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  1. Yeah there's various practical ways I could do this to make it easy for myself, but as a user friendly option for a third party, I'd need something a little more robust.
  2. Currently the option to list all pages as checkboxes is very basic: I would really like (please inform me if something like this already exists), something which Has check all/none controls Indents child items/highlights parent items Pagination/load more for long lists An option to check all children of a parent item I know there are other more comprehensive systems, but they are focused on expand/reveal controls, re-ordering etc. The use of this would be if you're creating a page, and you want to determine which other page the content appears on. Edit: I'd also happily take suggestions on better ways to do that! Edit: A better way to word this would be: the Page List Select Multiple input type, but with checkboxes for each item, plus secondary checkboxes on parent pages for selecting all child items. Currently when you pick any option from the list in Page List Select Multiple, it's added to a separate list and the list collapses, meaning you need to re-expand everything just to pick the next page in the list.
  3. Scrap what I said about Notifications. I'm still very confused. If anything I think I've spent too much time setting up Processwire Fields Ok to simplify, I'm making a new field. Here's the last site I worked on (3.0.42) And here's my current site (3.0.62): Seems like the latter is showing field type titles and not field type names? Is that the only difference?
  4. Maybe I'm just going mad but I sat down to start working on my site today, and I couldn't add a "Page" field type. Existing Page fields say their type is "Page Reference" The Page field type is installed as usual. Did I miss a change where Page Ref and Page were consolidated?? I thought they were different things. I'm really confused. I have a funny feeling someone is going to reply and tell me they're the same thing and I'm an idiot, but I'm confused as to what has changed. This is the first 3.0.6x site I've done, guess I just missed some change?