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Inertia Adapter


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Inertia Adapter ProcessWire Module

Hello! Long time no see.
I created this module so you can use Inertia.js (https://inertiajs.com/) with ProcessWire.


Inertia allows you to create fully client-side rendered, single-page apps, without much of the complexity that comes with modern SPAs. It does this by leveraging existing server-side frameworks.

Inertia isn’t a framework, nor is it a replacement to your existing server-side or client-side frameworks. Rather, it’s designed to work with them. Think of Inertia as glue that connects the two. Inertia comes with three official client-side adapters (React, Vue, and Svelte).

This is an adapter for ProcessWire. Inertia replaces PHP views altogether by returning JavaScript components from controller actions. Those components can be built with your frontend framework of choice.


- https://github.com/joyofpw/inertia
- https://github.com/joyofpw/inertia-svelte-mix-pw
- https://inertiajs.com/





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On 7/12/2021 at 7:49 AM, Rudy said:

This is brilliant! Thanks for making it available.

I made a Manifest module for PW awhile ago and I thought that it would be related to this Inertia module since you are using Laravel Mix for your example. Here is the repo link: https://github.com/lesaff/processwire-manifest

Thanks, although my approach to the manifest was just reading the json file after webpack ends processing the files.
Then using the json create a new PHP file named templates/_mix.php that contains those values and helper functions.

The module approach is fine too ?

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Wow @clsource thank you for making this and sharing it. Just what I was looking for in learning the possibilities of using something like Vue/React in conjunction with ProcessWire. Looking forward to trying this out.


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