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Livewire and hotwire and ..processwire


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Hi there,

I had a brief look at livewire and hotwire - and I love the concepts behind them. I really dislike having to choose between making a SPA or a server side site, the two paradigms are so different and hard to mix. If I understand live-/hotwire right it could mean a single paradigm for both client and server data manipulation, which I haven't experience since visual basic 6 :P To be able to model a regular PW site and then sprinkle it with app-like behaviours here and there would be absolutely incredible.

I almost considering stepping over to Laravel for this reason, but it's a big step for me. Neither livewire or hotwire seems to exist without Rails or Laravel. So this seems to be a must. Anyone had experience with this, or something similar? Is there something similar that would work with PW?

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7 hours ago, fliwire said:

I am working on my first Unpoly driven frontend and loving it so far. With so little code one can do a lot! What I'm aiming at the most is this: no businness data validation / calculation / transformation / whatsoever on the frontend, only in PHP at server side!

A lot of "hidden" features are lurking in the Unpoly docs, reveling that things can be quickly implemented by applying a few HTML attributes only, see for example "dependent selects": https://unpoly.com/input-up-switch

Unpoly is what Bootstrap is for CSS but for JavaScript, so to speak....

7 hours ago, fliwire said:

hotwire, unpoly doesnt require any backend language.

This is an important remark, I think.

8 hours ago, joe_g said:

If I understand live-/hotwire right it could mean a single paradigm for both client and server data manipulation...

What they solve (including Unpoly) is not exactly that, but one can code all the "businness data manipulation" on the server only, and use these JavaScript libraries to implement an app like behavior in the browser relatively easily (especially in the case of Unpoly). One still needs to find the "right" backend framework/CMS/CMF that fits ones need and implement the HTML rendering for the frontend as required by the chosen JavaScript framework.

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