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  1. I'm posting the solution in case any old Padloper user still need this: Open PadOnePageCheckout.module and find the public function renderConfirmation() and place the following code after $out = ''; if($order->pad_paymentmodule == "ProcessWire\PaymentFree") { // just change this line to meet the conditions you would like to apply $orderId = $this->session->orderId; $url = $this->page->httpUrl; return $this->session->redirect($url . "process/" . $orderId . "/"); }
  2. Hello! Since the related forum is locked, I'm posting here in case any "Padloper 1" users can help. Has anyone figured out how to skip the confirmation and display the success message after pressing the "Procceed to Confirmation" button? This will be useful if there is no actual payment involved.
  3. @horst I've added multi-language support on both signature fields and sent you a pull request.
  4. I just installed the module on PW 3.0.229 and I chose the alt language as default but there is no redirect. EDIT: I had to do few more things to actually work: Add a page name to the default language on the Home page On Languages Support - Page Names module at "Default language homepage URL is same as root URL?" select "No - Root URL performs a redirect to: /name/"
  5. Hello! If the editor accidentally don't make a whole word as bold and do something like this: "Lorem" and then make the "Lo" letters bold too "Lorem" (<strong>Lo</strong><strong>rem</strong>) on the site using $sanitizer->truncate() for a summary, that word will be displayed as 2 words like this: "Lo rem". Any idea how to fix this?
  6. Hi! What industry category have you selected on Stripe for graphic design and web design/development? The entire list is viewable here. Is the "Other Digital Goods" or "Other Business Services" the proper one?
  7. I found the solution with wireLangReplacements() function. /** * Replace "Missing required value" text ONLY on frontend * */ if($page->template->name != "admin") { wireLangReplacements([ 'Missing required value' => 'My replacement value', ]); }
  8. Hi. I would like to replace the text "Missing required value" ONLY on frontend forms. Any idea how can I achieve that? Thanks in advance!
  9. No, I'm getting just 1 email. I've only changed the 203 and 211 lines and everything seems to properly work. Thanks for the help.
  10. @strandoo The above error text issue is caused by the 245 changed line.
  11. @strandoo I changed the 211 line and now it works but if I try to submit the form without checking the reCAPTCHA I'm getting the error "InputfieldRecaptcha" instead of the "Failed reCAPTCHA input test" as it should be due to the following hook: $wire->addHookBefore('SimpleContactForm::processValidation', function(HookEvent $event) { $form = $event->arguments(0); $recaptcha = $form->get('recaptcha'); // add error if not pass the reCaptcha test if (!$this->input->post->{'g-recaptcha-response'}) { // attach an error to the field $recaptcha->error(__('Failed reCAPTCHA input test')); // it will be displayed along the field } });
  12. @strandoo I replaced $form->getErrors() with $form->getErrorInputfields() on lines 203 and 245 but now I'm always getting SPAM error when I'm trying to fill a form (even without filling the honeypot field) and on the logs I'm getting this: [FAILURE] Number of fields does not match. IP:
  13. Currently I can't try it cause it requires at least PHP 8. I'm still using PHP 7.4 as I don't want to update yet without testing all modules to make sure everything works properly. @strandoo so far we are the only ones that mentioned this issue and I notice that we both use your reCAPTCHA solution. Have you tested the form without the reCAPTCHA?
  14. Yes, only one failed and then 1 second later success! I didn't thought about the PW updates. On January, I've upgraded the one site I'm using this module from 3.0.165 to 3.0.210 but the frequent spam started on April if I remember correctly. No idea what is causing this issue. Don't forget that this is an abandoned module ?
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