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  1. justb3a

    @dougwoodrow It changed a lot, for example in the initial version the module generated a template file, so that everybody could adapt the html (form) structure as needed. But it turned out that this led to a lot overhead for me to support it. Furthermore I lost the possibility to use the ProcessWire way of handling form inputs, setting error messages, validation, form processing and so on. Therefore I decided to generate the complete form and offer as many options as possible to be able to adapt the markup / classes. Saving messages is still possible – with the difference that you're able to define the `save-messages-template` as well as the `parent`. So handling multiple (different) forms isn't a problem...
  2. justb3a

    I just updated and tested the module, it should work correctly with PW3.
  3. justb3a

    @dougwoodrow I guess, $this->allFields doesn't return an array due to module update issues v0.2.1 -> v1.0.7. I'm not quite sure if it works to update directly, I tried to keep everything downward compatible, but this is a really huge difference.. You could try to update version by version and always make sure to save module settings. Otherwise you could try to update the module settings json manually (not recommended but maybe the only way; edit column data in table modules, row where class equals SimpleContactForm). @alan There' s a new module version (1.0.8) which adds an option to prevent form resubmission (activate checkbox in module settings).
  4. justb3a

    Version 1.0.7 excludes email and password confirmation fields from spam count. @Donald I hope, I've answered all your questions. Now I'm looking forward to merge your pull request to improve the documentation!
  5. justb3a

    Just basic test fields.. sometimes just some basic fields do break something. If I know that you use an email field with the checked option verify email address, it's pretty easy for me to submit a hotfix and exclude it from the counter. Thanks @maxf5 for pointing it out. You don't have to use the prefix at all. All fields which are added by the module will be prefixed – just to make sure the name has not been chosen yet. Please do not rename scf_website and scf_date because they are used for spam tests. The rest is up to you!
  6. justb3a

    @see: How to send more than one email
  7. justb3a

    Fell free to improve the documentation! You could easily send a pull request. This is open source. I develop it in my spare time. I don't receive any money doing this. I developed this module for personal use, and thought, it would be nice to share it with others... @see: Render multiple instances To figure out what causes this, it would be a good starting point to provide a bit more information. For example: which fields are added, how do you execute the module---...
  8. justb3a

    There you go: <?php $feed = $modules->get('InstagramFeed')->setImageCount(8)->getRecentMedia(); ?>
  9. justb3a

    I created a "Pull Request" at my own and extended the module config, so one is able to define a date range and reverse sorting. Thanks @Macrura
  10. justb3a

    @titanium The problem wasn't that you entered multiple fieldnames at once. The comma-separated may not include spaces. So entering `contact_title,contact_firstname,contact_lastname...` does work. I added a hotfix which removes the spaces before parsing the string.
  11. justb3a

    ah, good hint I added an option at the top of the list to select – All – countries.
  12. justb3a

    @mel47 You could use the following methods: $countries = $modules->get('ContinentsAndCountries')->getCountries(); // OR: $countries = $modules->get('ContinentsAndCountries')->findBy('countries', ['code', 'name']);
  13. justb3a

    Please rename headerImage to header_image (or something like this) and try again.
  14. justb3a

    Hei, I found some time to reproduce your issue. The logfile (BE > Logs > Simplecontactform-log) contains the reason what's going wrong: > [FAILURE] Number of fields does not match. This means that the number of submitted fields does not match the number of fields which are present in the form. Looking further it turned out that $this->input->post does not contain the checkbox field (if it wasn't checked). It's a standard browser behaviour that the value of a checkbox is only sent if the checkbox was checked. This means I have to exclude this fieldtype when comparing number of fields / counting fields. coming soon... Edit: Just published a new release / version 1.0.5. Please update.
  15. justb3a

    @PWaddict: There is already a module for cropping images: CroppableImage3 @theo: Actually the core/module do support it in a way that's not immediately obvious or as straightforward as checking a checkbox, but it's still quite useful and worthwhile when you need the capability. You could use tags or any other image extra field to achieve this. Edit any existing files/images field, or create a new one. When editing the field settings, check the box to enable “tags”, or create a new extra field named “hidden“ or something like that. In the “tags” or “hidden“ field for the image (which should be unpublished), enter a specific phrase like “hidden" (tags field) or “1“ (hidden field). Now you need to check if the file should be shown on the front-end of your site. Here's how you do that: // tag usage example if (!$image->hasTag('hidden')) echo "<img src='$image->url' alt=''>"; // extra field hidden example if (!$image->hidden) echo "<img src='$image->url' alt=''>"; You could also send a feature request to add this as a core feature (so you do not need to check manually whether the image is hidden and as an extra bonus the hidden images would be visible at first glance using opacity to indicate that).