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  1. Timezone names are not installed on shared servers. That's why I'm detecting DST with php and set the proper offset time on database.
  2. Here is the proper solution: // site/config.php date_default_timezone_set('Europe/Athens'); if (date('I')) { $config->dbInitCommand = "SET NAMES '{charset}', time_zone = '+03:00' "; } else { $config->dbInitCommand = "SET NAMES '{charset}', time_zone = '+02:00' "; }
  3. Now that DST is active my solution doesn't seem to work. I'm still getting the non-DST value.
  4. I fixed it. @Robin S update the css rule with this: .Inputfield_service_rows .header-row > label:not(.ui-state-error) { background:#29a5aa !important; }
  5. Nice tutorial but there is a small issue. Pressing the trash icon in the items we modified the color doesn't turn it to red and this might result in confusion for non-superusers.
  6. Thanks for this useful module. I've limited the whole frontend with the rule: testing??template!=admin but If I type a non existent url it will display the 404 page instead the replacement markup.
  7. @Robin S If a repeater doesn't have any items, the "Add New" link is still visible. Can you please add an option that will allow us to hide it?
  8. If I remember correctly, on the notes of "Name format for children" should have a "More" link that leads to documentation. At least this is how it's done with the ProcessSetupPageName module.
  9. Are you testing it in a multi-language site? Maybe the locale is causing this issue.
  10. If you replace "date(U)" with just the string "test" what will be the result?
  11. If the output of the name is 11am28australia-brisbane-1549849103 you obviously using more options in "Name format for children" than just "date(U)". For example how "Australia" or "Brisbane" injected?
  12. date(U) is working fine for me. It only adds the timestamp although I have installed ProcessSetupPageName module which expands "Name format for children". If you want try it but before that double check that you're using ONLY date(U) on "Name format for children". Maybe you have a custom hook forgotten on init.php or ready.php that manipulates the name on that template?
  13. @elabx Can you please write a tutorial with the related code on how to implement OneSignal with PW?
  14. Will push notifications cause trouble on shared hosting websites if all sent at once? Maybe an option would be great to send notifications for example in batch of 50 per x minutes?
  15. Have you checked out Foxpush? The free plan has unlimited subscribers. Maybe overall has better features than PushAlert?
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