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  1. PWaddict

    I started working on a module that will use exclusively the Esri Geocoding. Since you're using the Leaflet Control Geocoder on your module that supports various geocoders, you should update it to let the user select which one they want to use by supplying their API key if the selected geocoder requires it.
  2. PWaddict

    I installed the version 3.0.3 (PW3) and tested the geocoding and It can't find many places and even street numbers. Please correct me if I'm wrong but Google Geocoding can't work without an API key and the module doesn't ask for a key so it's probably using Leaflet's default geocoding cause when I search for example "Terra Vibe Park" I'm getting Nothing found but if I go on this sample that uses Leaflet with Esri Geocoding and search for "Terra Vibe Park" it will find it. Shouldn't be better to update the module to use Esri Geocoding? According to that sample code it doesn't seem to require any API key.
  3. PWaddict

    @Mats Can you please tell me which module version is using Google's Geocoding?
  4. PWaddict

    I test it on a new page and getting the same problem. Having "Rename on Save" unchecked everything seems to be ok. Are you sure that it's working for you with multiple repeater items and with "Rename on Save" checked?
  5. PWaddict

    All these days I was testing only with already uploaded images. I will test from scratch and will let you know. I thought that this could the problem but it isn't. On the filename format I tried even with just the word "test" and when I was saving the page only some of them were renamed and when I saved again and again more and more images were getting renamed to "test".
  6. PWaddict

    None of the above is the problem. It seems that the module doesn't work well with repeaters. I tried to add new item on the repeater that is supposed to be working properly and it messed up that too. When I upload the image on the repeater item and saved the page the image gets renamed but I get just a broken blank image. In the files folder I'm getting the following images: test_1544143931.-thumbnail.0x48n.jpg (Broken / blank) test_1544143931.-thumbnail.300x0n.jpg (Broken / blank) This shouldn't be even there yet as I'm generating this variation via API and I didn't visit the frontend page during the test. test_1544143934.260x0.jpg test_1544143934.jpg test_1544143934.-thumbnail.0x48n.jpg test_1544143934.-thumbnail.jpg Also if I try to delete that broken image from the image field that is inside the repeater item I'm getting this:
  7. PWaddict

    I have a repeater field with 12 repeater items and each item has an image field too. I've added the related rename rule on the module but when I save the page it only renames the top 3 items. I'm using the latest version (1.1.5). EDIT: On another repeater with 5 repeater items everything is working properly. The only difference between those 2 repeaters is that the one with the 12 items is on a hidden page without a template file and it has svg images.
  8. PWaddict

    I'm thinking to switch from Google Maps to Leaflet Maps to avoid adding payment details on Google but on the readme of this module says: So I'm confused! Does this module needs a Google Geocoding API key in order to work or not???
  9. PWaddict

    @Mikie Do you know if it's possible to have multiple billing accounts with the same credit card?
  10. My question is for users with enabled billing on Google Maps API. Is the $200 Free Monthly Credit applied on each project or just the whole account?
  11. PWaddict

    Since there is no module for it then I guess it's not possible. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others have a free module for LiteSpeed Cache. Damn, that's the first disadvantage for using ProcessWire.
  12. PWaddict

    I'm getting "The process returned no content." with the error:
  13. PWaddict

    @horst problem solved on renaming images by using "Custom Upload Names" module which does really good job with timestamps and also giving automatically better names in general. Now about "Croppable Image 3" module today I noticed a "hidden" error on the cropping page if you have debug mode on and the image is inside repeater: Here is the screenshot with the "hidden" error:
  14. PWaddict

    I've updated the module from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 and it doesn't grab the youtube / vimeo thumbnail anymore. I switched it back to 1.0.0 where it properly works.
  15. PWaddict

    It needs a simple fix to properly work. You're using cache busting on js & css files by using the module version. You have to replace module's version to 111 otherwise we get this: ProcessCustomUploadNames.js?v=1 instead of ProcessCustomUploadNames.js?v=111