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  1. Andrei

    ProcessWire Day

    I think I do agree with both of you It's just great to work and have fun with Processwire everyday, and planning ahead one day, something like what was the "METEOR Day" on the v1 release a few time ago could be great too. Never a bad idea to celebrate and prompting some PW*Pride if well planed.
  2. Hi, I do know that this topic is nor really directly PW related, but yet it's about a well known CMS, releasing these days a major update, and I rarely or never saw such a step-back for a software in terms of "Backend Design and UX". Meanwhile, before even the EE v2, ExpressionEngine was great CMS, the first one I knew (back in times) Custom-Fields centric, and with a well designed AdminZone, focused on the content, and so. The EE2 Admin was designed by Veerle Peters from duoh.com and was close to perfect on some points. --- Enough introduction As a EE dev' I downloaded and installed the EE3 Beta, waiting to the wow-effect and some amazing improvements, but the reaction was more like "Is that a joke?" : *LOGIN page* *DASHBOARD* *PUBLISH* In the end, the bonus track. Responsive? Nope! Well, well, what can I say ? ... Long live ProcessWire
  3. Right, thx a lot, that thread seems [solved]. Funny to see that button turned into a regular nav-link in the footer between the ThemeSwitch and the Contact page.
  4. Hi everybody, I would have a simple and maybe already asked question: - Do the PW Forums have a general "Mark all as read" button? I can't find it if it exists. Actually I have to open one by one all forums and use the "per forum" button. Thanks for your lights
  5. Hi, First, try to follow that tutorial : Simple Website Tutorials to see step by step the basic PW mechanic. Then, take your time to get around the rest of The Docs Meanwhile, I'll try a "short version" of that, with the content circulation from creation to the browser: 1> First you create a *CustomField* to store some content, who will be at the end shown into the browser. And giving to that field some unique name. 2> Then, your "Page" is more of a box where you store a set of specific CustomFields. That box is associated with one unique *Template* 3> The *Template* is simply a .php file stored into /site/templates/ 4> -Now the magic happen, basically as follow Assuming that you have a TextField, with the name "myContent", that you can fill in the backend on a Page (box) named "Test", and tied surprisingly to the test.php template ... 1. To output the Content (aka our field) on the Test Page, just open test.php template and in the chosen spot type: <?php echo $page->myContent; ?> // Classic form... <?= $page->myContent; ?> // or short form. 2. Basically again, if you need that content on another template/page than Test, you can pass from the global variable, and find the right "fields box" by the template name it use. So, on any other template, you can access the content of the "myContent" field like so: <?php echo $pages->find("template=test")->myContent; ?> // Classic form... <?= $pages->find("template=test")->myContent; ?> // or short form. PS: There are many other ways and forms to target and display the content, take some minutes with the Selectors - Don't know if I really understood your question ^^, but hope it helps a little.
  6. Glad to hear that it's solved 'happy coding.
  7. Andrei

    Colors and Time, :)

    Great idea, and nicely done.
  8. Sounds strange, normally it seems to me that it should not happen. I'll let the more experienced folks answer to that, but maybe they'll need more details.
  9. Just noticed that there is a CLI Tool for ProcessWire, and even before giving it a try I just want to say *thanks* to the author. CLI Tools, generators, preprocessors and stuff, modern web dev' & design is really helpful and the way to go. \o/
  10. Hi, Is this still a valid way to do that today with the curent PW version (dev)? I have copied indeed: /wire/templates-admin/ and also: /wire/modules/AdminTheme/ to /site/templates-admin/ /site/modules/AdminTheme/ but there are still the files located in /wire/modules/AdminTheme/ who are rendered. Tested out by simply adding some extra characters to the footer and see who shows up. I'm mainly looking to a way to re style/write the login page UI/UX and then the rest. --- Edit: My bad. PW Noob fail ^^ Forgot to "refresh" and chose witch one ov the versions I whant to be rendered (wire/ or site/).
  11. Hi everybody, the fist time I heard about PW, it was by following a simple link on a blog, and it could probably change quite many things with my next client projects. As I started doing web design and dev' somewhere around 1994, I walked through some CMS's and PHP frameworks along the way. My last CMS of choice is (and almost was) ExpressionEngine but since the first versions of EE2 there's noting new or better, just more expensive 3rd party modules adding up to the license and more. Actually, i'm considering migrating two EE websites to PW, and starting a fresh install for a client project I'm actually working on. For later, on, once I'll dig more into the source, I'll test some UX ideas locally for the Admin part to see. Oh, yep, indeed I'm Andrei, web dev/design/market'er based in southern France, and glad to be here
  12. I saw that Hangout, and even if it's always interesting whatever discussions around CMS's, that time it was not much "new" or even worthing to dig more about. The event conclusion: The best CMS is ... the one who fits with your project/needs/team/etc. That's it.
  13. For me it would be one unique opportunity to kill myself doing motocross ... by drowning! (poor swimer)
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