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  1. Confession bear meme on tests: I'm a virgin. Never implemented any of them, mostly because I work alone for many years now. But found this cool project today, called Cypress. This is the easiest way to test a website or app I've found. Check their intro video out: https://docs.cypress.io/guides/getting-started/writing-your-first-test.html Note: I recommend this Chrome extension to speed up videos: https://github.com/igrigorik/videospeed as the narration of this video is kinda slow.
  2. Hi @David Karich! Many thanks! I'll update, test and let you now ASAP.
  3. public function ready() { $this->pages->addHookAfter('added', function ($event) { $p = $event->arguments[0]; if ($p->template->name === "order") { // accessing page reference fields here doesn't work } }); } You forgot to check for the template name.
  4. Sure, but I should rephrase that, it should increment the counter for the page when accessing one, or more, of its segments. Considering the visitor is a different user or that the cookie expired, of course.
  5. For some bizarre reason, one of the links was broken. Fixed.
  6. David, I checked here on my project. The module does increment the counter for a page that has Segments turned on BUT it doesn't increment the counter when you access "page-url/segment", which would be expected, right?
  7. Some previous threads and a module that may help you: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6158-photography-galleries-best-solution Also, a better way to search the forums: https://cse.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=014789015761400632609:fxrf0rj4wr4
  8. No problem! Resolution is not the problem per se, but next time, for the sake of old fellas like myself, bump the font-size on your editor.
  9. Looks very cool, @ukyo! Thanks for that, but the font-size on the video was hard on my eyes.
  10. Hey @David Karich , just passing by to say that I've sent two small PRs for correcting some typos. Super minor thing, but hope you like it. I'm planning to adapt your code to build another module, a download counter. My use case is where the file is hosted on another server, and its link is managed through a URL field.
  11. These commands should be done in the Linux command line, sorry for the confusion.
  12. https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.setlocale.php#metaphone.example.phonemes
  13. I have the same need and I was planning to use RunTimeMarkup module in some way to accomplish this. The difference is that I have these settings on my ProFieldMatrix content blocks instead. Didn't do it yet though, as I have to finish other things first on the project. But If you give it a try, let me know how was it.
  14. Of course, this it_IT locale needs to be installed on our server to work. So, on a Linux server: //List installed locales $ locale // Install yours if not on that list $ locale-gen it_IT.UTF-8
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