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  1. Hi! What industry category have you selected on Stripe for graphic design and web design/development? The entire list is viewable here. Is the "Other Digital Goods" or "Other Business Services" the proper one?
  2. I found the solution with wireLangReplacements() function. /** * Replace "Missing required value" text ONLY on frontend * */ if($page->template->name != "admin") { wireLangReplacements([ 'Missing required value' => 'My replacement value', ]); }
  3. Hi. I would like to replace the text "Missing required value" ONLY on frontend forms. Any idea how can I achieve that? Thanks in advance!
  4. No, I'm getting just 1 email. I've only changed the 203 and 211 lines and everything seems to properly work. Thanks for the help.
  5. @strandoo The above error text issue is caused by the 245 changed line.
  6. @strandoo I changed the 211 line and now it works but if I try to submit the form without checking the reCAPTCHA I'm getting the error "InputfieldRecaptcha" instead of the "Failed reCAPTCHA input test" as it should be due to the following hook: $wire->addHookBefore('SimpleContactForm::processValidation', function(HookEvent $event) { $form = $event->arguments(0); $recaptcha = $form->get('recaptcha'); // add error if not pass the reCaptcha test if (!$this->input->post->{'g-recaptcha-response'}) { // attach an error to the field $recaptcha->error(__('Failed reCAPTCHA input test')); // it will be displayed along the field } });
  7. @strandoo I replaced $form->getErrors() with $form->getErrorInputfields() on lines 203 and 245 but now I'm always getting SPAM error when I'm trying to fill a form (even without filling the honeypot field) and on the logs I'm getting this: [FAILURE] Number of fields does not match. IP:
  8. Currently I can't try it cause it requires at least PHP 8. I'm still using PHP 7.4 as I don't want to update yet without testing all modules to make sure everything works properly. @strandoo so far we are the only ones that mentioned this issue and I notice that we both use your reCAPTCHA solution. Have you tested the form without the reCAPTCHA?
  9. Yes, only one failed and then 1 second later success! I didn't thought about the PW updates. On January, I've upgraded the one site I'm using this module from 3.0.165 to 3.0.210 but the frequent spam started on April if I remember correctly. No idea what is causing this issue. Don't forget that this is an abandoned module 😞
  10. Problem solved thanks to @matjazp Since I'm using the page referenced field on the user template I had to change the following 2 fields since the user template doesn't have a title field. Fields to query for autocomplete Label field
  11. Lately, I'm getting lot of SPAM. I checked the log and even it detects the SPAM as FAILURE like "Honeypot field was filled" or "Number of fields does not match" then 1 second later there is a SUCCESS. Here is a log of "Honeypot field was filled": 23 hours ago 2023-06-13 07:38:44 [SUCCESS] Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/103.0.5042.0 Safari/537.36,, myemail@mysite.com 23 hours ago 2023-06-13 07:38:43 [FAILURE] Honeypot field was filled. IP: Here is a log of "Number of fields does not match": 13 minutes ago 2023-06-14 06:24:52 [SUCCESS] Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/103.0.5060.53 Safari/537.36,, myemail@mysite.com 13 minutes ago 2023-06-14 06:24:51 [FAILURE] Number of fields does not match. IP: I'm also using reCAPTCHA but it seems that spammers have found a way to pass all these...
  12. @Java I'm using the 1.07 version and the module is working properly. Which version you have installed?
  13. Nice work @bernhard, I'm gonna try RockMigrations soon.
  14. Yes I know about the aliases but I don't prefer that method because: If your recipient uses Outlook or another mail service, they might see something like, "From yourname@gmail.com on behalf of othername@otherdomain.com." Your recipients might also see your original @gmail.com address if you: Set up an out of office reply Create a filter with automated response Have a full mailbox, and your recipient gets notified Info taken from the Google.
  15. I removed the hook as I don't need it anymore but I'm curious why this doesn't work on 3.0.210.
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