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  1. @blynx Actually I've unistalled TextformatterMakeLinks cause I don't really need it so problem solved. Thanks again for the help. @ryan Can you update the module with a new option for lazy load? On the module config there must be 2 new fields. A checkbox field for the lazy loading option and a text field with the css class name from the lazy script used. Eg. I'm using lazysizes so the class name is lazyload. Here is the replaced code on the 129 line of the module: $out = preg_replace("/(<iframe.*)src(.*)(youtube|vimeo)/", "$1data-src$2$3", $out); $out = str_ireplace('<iframe ', "<iframe class='lazyload' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;' ", $out);
  2. On that order I have it and it doesn't work.
  3. Thanks @tpr & @blynx for the help. I replaced the 129 line of the module with this and it's working: $out = preg_replace("/(<iframe.*)src(.*)(youtube|vimeo)/", "$1data-src$2$3", $out); $out = str_ireplace('<iframe ', "<iframe class='lazyload' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;' ", $out); BUT on some fields I'm using the TextformatterMakeLinks module and the videos on that fields aren't loading cause it adds the video links with href inside of data-src.
  4. I found a way how to apply lazysizes. Sharing it here in case anyone wants to do the same thing. With the below javascript code you are replacing iframe's "src" with "data-src" and of course adding the lazyload class and you are 100% ready var iframeEl = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe'); for (var i=0; i<iframeEl.length; i++) { if(iframeEl[i].getAttribute('src')) { iframeEl[i].setAttribute('data-src',iframeEl[i].getAttribute('src')); iframeEl[i].removeAttribute('src'); } } $('iframe').addClass('lazyload');
  5. I would like to combine the module with lazysizes. Is there a way to replace "src" with "data-src" ?
  6. Yep that was the problem. Now it's working perfect. Thank you very much.
  7. There are no errors. It's just doesn't update the page name. I'm on localhost with php 7 and ProcessWire 3.0.52.
  8. I just tried it and unfortunately it doesn't work at all. I tried with both checked and unchecked the option just in case that was the problem.
  9. module

    Shouldn't be say: Session: Current installed version is already up-to-date like on the other modules?
  10. module

    Take your time to do it right. I'm using the 0.9.17 version and when I check for updates from the module config I get: Session: Error reported by web service: Unable to find that module EDIT: I've just manually upgrade to 1.0.0 and the issue still exists.
  11. module

    Ok thanks for the info. Let us know if you update the module to be visible on the Upgrades.
  12. module

    @horst Is it possible to force update the variations when the main crop has been edited without deleting the variations?
  13. @kixe Are you planning to make the module to update the page name when the fields that used to generate the name have been edited?
  14. Module

    I'm not sure cause every other link on ProcessWire works great except the link injection in this module. On the AdminCustomFiles.module I replaced the 249 line: 'relative' => substr($base, strpos($base, '/site/templates/')), to this and it worked: 'relative' => substr($base, strpos($base, '/')), It seems that the module can't recognize that ProccessWire installed on localhost/
  15. Module

    I tried both. The default one injects a broken link as I described above and the dependencies doesn't inject anything.