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  1. Thank you! The module is this one by @David Karich https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-hit-counter/
  2. It was like that on the previous version and I didn't implemented it yet on the new. Some small details like that I'm still working on. For instance, just upload a change do add PMI's logo at the top nav (the CEO requested it).
  3. Thanks, @apeisa! Yes, Tailwind is awesome! Responsive classes are a clever idea indeed, much easier to work with. The authors did an excellent job and keep improving it. Some people may feel a little sceptical, but I fell in love with it the moment I built my first project. Although nowadays I work alone, I believe that Tailwind makes work between a frontend and backend developers much easier because it makes the HTML more declarative and you can grasp what the classes mean in a glimpse.
  4. Forgot to mention that as I had little time to create this new version, I built the front-end using UIKit to harness its Javascript power but the main design is made using Tailwind CSS as I can build an interface much quicker using it. I became a huge fan of it. Still need to do some code cleanup, replacing uikit's classes on some elements, but had to ship it this way.
  5. Hello folks! Recently we published a new website for Brightline, a Project Management Institute (PMI) initiative together with leading global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and delivery. The previous website was made in Hugo as in the beginning it was a very simple website, but as the business needs changed, I decided to build this version in ProcessWire. Nothing fancy occurs behind the curtains, the need was more on getting some data in a way that makes it easier to create reports and to give access to PW's great admin to another team member. For the other website, that you can see here, I didn't implement a CMS on top of Hugo because for me it was quicker to edit the files and push to the repository. Some content is still being copied but 98% is done. A quick list of modules used: - ProCache, FormBuilder, ProFields, SeoMaestro, PageHits, TracyDebugger, MenuBuilder, AutoSmush, and other custom ones. I'm biased, but there a lot of good and useful content created by us and also by partners and all is free to download. :)
  6. This is so good! I need to study hooks more deeply. :)
  7. I had one of my sites affected and Cloudflare implemented a fix after this 30 min that fixed it. But there were remaining things to fix after that. The site is hosted in the US and accessed it in Portugal. Not sure then why ProcessWire.com was affected.
  8. This was a Cloudflare problem worldwide that last half an hour.
  9. Confession bear meme on tests: I'm a virgin. Never implemented any of them, mostly because I work alone for many years now. But found this cool project today, called Cypress. This is the easiest way to test a website or app I've found. Check their intro video out: https://docs.cypress.io/guides/getting-started/writing-your-first-test.html Note: I recommend this Chrome extension to speed up videos: https://github.com/igrigorik/videospeed as the narration of this video is kinda slow. 🙂
  10. Hi @David Karich! Many thanks! I'll update, test and let you now ASAP.
  11. Ops! Didn't know that, thank you Robin! 🙂
  12. public function ready() { $this->pages->addHookAfter('added', function ($event) { $p = $event->arguments[0]; if ($p->template->name === "order") { // accessing page reference fields here doesn't work } }); } You forgot to check for the template name.
  13. Sure, but I should rephrase that, it should increment the counter for the page when accessing one, or more, of its segments. Considering the visitor is a different user or that the cookie expired, of course.
  14. For some bizarre reason, one of the links was broken. Fixed.
  15. David, I checked here on my project. The module does increment the counter for a page that has Segments turned on BUT it doesn't increment the counter when you access "page-url/segment", which would be expected, right?
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