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  1. You got me!! Merry Xmas @SamC!!
  2. Beware of the large JS load that comes with Discuss, that's why I load it only if the user clicks the "Comments" button. It's possible to show the current comment count, calling the discuss API, but I didn't want it. Example page:
  3. I just bought Crysis (never played it!) and MotoRacer (oh the good memories...). Thanks for the tip @FrancisChung!
  4. My boss is pretty well know in the Project Management sector in many countries, and I built his website in PW:
  5. Most likely, Ryan used the getTotal() method of the page array. You can see it here:
  6. You can add the random repeater to the $events array and shuffle it after that. $events->append($cta); $events->shuffle(); Sorry, I just saw that you are ordering the events. So this will not work. In this case I think using insertAfter() is a good solution.
  7. You need the ES language pack on your server, take a look at:
  8. There are some offline options:
  9. I read about Jasonette (, a way of creating an app via json files. It seems very interesting, maybe you can give it a try.
  10. I'll be there! Probably all days. See you there.
  11. Nice site, Helder! Beautiful place indeed. I'm going to Lisbon to attend the Websummit. If you be there, maybe you can grab a beer and talk about PW. PS: the button "sobre nos" on the hero has the wrong link.
  12. Just WOW!!! My jaw is on the floor! Great work indeed!! Congratulations @bernhard ! Stupendous accomplishment!
  13. Is German your default language? What do you call "pages overview" is the page tree?
  14. It's easy to import an XML and populate the fields via PW's great API. You can create a module, or a simple script that can run in a template or via command line. Take a look on the source code of the MarkupLoadRSS module: I think you can adapt it to your needs very quickly.
  15. An approach you can use is to create a Page field referencing pages with that template. Add this field to the User template. Thus, if you add property X to the user "Mary", you can check that in your code when Mary requests page X.