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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm new here, but I've been using PW for some time now, so far so good, but I have a problem with LoginRegister module. Some context : I have a website currently on Mamp's localhost : http://localhost:8888/sans-soleil/ I have a profile.php page and a connection.php page. When user is not logged in, he is redirected from profile.php to connection.php where Login/Register is used. The aimed setup : Not logged user are redirected to connection.php, after connection, they are redirected to profile.php The profile page contains everything to manage account The connection page is only there for registration and connection, not for account managing The Problem : The forms for login and the links to reset password & register are outputed, but when I try to login with a test user and click on the login btn or the register link I'm redirected to http://localhost:8888/sans-soleil/site/templates/?register=1, wich give me a 403, where I suppose I should have something like http://localhost:8888/sans-soleil/connection/?register=1. For the forgot password, the first link works, but after, when I submit the mail, I also get the 403. I tried the basic code provided in the documentation of the module, the more advanced version where you can give your own redirection target, and tried an other module (FrontEndUser). With everything I get the same 403 with the same url each time. I've bying searching the forum for some infos but gave me nothing that worked for me so far. I guess it as something to do with my install and not the module itself as two module have the same error, but I can't figure out what causes my problem. PS : The pro version of Login register will be better for my needs in the future, but I want to try out the regular, and make it work, obviously, before upgrading.
  2. G'day everyone I'm new to ProcessWire - hoping someone could help me out?? I've installed ProcessWire in my root (public_html) directory & all is good - I really like this CMS. Very happy I stumbled across it! Thank you! This processwire site is accessible from my main domain (www.example.com) - No problem. However... I also own another domain name which I want to use for an entirely seperate website, but hosted on the same server account. Now, I've done this before with basic web pages with no hassles. But, with ProcessWire already installed - I'm having issues? In my cPanel admin area I create an Add-On Domain (www.secondwebsite.com). This creates a new folder in the root e.g. public_html/secondwebsite.com, and also creates the subdomain secondwebsite.example.com (which I'll deal with later). So, I place a Hello World index.html file within the new public_html/secondwebsite.com folder - This is to be the front page of my second website (entirely seperate from the ProcessWire site). When I type www.secondwebsite.com in my web browser, it is supposed to load that index.html file... Instead, I am greeted with a 403 Forbidden Error: Spewing. I did a bit of Googling to try and find a solution and found this thread which seems to have the answer, but I just can't figure out how to apply it to ProcessWire? I applied the fix they suggest in that thread by adding: To the start of the .htaccess file in my public_html folder. No luck. I tried placing it in different areas of the file, such as after the ReWriteEngine on line... Still no luck. Now, I've verified that it is the ProcessWire .htaccess file which is causing the issue, as I renamed the file, and I was instantly able to access my Add-On Domain from www.secondwebsite.com Could someone PLEASE help me out with this issue? I really don't have much experience with .htaccess files. If I can't resolve this it messes up my website plans for using ProcessWire Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. Nick
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