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Found 24 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am trying to assign a page with template term-translation to variable $terms using the code below. This page is filled with fields that I use to translate certain texts. <?php namespace ProcessWire; $terms = $pages->find('template=term-translation'); This snippet is at the start of code in a .module file (specifically LoginRegister). The problem is that the $pages is null, or atleast that is what the error is telling me. Error: Exception: Call to a member function find() on null. I use this code in .php template files of my website and they work as they should. Does anyone have a solution to this problem. If this topic was already in here somewhere, then I am sorry, but I could not find it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm trying to identify if a user has logged in through our PW login. It's using $session->login. When including /pw/index.php and checking $user, it shows only a guest account after I have logged in. My project is in a higher directory than our PW instance. Is that why it's not showing a user being logged in? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone. I've built an app on a website that has ProcessWire in only a narrow scope of the website. They're using ProcessWire's login for certain users in this particular section of the website. My app is in a completely different directory, outside the scope of ProcessWire. I'm hoping it's possible for me to import ProcessWire into my app's backend and find if a user is current logged in. Is there some way I can do that? Thank you!
  4. Hello, I'm primarily a graphic designer with some intermediate php coding skills. I love everything about Processwire; how easy it is to get up and running, making a lot of things that are hard (at least to me), very easy to implement. In fact, it makes me look like a genius most of the time ( I deal with a lot of Imposter Syndrome, but anyways . . .). I'm trying to figure out how to install Square's SDK and API into a processwire site I'm developing for my wife. I've read a lot of tutorials and articles, and I'm afraid to make some horrible error that will break what I've already built (I just recently learned how to use Regions with confidence). I don't know if I should install Composer or not ( I don't understand Composer, do I install only locally on my computer, or actually have to install it on the server?) or do I just manually install the SDK on the server itself, but where? Not the root folder, I know that much and how do I call it in the files (in the config.php or in the _init.php). She's an esthetician, I'd like users to be able to book appointments on the site and her able to make those appointments to deposit a percentage to hold the appointment. So that is my issue. Would love some help and keep learning to get better with using Processwire.
  5. Hello Everyone, I was trying to update SEO meta title, description and meta keywords for my website in Process Wire CMS but it saving in the backend but it is not reflecting on my website, Please help me regarding this error. Please find below attached screen shot for your ref. TIA.
  6. Although the PW backend is really intuitive, ever so often my clients need some assistance. Be it they are not so tech savvy or they are not working in the backend often. For those cases it is nice to make some help videos available to editors. This is what this module does. ProcessHelpVideos Module A Process module to display help videos for the ProcessWire CMS. It can be used to make help videos (screencasts) available to content editors. This module adds a 'Help Videos" section to the ProcessWire backend. The help videos are accessible through an automatically created page in the Admin page tree. You can add your help videos as pages in the page tree. The module adds a hidden page to the page tree that acts as parent page for the help video pages. All necessary fields and templates will be installed automatically. If there are already a CKEditor field and/or a file field for mp4 files installed in the system, the module will use those. Otherwise it will create the necessary fields. Also the necessary templates for the parent help videos page and it's children are created on module install. The module installs a permission process-helpvideos. Every user role that should have access to the help video section, needs this permission. I use the help video approach on quite a few production sites. It is stable so far and well received by site owners/editors. Up until now I installed required fields, templates and pages manually and then added the module. Now I added all this logic to the install method of the module and it should be ready to share. The module and further description on how to use it is available on github: https://github.com/gebeer/ProcessHelpVideos If you like to give it a try, I am happy to receive your comments/suggestions here.
  7. Hi all, I have been asked by a client whether we can setup load balancing for their existing Processwire site. From my investigations on Google and within these forums, it definitely seems possible but as a newbie with a basic understanding of the subject im a bit lost. Does anyone know of any existing tutorials for settings up load balancing with PW? What items would need to be changed on their current stand alone install, is there a list of best practices worth consulting etc? As I understand it we would need to have some sort of copying mechanism (rsync script most likely) in order to make sure any uploaded assets are shared between the main server and the fallback ones, other than that im not sure what else would need to be ammended. Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Just working on some smaller projects and take the step into the actual master/dev version and all the new methods and api chunks that are coming with the 3.x series... since i'm not always build websites i'm not always go with the brand new things and put them in my workflow....there is a 24 per day timelimit i think...;) BUT actual i dive deep in markup regions....and holy shit this feature ROCKS! It should put in place better than in some blogposts: http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.49-introduces-a-new-template-file-strategy/ http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.62-and-more-on-markup-regions/ or can some admins make a headline in the official docs and link to the blogentries?? This feature is to important to get missed for beginners and other users of PW! I'm just kick my whole workflow and change it for the markup regions....i'm feeling like xmas in summer Thank you @ryan Best regards and happy "new" year....
  9. Hi, I'm brand new to ProcessWire and I found it when searching for a CMS to create my web site. The reason I'm interested is because I want to create a site which is exactly like the Skyscrapers demo site, but with different content obviously. I like how the site is formatted and the search options box, the summary list and detail pages, and the map. What is the quickest and easiest way of setting up a page like this with my own variables, enter my own records and have it formatted just like that demo page with the menu options, sorting and search options? I've had a look at the Tutorials page, but I can't see anything this specific. Thanks for your time & help!
  10. Hello, I recently started making a blog using Processwire and since i'm completely new, I struggle with a few things. I'm trying to make a comment section in my blog post, so I followed the tutorial and pasted the two code lines in my template. 18 echo $page->comments->render(); 19 echo $page->comments->renderForm(); but now I have this error on my page : Error: Call to a member function render() on null (line 18 of C:\wamp64\www\processwire\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\templates\Post.php) Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi im new to this forum and i need some help with a booking system that i have trying to implement under Processwire. I hope that i can explain as much as i can what my problem is. Here is the orginal script https://github.com/olejon/phpmyreservation I downloaded the script and got some help to fix it because it was all messed up. I have attached a file "ReservationSystem.rar" and it should work out of the box. Also attached the database file "Phpmyreservation.sql". The thing is the script works great as it is now but when i install a blank version of processwire and import the script to the template folder it wont work. I have tried many things but cant get it to work just error after error etc. Please ask me if you need some more information about this. I know you are the experts so thats why im asking you. ReservationSystem.rar phpmyreservation.sql
  12. Hello, I am truly stuck. I have a website I built for a client that has become quite successful: http://drydenwire.com It is an independent news agency. The problem is, I built everything from scratch in Processwire and things were purring along until the traffic went up. Now, I keep getting these huge spikes which last about 15 seconds and cause all users to receive a 503 Error. I have created a public repo for review: https://github.com/scramlo/DrydenWire.com/tree/master and can answer any questions that may lead to an answer. I am willing to hire a more experienced developer if the community is unable to help me mine out this issue. I have gone through the usage logs and know that all traffic is legitimate, I am not getting bombarded by a spam IP address or anything like that. Thank you for any and all assistance as this client is getting frustrated and I would rather not lose them!!! -Brian
  13. Hey y'all! I've been digging through the forums trying to find a workaround for the Page AutoComplete Field. So far, no luck. Here's the problem: Currently, to use the Page AutoComplete Field, you have to define a single parent for the pages you want to select from. I want to use the AutoComplete field to add multiple pages from different parents. For instance, I have a field for location, and I want to add the MET Museum and The Louvre, but the MET has parent USA, and the Louvre has parent France. Currently, it's very labor intensive to scroll through a list of 300+ locations, or use AsmSelect to drill down. AutoComplete would be a godsend. I've not been able to find any way to workaround this issue, any ideas? Thanks for any help or recommendations! — Reed
  14. SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'fubar'@'localhost' (using password: YES) Created the DB. Checked, repaired, flushed, deleted and let the system create it and continue to receive above error. I do not understand a 3 letter password error when the password criteria is a minimum of 5 letters and this error refuses to "go away"
  15. I am new to PW and have a client who use it for their website. I am trying to figure out where do I place the GA code and Ad Roll code in PW? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  16. Hello, how would one integrate SOAP service/client into the admin section of ProcessWire site? I would really appreciate some hints. Thank you.
  17. Hello All, I have an issue editing certain pages with specific templates. I noticed this issue after migrating from MAMP to a production server. Not sure if there's a relation there but just had to mention it. 'Error: Call to undefined method DirectoryIterator::getExtension() (line 104 of /var/www/vhosts/.../httpdocs/wire/core/Pageimages.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged.' When line 104 in Pageimages.php is commented out i'm able to edit the pages successfully. Any help or information will be appreciated. PW Version 2.5.25 DEV
  18. Hey guys, I'm really really desperate for help at this stage, for my own sanity mostly. I've been trying to set up a form that requires several fields one of which is a file upload, the user can upload max 10 files with extension jpg/png/jpeg and these are sent to the admin email as attachments. Currently this i am using the InputfieldFile module, I have moved it over to /site/modules because hooking the return html wasn't enough for my needs. So basically I have this. $images = $modules->get("InputfieldFileCustom"); $images->attr('label', "Upload your images"); $images->required = 0; $images->maxFiles = 10; $images->attr('id+images','image'); $images->attr('placeholder','no file selected'); $images->attr('extensions','jpg'); $form->append($images); I expected output that would allow me to upload and delete files. Except right now my biggest issue is the fact that the remove button isn't being displayed because the ___renderItem method isn't being run and I have no idea how to make this work. I'm going to have to do a lot of fun stuff with the markup for the majority of the render methods but I can't do anything until I get the remove button to display. I also made a inputfieldfilecustom.js which is imported on the page. I've renamed all instances of InputFieldFile to InputFIeldFileCustom (in both js and module) Begging for help around now. it would be incredibly appreciated if someone can give me any direction.
  19. Hello I'm totaly new to PW and for now I find it very understanding, all but navigations. I tried to find some videos or tutorials explaining about this but noting helpfull comes up. I read i most of the tutorials on the forum that I could find but stil cant find the right answer. I'm making my first template and need your help on how do I create a menu like this in WP. I'm not a coder ... but understand a little. <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <li class="dropdown"> <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">Home <i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i></a> <ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li><a href="index-1.html">Masonry</a></li> <li><a href="index-3.html">Masonry v1</a></li> </ul> </li> <li class="dropdown"> <a href="#" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">Pages <i class="fa fa-angle-down"></i></a> <ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li><a href="about-us.html">About Us</a></li> <li><a href="services.html">Services</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> right now I'm here but it's not working right. <ul class="nav navbar-nav"> <?php $root = $pages->get("/"); function visit(Page $parent, $enter, $exit=null) { foreach ($parent->children() as $child) { call_user_func($enter, $child); if ($child->numChildren > 0) { visit($child, $enter, $exit); } if ($exit) { call_user_func($exit, $child); } } } visit( $pages->get(1) , function(Page $page) { echo '<li class="dropdown"><a href="' . $page->url . '" class="dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown">' . $page->title; if ($page->numChildren > 0) { echo '<ul class="dropdown-menu"> <li><a href="$page->url"></li> '; } else { echo '</a>'; } } , function(Page $page) { echo '</li>'; if ($page->numChildren > 0) { echo '</ul>'; } } ); ?> And I want my HOME page also to be shown. Any ideas? Thank you in advance R.
  20. So I'm outputting an image field array, I believe this is known as WireArray (bare with me, I only started developing for ProcessWire Yesterday). The cheatsheet has to be one of the best things ever! Not only does it show how simple ProcessWire is and how well crafted the API is, kudos to whoever came up with the cheatsheet. One thing I would like to see is example usages when you click more because at the moment, more doesn't really tell you anything more. I can tell it's inspired by jQuery's API documentation so I have no doubt this will be coming. So, moving on to the problem I'm having, looking at the cheatsheet $a->shift() will remove the first item for the array and then return it. So I have $gallery = $page->gallery; // A multi-upload image field $featured = $gallery->first()->size(800,550)->url; // Works fine $slider = $gallery->shift() // Doesn't work $slider = $gallery->pop() // Doesn't work $footer = $gallery->last()->size(800,1100)->url; // Works fine So my page layout goes like this: ___________ |__________ | <-- $featured // First Image | | | $slider // Image Gallery --> | | | <-- $page->content // Body Content Field |_____|____ | |__________| <-- $footer // Footer Image I have no idea if that example helps, but for usability that's how I want the gallery to work, so the user can just drag all their images in at once, move the featured to the front and the footer to the back. However $gallery->shift() returns nothing and $gallery->pop() returns nothing. $gallery->slice(1) get's rid of the first one in that array but I want to get rid of the first and last. Thanks, Tom
  21. Hello to all of you, has anybody suffered from following: I do something like that: $nr = $page; $nr->of(false); $nr->foo= $bar; $nr->foo2 = $bar2; $page->save(); $p = new Page(); $p->of(false); $p->template = 'foobar'; $p->parent = $pages->get('/bar/'); $p->title = $bar; $page->save(); then populate some more fields and again $page->save(); Everything is working fine and my created confirm save message pops up....the page is saved, but there are 3 outputs giving me $page->title after saving on the frontend. It has something to do with the save method, because when I leave them out everything is working just as designed... Hopefully somebody has advice! Regards
  22. Hey folks, I'm looking to implement the Google Maps Store Locator library to create a "Find Locations Near You" page for my site. I'm using the MapMarker fieldtype to create my locations, but I'm not sure how to connect my location data to the storeLocator.DataFeed The examples provided for the Store locator fetch data from static CSV files or web services. Any thoughts on how to hook things up? Thanks so much!
  23. Hey Everyone! right I'm nearing the end of development on this photography agencies site and I was wondering if anyone could have a quick look for bugs etc. http://nicegrp.co.uk/dev/hs/ It's not quite finished so there may be obvious stuff, also there's ALOT, going on in the front end, for example: - pages are cached client side (to prevent unnecessary ajax requests for seen pages) - Ajax page requests & pushstate - pdf module for gallery pages - slideshow animations - add image to your custom gallery - alot of menu logic - responsive - lazy loading images on gallery pages Let me know what you think. Thanks
  24. G'day everyone I'm new to ProcessWire - hoping someone could help me out?? I've installed ProcessWire in my root (public_html) directory & all is good - I really like this CMS. Very happy I stumbled across it! Thank you! This processwire site is accessible from my main domain (www.example.com) - No problem. However... I also own another domain name which I want to use for an entirely seperate website, but hosted on the same server account. Now, I've done this before with basic web pages with no hassles. But, with ProcessWire already installed - I'm having issues? In my cPanel admin area I create an Add-On Domain (www.secondwebsite.com). This creates a new folder in the root e.g. public_html/secondwebsite.com, and also creates the subdomain secondwebsite.example.com (which I'll deal with later). So, I place a Hello World index.html file within the new public_html/secondwebsite.com folder - This is to be the front page of my second website (entirely seperate from the ProcessWire site). When I type www.secondwebsite.com in my web browser, it is supposed to load that index.html file... Instead, I am greeted with a 403 Forbidden Error: Spewing. I did a bit of Googling to try and find a solution and found this thread which seems to have the answer, but I just can't figure out how to apply it to ProcessWire? I applied the fix they suggest in that thread by adding: To the start of the .htaccess file in my public_html folder. No luck. I tried placing it in different areas of the file, such as after the ReWriteEngine on line... Still no luck. Now, I've verified that it is the ProcessWire .htaccess file which is causing the issue, as I renamed the file, and I was instantly able to access my Add-On Domain from www.secondwebsite.com Could someone PLEASE help me out with this issue? I really don't have much experience with .htaccess files. If I can't resolve this it messes up my website plans for using ProcessWire Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Nick
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