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  1. Sorry I should've been clearer, what I was seeing was that the description was still visible, but the padding broke and spacing at the bottom of the fieldset was out of alignment. The way I'm trying to use minimal fieldset is like this: For me, a description would still be kinda handy to have - but I appreciate it would need new CSS logic and that's more complicated than it seems. And I understand if this isn't exactly the aim of the module. 0.1.7 certainly fixes the visual hiccup pictured, so thanks for that 🙂
  2. Just fyi this breaks a bit if you put a description for the fieldset and also tick the box. Maybe just in the latest version of PW
  3. I know this was asked before but I still don't fully understand, why does this module open a popup with a tab where you can select the target, if it doesn't do anything? I handed over a CMS using this field to a third party and they tried to use target="_blank" from the attributes tab of this field all over the site and were surprised when it did nothing. Wouldn't it be better if this module stored an object with these bits in, returning the link by default? Either that or at least drop the attributes tab from the popup if it doesn't do anything.
  4. I hit a back-end error with a default value on this module Basically I set the default opengraph image to an image within a pagereference field, like so: {banner.image} This works fine if it exists, but if it doesn't, it hits a fatal error
  5. Hi Erik, I would try the decimal fieldtype linked to in Robin's post - and also you don't want to be changing it directly in the db, just changing the field type
  6. What would you consider a good, clean way to append a list of pages retrieved randomly, with more random pages (excluding those you've got already)? Eg you start with $pages->find("template=gallery-detail, sort=random, limit=100"); You output this to your template, then you have a "load more" button. This works through ajax. Now within the ajax, you need to select another 100, but exclude those you retrieved the first time. So I'm thinking you need to post all the pages you've got already, or maybe store in a session? And then exclude them from your next find(). But I imagine that would be a bit slow, excluding 100 pages by ID? Is there a more efficient way?
  7. Var dump returns a string but still nothing in the field... It's occurring to me now, maybe I'm misunderstanding this whole thing? Is this actually meant to be populating the html field itself? Will this still work if I'm using embed method C or D on Formbuilder? I'm trying to avoid populating this with javascript but that would be so much easier... perhaps I'll just abandon it.
  8. Hi all, I have a simple issue with inputfield:attr() not setting a value. I'm doing this in ready.php $forms->addHook('FormBuilderProcessor::renderReady', function($e) { $form = $e->arguments(0); if($form->name != 'enquiry_form') return; $inputfield = $form->getChildByName('cart'); if($inputfield) { $cart = json_encode(wire('session')->get('cart')); $inputfield->attr('value', $cart); } }); This is lifted straight from formbuilder hooks and inputfield method specs. If I echo $cart it's definitely a simple string of json, but nothing appears in the cart field (which is a plain text field - later to change to hidden) Is there something obvious I might've overlooked here? As a side question, can anyone think of a better way to do this - add my cart to a Formbuilder submission (it's not a shop, just an enquiry) - while still storing entries easily in the formbuilder entries list.
  9. Thank you, I finally got around to doing this. I was able to combine in || $template->fieldgroup->has('meta_description') as well, and left out the , meta_title='' so you can see them all, empty or otherwise. Only minor oddity remaining is that all the filters generated by this script load in an open position, and you get an odd js glitch when you try to close them the first time - but beggars can't be choosers!
  10. Sorry I should've been clearer. I used the latest version, ie part of Processwire (3.0.1xx) The gifs etc were very big, memory limit was 128M I think. I can't tell you the exact size because I told the person editing the page to make them (much) smaller and reupload. Of course, I can increase the memory and decrease the filesize but the problem was more about being unable to get back into the page without uninstalling the module
  11. In this day and age I feel like the responsive option should be enabled by default! I nearly didn't notice it. How tricky would it be to pass on parameters like ?loop=1 in the URL?
  12. When I enabled this, a page with a rather oversized gif ran out of memory saving, and then proceeded to return a 500 on the front and back-end 🤪
  13. That looks great @Robin S thanks! Would this work with ListerPro as well?
  14. Yeah I absolutely can narrow it down in other ways, its just that if this worked I would have something I could use on any site without modifying the templates checked each time, or having this extra step to check when finishing a site. I build quite a lot of ProcessWire sites so I'm making templates more often than most! I really appreciate the input though, I will make do with what I have for now. Maybe @ryan could weigh in on this one day 🙂
  15. No need to apologise I really appreciate the assistance! Is this still in custom (field=value)? My field exists in about 7/10 templates, when I do meta_title= I get all pages with or without the field.
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