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  1. Did not realise i hadnt responded. Sorry, this has been solved. Thank you
  2. Pageimages: Removed 'MediaImages' temp file(s) for page /global-media-library-beta/ - img_0760.jpg I get that message when an images is uploaded via the ck editor. Please help.
  3. Robin S, Thanks for the response.Stepped away from the project for a bit and i'm now back to it. I'll try the implementation and provide feedback. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for the quick response. The first paragraph in your answer threw me off a little. Would i have to activate URL segments on the Category Template OR the Category Child Template? Otherwise would URL segments have to be enabled in the product templates instead? Thank you. Here's and example of what i'm hoping to achieve. http://www.etro.com/en_wr/ 'Man' and 'Woman' under collections both have the same categories i.e. 'Autumn Winter 16-17' although they list different items for 'Man' and 'Woman'F / .W 2016 -17
  5. I have a site structure as follows Shirts -- Shirt One -- Shirt Two Shoes -- Shoe One -- Shoe Two Category -- Spring Summer -- Fall Winter Each page has a 'category' page field. I'm trying create a navigation that shows only the child categories as follows: Shirts -- Spring Summer -- Fall Winter Shoes -- Spring Summer -- Fall Winter When Shirts -> Spring Summer is clicked i'd see only spring summer shirts. Same for Shoes, you'd only see Spring summer items for shoes. Help please.
  6. I do not see any errors in the console.
  7. @krisj I've tried this solution and the colorpicker still does not work in a repeater or repeater matrix. Is there something else i'm misssing?
  8. ) You're right! Once that was upgraded problem went away. Thank you. Out of curiosity why would every other aspect of the site work just fine on 5.3.5.
  9. Whoa quick response! Thanks. PHP Version 5.3.5
  10. Hello All, I have an issue editing certain pages with specific templates. I noticed this issue after migrating from MAMP to a production server. Not sure if there's a relation there but just had to mention it. 'Error: Call to undefined method DirectoryIterator::getExtension() (line 104 of /var/www/vhosts/.../httpdocs/wire/core/Pageimages.php) This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged.' When line 104 in Pageimages.php is commented out i'm able to edit the pages successfully. Any help or information will be appreciated. PW Version 2.5.25 DEV
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