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  1. Please have a look at the readme file: You could pass this param using the ProcessWire way to handle translations: __('Send')
  2. @Slav No template file needed. This is obsolete. Please read the following part of the documentation: How to overwrite classes and markup. You need to hook into the module and add your filter there. Have a look at the following documentation part: Add custom validation Hope this will be helpful, otherwise please let me know how to improve the documentation parts. Sorry, I have no time at the moment to answer more detailed .
  3. @Victor
  4. @Victor So far, there was no way to redirect to a specific URL. But I've considered to implement this feature from time to time. So: there is a new version including an option to specify a redirect page
  5. module

    The company which I'm working for develops apps, too. And for one of them we need a little notification system. Just a little endpoint which returns json. The app saves all notes which have been sent to the user. To be able to identify which message has already been shown, we need a global identifier. The workflow is as follows: Login PW Admin add a new page, the "id" field will be populated with a GUID fill in all other fields which should be sent an endpoint returns json, for example something like the following [ { "id":"936DA01F-9ABD-4D9D-80C7-02AF85C822A8", "url":"https:\/\/domain.com\/endpoint\/notice1\/", .. }, { "id":"A36DA01F-9ABD-4D9D-80C7-02AF85C822A8", "url":"https:\/\/domain.com\/endpoint\/notice2\/", .. } ] as you can see, for each note there's a "detail" page which will return the actual message if someone opens the app, it checks whether there are new notes and displays them
  6. module

    @bernhard: I've already posted my use case in the initial post. Could you please specify what do you want to know more about?
  7. @Kemal I guess you have to hook into the form rendering and add AMP specific markup/tags.
  8. @ank Please have a look at the documentation: Render multiple instances.
  9. module

    GithubConnect ProcessWire module to connect a Github OAuth application. Register a new OAuth application Fill in module settings Click the Authorize! link to generate code and access token There are some predefined endpoints to fetch informations about an user or a repository, get a list of repositories belonging to an organization, fetch content of readme or certain file.. I used it to choose a repository from a list and import the content (e.g. readme, description) to the corresponding fields. Visit the Github Repository to get a full overview.
  10. module

    FacebookEvents ProcessWire module to get Facebook Page Events using the Graph API. Create an app on Facebook developers website You have to create an app to get appId and appSecret. Those keys are required. Go to Facebook Developers and add a new app. Congrats! Now you can copy your Facebook appId and appSecret. Get your Facebook page ID You can either enter your facebook page ID or the facebook page name. If you enter the Facebook page name, this module will get the page ID for you! Call Module $events = $modules->get('FacebookEvents')->getEvents(); Output Events {% for event in events|reverse %} {% if event.start_time|date('U') > date().timestamp %} <div> {% set dts = modules.get('FacebookEvents').getDates(event) %} <a href="https://www.facebook.com/events/{{event.id}}/" title="Facebook">{{dts.dates}}:</a> {{event.name}} <em>{{dts.times}}</em> </div> {% endif %} {% endfor %
  11. module

    GUID Generator Generate a globally unique identifier (GUID) for Inputfield Text. Usage For each instance of a text field the field settings will be extended. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Fields and edit the desired field. Click on the Input Tab and click on the "Generate GUID" area. It extends downwards and reveals a form to enable automatic GUID generation. After having enabled GUID generation for a text field, edit a page which has a template containing this field. You'll see the field filled with a GUID.
  12. module

    ProcessWire Twig Extensions Allows customizing twig, e.g. add extensions. Dependencies: TemplateEngineFactory TemplateEngineTwig Instructions: After installation go to module settings and enable/disable the required extensions/functions. Includes: Twig Extensions Repository Usage: Adds the following extensions/functions: Debug // only if debug mode is turned on {# dump - dumps information about a template variable #} {{ dump('Hello World!') }} string(12) "Hello World!" Intl {# localizeddate - format dates into a localized string representating the date #} {{ "now"|date_modify("-2 day")|localizeddate('medium', 'none', 'en') }} Mar 8, 2017 {# localizednumber - format numbers into a localized string representating the number #} {{ '50.5555'|localizednumber('decimal', 'default', 'en') }} 50.556 {# localizedcurrency - format a currency value into a localized string #} {{ '50.5555'|localizedcurrency('EUR', 'en') }} €50.56 Text {# truncate - cut off a string after limit is reached #} {{ 'Hello World!'|truncate(5) }} Hello... {# wordwrap - split your text in lines with equal length #} {{ 'Hello World!'|wordwrap(4) }} Hell o Wo rld! Array {# shuffle - randomize an array #} {{ [ 'one', 'two', 'three', 'four' ]|shuffle }} [ 'two', 'three', 'one', 'four' ] Date {# time_diff - difference between two dates #} {% set start = "now"|date_modify("-2 day") %} {% set end = "now"|date_modify("+2 day") %} {{ start|time_diff }} 2 days ago {{ start|time_diff(end) }} 4 days ago
  13. The module offers the possibility to add as many fields as you want. Why not using this in-build functionality? Sure, you can store newsletter subscribers under another page or inside of a repeater or in a pagetable or ... There are a lot of options. For my use case it was the easiest solution to store them as a user with a specific role. Users are pages as well! If you want to change this behaviour, you need to rewrite a lot. I wrote a few lines of JavaScript myself to achieve this. This project has no jQuery dependency. Furthermore I do not swap the order, I just need to know, whether the input is empty, focused or filled to be able to set the desired styling. See it in action!
  14. I would not recommend doing this. 'allfields' is already declared in the moduleConfig file. If you set it in the module file again, this value will be overwritten and if you render the form all fields are gone. @Arcturus Feel free to optimise the documentation! Fixes and suggestions are very welcome! A lot has been changed since version 0.1.1. I think, this is the page you were looking for, but this is no longer relevant. Because the module now renders the form by itself and no template adaptions are needed any longer. Did you try to render the form (frontend)? If not, please do so. There are some migration functions in the module. If you still want to use this module, please post the input of the column data from table modules where column 'class' equals SimpleContactForm. Furthermore some additional informations would be really good (save messages enabled? fields which should be added, ..).
  15. @alexmercenary I found a little bug: The module uses a imaginary field named 'date'. Normally there is no 'date' field (naive assumption, I know) and everything works as expected. But if you create a field named 'date' for something else, the condition matches and the form has one more field than desired. The same counted for a field named 'ip'. I just released a new version 1.0.1. Please try if it's working now. @Tom Walcher The form just validates every field how it is configured in the field settings. If you want to have email validation, set the field type to email. If you want a field to be required, just check the corresponding checkbox in the field settings. Same counts for html5 validation. Hiding the website and date field via CSS is not dirty. The website field is already of type hidden, so you just have to hide the corresponding label. The website field is intentional not hidden. It's a trap for spambot. Have a look at the documentation.