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  1. Thanks for the reply. My custom page includes some text and the icon for the navigation so I find it easier to create a custom process module for it.
  2. @diogo I've created a custom page with this module and it's working great but how can I assign an icon to it?
  3. Module

    Ok now I understand, thanks. I will stay then with the hardcoded HideOtherUserPages module.
  4. Module

    I selected Specified Branch Parent and then on the user's profile field I selected the Home branch. Then on the Branch edit exclusions I selected a page under the Home that I want to hide but it's still visible. What am I missing?
  5. Module

    @Wanze Could you please add an icon to the module? Cause in mobile menu it doesn't look good without an icon. Inside getModuleInfo function add this: 'icon' => 'bar-chart'. Thanks.
  6. Module

    @adrian Is it possible with this module to hide specific pages under home or I should stay with the hardcoded HideOtherUserPages module?
  7. I've checked with an hreflang validation tool a multi-language website from the PW Sites Directory that's using both hreflang in the header and on sitemap and it's OK so I guess I will do the same.
  8. Here is another link about hreflang: that clearly says we have to use 1 of these 3 methods: HTML link element in header HTTP header Sitemap I'm using the first method "HTML link element in header". So that means on my sitemap I don't have to use hreflang too but do I have to include the links of the additional languages or not? It's a bit confusing...
  9. I'm using hreflang within head as shown on the languages PW3 templates. Should my sitemap-xml template include only the default language since I'm already including hreflang within head or I should include all the additional languages too?
  10. Because I'm hiding few pages from my clients but on the tree they were still visible.
  11. Actually I needed to hide the entire "Pages" tab menu and I did it with css on the Admin Custom Files module. How can I add a css rule that only applied if the admin is non-superuser? I'm using the lastest dev 3 version.
  12. How to hide the "Tree" dropdown menu from the Pages admin navigation on non-superusers?
  13. Thanks a lot! Problem solved
  14. I'm using on _aside.php the below selector to display the latest post on the entire site and it's working fine but when I'm viewing a page2, page3, etc I don't see the latest post but the next one in the array. How can I fix it? $posts = $pages->find("template=posts, limit=1, sort=-date");
  15. Will it cause any issues if I convert all of my Text, Textarea & PageTitle fields to TextLanguage, TextareaLanguage & PageTitleLanguage without acctually adding additional languages for now? The additional languages will be added after months. Sorry if my question is stupid.