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  1. Hi, I want to replace the comment output classes with custom classes. Because I need the output formatted for Bootstrap, with a few other tweaks. I'm rendering the template with this code: <?= $page->comments->renderAll() ?> How can I replace the default classes CommentForm and CommentList with custom classes before the instance got created? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I duplicated the FieldtypeComments module by adding it in site/modules to get the Uikit3 html output. Problem: I can't post a comment. Where am I doing wrong? <?php echo $page->commenti->renderForm(); ?>
  3. The "Comments" core module has been activated locally with its four associated parts, including an Akismet API key, and has been rendered as per instruction via http://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/comments/. Testing the comment form continues to render errors after this manner in the 3.0.96 version. Error: Exception: Invalid email address (processwire@localhost:8888) (in ... /wire/core/WireMail.php line 130) After an exhaustive attempt on my part to overcome this error (with limited knowledge), I considered that maybe a corrupt file might be the cause. However, after updating from 3.0.62 to 3.0.96, the same error persists. Below is the particular section/line of code mentioned. /** * Sanitize an email address or throw WireException if invalid * * @param string $email * @return string * @throws WireException * */ protected function sanitizeEmail($email) { $email = strtolower(trim($email)); $clean = $this->wire('sanitizer')->email($email); if($email != $clean) { $clean = $this->wire('sanitizer')->entities($email); throw new WireException("Invalid email address ($clean)"); //<--- this is the line } return $clean; } Inasmuch as this is the final element that needs to be addressed for this particular site, your assistance in helping me understand the issue and the remedy regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Good day!
  4. Hi all, help needed with comments here. I see that there is a star rating system and possibility to upvote or downvote specific comments. Page on comments still does not go into details, especially about displaying them. I followed other things on that page, including the styling, to the letter. If you include custom code {stars}, stars are displayed but not properly (it shows 5 star only regardless of the rating). Also {votes} does show the arrows but they do not do anything. While in the backend things do work as expected (ie. stars can be set and votes changed). Am I missing something, like custom JavaScript or similar? Anyone else using these features in their comments?
  5. Is it possible (and how) to add some custom fields to the comment form like a website?
  6. Hello, First off, ProcessWire looks excellent, thank you for creating this. I discovered this CMS a couple days ago and I am spending the day learning it today. I have an important project for a client that requires the feature of allowing surfers to make comments on products. In addition to the normal comment, they will also be able to rate the product in the same comment form. Here is an example of what the form may look like: Name: Email: Comment: Ease of use rating (0 - 5): Price rating (0 - 5): Product design rating (0 - 5): Is this possible to add additional fields like this into comments with ProcessWire? I would ideally like to use the rating data in other places on the website as well, for example, if ten people give ratings for that product, then I would take the average of all of them and display the average surfer rating on the main page or anywhere. Any information or a point in the right direction if this is possible would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Chris
  7. I'm trying to install comments on two of my clients' websites. In both cases, I'm able to display the comment submission form, but the form submissions are not being saved or display. Once I click the submit button, I'm directed to the homepage where #CommentForm is appended to the end of the URL. I have looked through countless forums and Google searches, but I can't find any advice that has fixed this issue. I have followed the instructions from https://processwire.com/docs/modules/guides/comments/ exactly as described, and I'm getting no where. Like I said, this is set up on two different websites and I'm seeing the same issues with both. I assume it's some issue with connecting with a database, but I don't see anything in the instructions on PW's website that says I need to do anything there.
  8. I'm working on the threaded comments on my website and for this I need to include the comments.js When I do this it keeps on giving me the "Uncaught ReferenceRrror: jQuery is not defined". Whatever I do it keeps giving me this error message. It's the last javascript file that I load in. So how do I fix it?
  9. Hey Guys, I am using the https://processwire.com/api/fieldtypes/comments/ to allow users to comment and rate. Whats the best approach to get an average of all the star ratings for the page? Any direction is greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi all, I thought I'd take this opportunity to announce a module I've been working on for a private project. Although it's not yet complete, I thought I'd take the time out to see if anyone would be interested in it. I only have the module locally on a test site, so if there is any interest, I can upload it somewhere suitable and maybe others can add to it, provide feedback etc. What is HermodBB? Hermod (messenger of the Norse gods) BB (Bulletin Board) is a module that installs a selection of templates and fields that you'd expect for a frontend forum. It also provides some methods to easily save topics and comments. All topics and comments (replies) are simply pages, and are organised like can be seen in the following image. Each forum has checkbox permissions for viewing, posting, pinning etc (see image below). These permissions can then be verified with some simple code (see below). // Use the helper method to pull a list of forum pages $forums = $hbb->forumsRender(); foreach ($forums as $forum) { // Only show the forums to those that are allowed to view them $rolesForumView = $forum->hbb_forum_view; if ($rolesForumView->has('id=' . $user->roles)) { // User has view access for the forum } } HermodBB also makes it easy to add comments to other pages, i.e articles, blogs etc. Comments are added as sub-pages, just like they are for topics. What HermodBB doesn't do HermodBB does not dictate any markup or sanitization. Any sanitization method can be used, and each topic and comment can easily be rendered as required. I'm currently using UIkit and CKEditor, but this can easily be changed to Bootstrap/Foundation etc. It keeps everything simple so that Processwire can do all the heavy lifting. Note: I am aware that there is the excellent comments module by Ryan, and also the Discussions module by Apeisa, but I needed something a little different for my current project, so I decided to have a bash myself. I am by no means on the same level of coding as the majority of members on here, so please be gentle I'd also like to thank Ryan personally for such an excellent framework. Any questions etc, please feel free to ask.
  11. Hi Guys, I am running a page template that contains a filter form that allows users to display results based on number of comments. Here is what I am thinking about doing: -add new field called total_comments -somehow populate this field every time a new comment is added or removed by admin with count($page->comments) -use form filter to display results that the selector form has found. Example: $selector = “total_comments>=$q”; My question to everyone: Is this a good approach? If so how do I get another field to update based on the comment module adding or removing a comment?
  12. Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me out with getting the count of the comments of a page? I am using Ryan's comments module as a reviews system for my site and would like to display the count of the comments per page, as below The shops part that you see above is something similar to this <?php $set_page = $page->title; $count = $pages->count("template=prices, title=$set_page"); echo $count; ?>
  13. Hi there! I need to gather a list of all comments, regardless of the parent page of each comment. Is there a global $comments object, which can do this? Something like: foreach($comments->find('sort=-created') as $comment) { // show comment } I did not find anything similar in the forums. Can someone help me?
  14. Hi all, Happy New Year! Is there a setting to control the amount of Kb of comment text? One of my clients tried to reply to a comment posted and his reply got cut off. I checked it and it's only 2,351 characters. I noticed that maxComment is set to 80K in the module so this did not exceed the max yet. Thx Rudy
  15. Hi, I wanted to use Comments module in my project and stumbled upon a problem. Whenever I submit comment with a star rating, it redirects me to unknown page as #CommentForm and my websites preloader is keep turning but nothing is actually happening. Can you please give me a hand on this. What should I do in order to fix this. On my template I added comments field, but submitted comments are not shown. Is there anyway to make comments work on my page? Than you in advance
  16. Hello, I recently started making a blog using Processwire and since i'm completely new, I struggle with a few things. I'm trying to make a comment section in my blog post, so I followed the tutorial and pasted the two code lines in my template. 18 echo $page->comments->render(); 19 echo $page->comments->renderForm(); but now I have this error on my page : Error: Call to a member function render() on null (line 18 of C:\wamp64\www\processwire\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\templates\Post.php) Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.
  17. Hi! I'm testing a news site, build on Processwire. We use standard comments system, provided by PW. I found out, that user can easily crash the whole makeup just with a veeery looong wooord comment. What is the best approach (except pre-moderation of comments) to deal with this problem?
  18. Hi! I'm new to ProcessWire and i need a "little" help with my family's website. What i want: The website of my family contains a gallery, where photos are shown in several albums. The current tree looks like this: ---photos ------ New Year 2013 ------ Going to the zoo ------ Dad's 60th birthday ------ Our Pug ------ ... Showing all pictures on one page is no problem for me, i got that working. But the photos should be Instagram-like "commentable" and "likeable". So i have to create a page for every single image, right? My questions are now: what's "the best" way to do this? Is it possible to automate this process? And how? I hope you understand, what i'm trying to do... my english is not that good, school is a few days ago... paulbrause
  19. I thought I'd list a few suggestions that I feel could be useful additions to the comments field. I know most of this can be done via the API, but these additions would make it easier Moderation: It would be nice if we could have role-based moderation settings. In other words, the ability to set up stricter moderation settings for less trusted user roles (roles created for new members etc), and more lenient settings for trusted members (moderators, editors). The same could be applied to the spam settings. That way comments made by trusted user roles could be automatically posted, while other roles could be checked for spam etc. Text Formatters and Inputfield Types Although I'm aware of the security implications, it would be nice to have the option to choose text formatters and the type of field, i.e plain text area or CKEditor etc for the text field. Again this could also be based on role-based settings - trusted users could use CKEditor while untrusted users could be limited to the standard plain text editor. Comments form Easier form customisation, i.e to be able to choose which fields are displayed. If members are logged in, do we need the e-mail address field showing? A simple comment box and submit button would be fine. Also, the additions made to FormBuilder regarding CSS Frameworks were great, and I'd love to see it extended to the comments form. // prepare a form for output $form = $forms->render('comments'); // in your document <head> echo $form->styles; echo $form->scripts; // somewhere in your document <body> echo $form; And voila, a UIKit comment form.
  20. Hello! I've finally learned enough to be dangerous...or maybe I knew that much all along. Anyway, I prepared a site to help us do some non-profit work...but... Comment Dates: The directions with dates seem clear enough and I've read them and tried all the following <?php echo date("D M j G:i:s T Y"); ?> echo date("D M j G:i:s T Y"); date("D M j G:i:s T Y") "D M j G:i:s T Y" D M j G:i:s T Y Yet, when I save the Comments field and refresh the page, I still get a relative date (such as "8 seconds ago.") Can someone help (please)? = = = = = = Comments Render Array: Using the directions at Comments, I can safely use $content .= $page->comment->render(array()); and my comments will show up. However, I get an error if I add something like the very first example $page->comment->render(array('headline' => '<h2>Read Comments</h2>',)); The error in this case was Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected ''headline'' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ')' (line 11 of C:\0\www\pwlimit\site\templates\member.php) I've tried a variety of things... Usually, I get an error with no explanation. Can someone help (please)? = = = = = = Comments Email: When I check Allow Commenter Email Notifications, i don't get an email. Can someone help (please)? Thank you in advance for your help! Especially, thank you for your patience!
  21. I am relatively new to processwire. I also started learning html and css just this year. I have basic understanding of concepts but am still at a loss on the technical language but I am excited to learn a lot more. I'm working on starting a website that is along the lines of fmylife.com. I have my design down and I understand the basics of processwire. What I can't figure out is how to create the main component of this website. I need to be able to allow any user without creating an account or even inputting an email address to post directly on the main page. Obviously without allowing them to touch anything else on the page except for their individual post. Maybe using individual IP addresses and cookies. These posts will resemble that of posting on facebook. I need to be able to have a backlog of these in order to create categories for the "best posts" etc. and the capability of deleting any content that I see fit. The furthest I've gotten is the idea of creating one continuous thread. Also, I know wordpress has the capability of a similar way but requires buying into the premium. At this point I am not set up to spend money but if there is a better way that I will have to pay for I can be open to that down the road. For now though I'm trying for the free route. I'm wondering if anyone has some great pointers or tips for making this a possibility. Thanks for the help in advance! KFlare
  22. Hey Guys, Hope everyone is doing well! It's been quite some time since I have had to reach out for some help. So far, I have launched over 20 ProcessWire sites in the last couple of months. I ran into an issue this morning. I have upgraded a ProcessWire site from 2.6 to 3.0.42 and have updated all the plugins. The error I am getting now is related to the comments manager that resides outside of the pages, under Setup. The error I see is the following: Error: Call to a member function showInHeader() on a non-object (line 586 of /wire/modules/Process/ProcessCommentsManager/ProcessCommentsManager.module I have never seen this error. Any thought on this guys?
  23. I added a star rating system and a title field to the comments fieldtype. So a user on the frontend can use a nice star rating like on Google Play (done with a pure CSS solution inspired by Lea Verou). The rating in the backend is displayed as a number in a text field. You can download the module from https://jensmartsch.de/FieldtypeCommentsRating.zip I will add it to the modules directory when I have more time. After downloading extract it to your site/modules/FieldtypeCommentsRating directory. Then install the modules "FieldtypeCommentsRating" and "FieldtypeCommentsRatingAdmin" via ProcessWire -> Modules -> Page -> New. After that create two new fields "ratingTitle" and "rating" or use your own naming. Then add them to a template. To get it working on the frontend, copy the code of the file rating.php where you want the output to appear. After that add rating.css and FontAwesome (or your own icon-font) to your website. After that you can use the module. Have fun!
  24. I'm trying to find all comments for a small group of pages using the API. The pages, in this case, all have the same author. I'm extending ProcessCommentsManager to accomplish this, by adding the following code at line 167 of ProcessCommentsManager.module (inside ___executeList()): $posts = $this->pages->find("template=post,author=" . $this->author); $selector .= ", pages_id=" . $posts; $selector, at this point, has the following value: start=0, limit=10, sort=-created, status=1, pages_id=4287|4304|4307|4314 And then we resume with the existing code at line 168: $comments = $field->type->find($field, $selector); However, I'm only getting comments for page #4287, the first one in the list. I've tried this with several data sets and it's always the same. Is there something about pages_id that doesn't like the usual pipe format for multiple values? Is there a better way to solve this problem? I'd also welcome feedback about whether this is generally a good approach to displaying comments only for certain pages.
  25. Hello, thanks for the help the other day. I continued to configure/code my page like I want it. Now i was going to add comments. I installed the Comments Manager Module under "processwire/module/edit?name=ProcessCommentsManager". It got installed and I can see the menuoption under "setup", called: Comments. Problem: It does not matter what link I press. Everyone shows the following error. Even uninstalling shows this error. Page: /processwire/setup/comments/ Error: Fatal error: Class 'Comment' not found in /var/www/testsite/wire/modules/Process/ProcessCommentsManager/ProcessCommentsManager.module on line 80 I am using Processwire 2.7.2. Is anyone here who can help me sorting this problem out? Best regards EDIT: I just realized that this might be the wrong section of the forum. If so, please move this thread. Thanks!
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