Thanks for adding this to modules directory and combining both module's functionality. 🎉 Not sure if this is possible, but sometimes you have sites that have file urls or image urls with no extensions. Example: mywebsite.com/this-is-a-pdf-link or mywebsite.com/this-is-an-image Urls like that won't work currently with this module. I'm not sure if there is a way to add a check if the url doesn't have an extension, then check the mime type against the allowed extensions? Maybe somehow comparing the two by using $config->fileContentTypes and $ctype = mime_content_type($file->filename); ?
  7. gmclelland

    Aaron Copland

    Yes, please. Maybe this would help? https://github.com/dadish/pw-skyscrapers-profile
  8. Haven't used it yet, but I think I read that Mystique is also a good module for this kind of stuff. I have also used SettingsFactory and can say that it works great.
  9. I think this might help you https://processwire.com/api/ref/functions/#pwapi-methods-Functions-API
  10. Hi LAPS, I’m not sure I follow? The article you linked says that it already does this. You elaborate a little more?
  11. @gebeer - FYI... I modified Robin's AddImageUrls module and adapted it to work with file fields now. It's called the AddFileUrls module. @matjazp I'm not sure I fully understand what you want, but maybe you could try the new "AddFileUrls" module and then use some kind of hook to modify and pre-fill the default value of the url in the file field?
  12. Hey @Robin S, I thought this module was handy so I modified the AddImageUrls module and adapted it to work for file fields. I attached the new "AddFileUrls" module. Feel free to upload it to your github or publish these to the module directory. It seems to work well in my testing. Hope that helps AddFileUrls.zip
  13. Thanks @matjazp! It makes sense now. That's a Windows only thing. Macs don't have that.
  14. @horst - what do you mean by this? I don't see anywhere to input any text in a file or image field.
  15. The two “orange” pages have the same page title, but it probably gives them different page names. Look on the settings tab of each page.
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