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  1. @horst Thank you so much, I'm playing with this now - I'll let you know if I come across anything. Appreciate the hard work. Edit: Looking good! Edit: One thing I've noticed is let's say you set the quality of the jpeg to 50 on resize, WebP will use the resized jpeg at 50 quality. Does this mean that using also webpQuality 50 would compress it twice? @horst
  2. Thank you very much for the explanation, this is really useful information. I provided the images provided to me by the designers and forward their complains on image quality. However, this has always been a difficult argument for me as I only look at it technically. I can now pass this information on to them and make sure they are outputting images correctly. Thanks again, I've worked on a small webP converter in the meantime, until we see something implemented into the core.
  3. @jens.martsch This is the example: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ayqubd4b5o78i41/AAAm8eNmgBizOqfcG2YdT0Qta?dl=0 This is using quality 100, maxSize so no upscaling and sharpening none.
  4. Any news on WebP? There is a lot of convocation in the studio currently on image quality. The general thing is the built in resizing of images (Imagick) leaves images soft, however adding any sort of sharpening and it over sharpens around text leaving it with halos. Some people in the studio have been talking about changing CMS due to how ProcessWire manipulates images leaving them soft or over sharpened losing detail. It's a big discussion at the moment and generally we have found Statamic & CraftCMS much better at resizing images and keeping quality (Statamic uses Glide - https://glide.thephpleague.com/) But WebP will be massively important also.
  5. @jens.martsch Thank you, It seems to be not only the colour but even at 100% you get a lot of artefacts on the image. Another example: Original above Output through the API at 100%. EDIT: Just realised that the forum is compressing images so they look the exact same I'll try get them up on Dropbox
  6. I'm getting really bad image results when using API resizing. I'm using Imagick, at no softening and 100% quality. Above is the original This is the resized. The colours seem off and the image appears to be over sharpened causing a halo effect. In which sharpening is set to none? Anyone else experienced this?
  7. It would be impossible for us to give a time scale on your speed of learning. For the entrance fee if you use https://www.foxy.io/ - you could have something like this built in two weeks (judging that your learning as you go along). I would also encourage you to learn AJAX if you don't already know it as it would help improve the user experience for this.
  8. We have used ProcessWire for exactly this many times. It's VERY straight forward using the API. Now, if you don't feel confident in PHP then I would still suggest using WordPress and a plugin, but if you are willing to learn, it will be absolutely worth it as you can built it exactly how you want it and you can use the skills you have learnt for building other things in future. The ProcessWire API is very versatile and consistent, this means learning a way to do one thing such as using hooks gives you worlds of knowledge to do other things. It doesn't take long to pick up the entire API as it's very straight forward. If you need any help, let me know.
  9. Tom.

    Link field

    https://github.com/TomS-/processwire-fieldtype-assisted-url This will work like you want, it will let you select a page or use an external link.
  10. As far as I know there are these: https://yootheme.com/themes They are built for WordPress but I'm sure you could extract the CSS.
  11. Ask your hosting provider to see if a mod_security rule is being hit.
  12. Ah strange usually if you have double quotes using { } is fine to escape PHP. Unsure to why this isn't working - maybe has_parent only works on an Page object not ID. Does the following work for you? "template=product, limit=10, (categories=$page), (categories.has_parent=$page), sort=categories.sort, sort=$sort_results"
  13. Hi @JoshoB, Trying my hardest to understand this - from what I can tell, `$page` is category.php template? I believe you need: $selector = "template=product, limit=10, categories=[has_parent|id={$page->id}], sort=$sort_results";
  14. @MateThemes you don't need the class uk-alert - the attribute uk-alert will automatically add it. Not a big deal at all though.
  15. Tom.


    Hey @Wanze What a great module! Thank you very much - I love the flexibility. One update I would like is the ability to use the meta image field as an actual image field, it would be much more understandable for clients rather than trying to find the image URL.
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