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  1. @teppo I have on Laragon some older PHP versions installed and did some tests: PHP 7.033 = Still getting the notice PHP 5.6.40 = NO notice So this is definitely a PHP 7 compatibility issue.
  2. I guess you have to switch to 7.4.x to actually get the notice. I'm using the PW master version 3.0.165 and the 1.3.1 of Version Control. It happens only on the pages where I have enabled Version Control. I tested it also on a brand new PW installation where only Padloper module installed and I'm getting the same notice on the php_errors.log.
  3. @teppo Thank you very much for this module. I have enable version control on some fields at the user template. I'm using PHP 7.4.9 and when I visit a user page I'm getting this PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type int in C:\laragon\www\mysite\wire\core\WireDatabasePDOStatement.php on line 107
  4. @strandoo Thank you for sharing your solution. It works perfect 🙂
  5. Hi @flydev 👊🏻 I just installed the module and I'm getting this PHP Notice: Notice: Undefined index: data_badge in C:\laragon\www\mysite\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\MarkupGoogleRecaptcha\MarkupGoogleRecaptcha.module on line 269 Replacing the 269 line with this, fixes the issue: if(isset($data['data_badge'])) $f->attr('value', $data['data_badge']);
  6. Hi, Has anyone integrate reCAPTCHA?
  7. This is years ago. According to the comments, back then it was working fine for superusers but unfortunately not now. I'm using the master version 3.0.165 and as superuser it doesn't work.
  8. Hi, I have created a "Page Reference" field and on the "Input field type" I selected "Page Auto Complete" under "Single page selection". Then on the selector string added: template=user, roles=login-register, sort=name I'm not getting any results when I start typing the user names on the page field. If on the "Input field type" I select "Select" under "Single page selection" then it works fine. I can see all the users. Why it doesn't work with "Page Auto Complete"? I want this for me as superuser.
  9. Yep, problem is gone. Thank you very much.
  10. Here are the settings for the repeater: Here are the settings (Details & Input) for the image field (Croppable Image 3): Here are the settings for Custom Upload Names: I don't know if it matters but here are the settings for Auto Smush: Make sure you have the 1.3.1 version installed of Custom Upload Names. The fatal error is happening if you try to edit already published more than 1 repeater pages and also when you try to create more than 1 new repeater pages.
  11. This was in a non-repeater. The duplicated images were generated on the 1.2.11 and 1.2.12 versions after uploading multiple images. I don't know if this happens on repeater too. The fatal error I'm getting with the 1.3.1 version is when I try to save more than 1 repeater fields. I didn't have problems on non-repeaters. No worries.
  12. Actually, I had to switched to an even older version 1.2.10 (24 Nov 2020) cause the 1.2.11 and 1.2.12 was generating duplicate images. The 1.2.10 is the most reliable version so I'm gonna stay with it until the 1.3.1 gets fixed.
  13. I switched to this version (18 Feb 2021) and I can save more than 1 repeater fields without any issues.
  14. Hi @adrian With the 1.3.1 version when I try to save more than 1 repeater fields I'm getting this: Look out… Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function isTemp() on null in site/modules/ProcessCustomUploadNames/ProcessCustomUploadNames.module.php:414 #0 site/modules/ProcessCustomUploadNames/ProcessCustomUploadNames.module.php(225): ProcessCustomUploadNames->createNewFilename('/home/myusername...', 'myimage-16198119...', '', Object(Page), '287', Object(RepeaterPage)) #1 wire/core/Wire.php (397): ProcessCustomUploadNames->customRenameUploads(Object(HookEvent)) #2 wire/
  15. Thanks for the hint @elabx Your code makes ALL options fields available in the Lister columns to display the same values. Here is how I did it: $wire->addHookAfter('FieldtypeOptions::markupValue', function($event) { if($this->process != 'ProcessPageLister') return; $field = $event->arguments(1); $value = $event->arguments(2); if($field == "my_options_field") { $event->return = $value->value; } });
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