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  1. Hei, I found some time to reproduce your issue. The logfile (BE > Logs > Simplecontactform-log) contains the reason what's going wrong: > [FAILURE] Number of fields does not match. This means that the number of submitted fields does not match the number of fields which are present in the form. Looking further it turned out that $this->input->post does not contain the checkbox field (if it wasn't checked). It's a standard browser behaviour that the value of a checkbox is only sent if the checkbox was checked. This means I have to exclude this fieldtype when comparing number of fields / counting fields. coming soon... Edit: Just published a new release / version 1.0.5. Please update.
  2. @PWaddict: There is already a module for cropping images: CroppableImage3 @theo: Actually the core/module do support it in a way that's not immediately obvious or as straightforward as checking a checkbox, but it's still quite useful and worthwhile when you need the capability. You could use tags or any other image extra field to achieve this. Edit any existing files/images field, or create a new one. When editing the field settings, check the box to enable “tags”, or create a new extra field named “hidden“ or something like that. In the “tags” or “hidden“ field for the image (which should be unpublished), enter a specific phrase like “hidden" (tags field) or “1“ (hidden field). Now you need to check if the file should be shown on the front-end of your site. Here's how you do that: // tag usage example if (!$image->hasTag('hidden')) echo "<img src='$image->url' alt=''>"; // extra field hidden example if (!$image->hidden) echo "<img src='$image->url' alt=''>"; You could also send a feature request to add this as a core feature (so you do not need to check manually whether the image is hidden and as an extra bonus the hidden images would be visible at first glance using opacity to indicate that).
  3. @geedamed I took me some time but I figured out, what the problem might be. I found a fix, but I do not understand exactly why this is happening. So if anybody could explain this behaviour, feel free to share it I added the `already formatted` check because in some cases the formatter was called twice (which could break the output). Let's define `in some cases`: images are outputted on the same page as saved to it just counts for the first/one image field I compared the passed HookEvents. The only difference was that in the first argument, which contains the current Page object, the page title was missing. So I added a check whether the Page object does contain a title, otherwise skip the formatter. I tested different cases (multiple images, multiple image fields, output from another page and so on). Seems to work – or every extra field the formatter is only called once.
  4. @Mike Rockett It's declared in `SimpleContactFormConfig.php:19`. It was declared as string (oops, my fault ) but should be of type array. I've fixed it.
  5. // @see: https://github.com/somatonic/Multisite/tree/dev#good-to-know-some-variables echo $page->rootParent->id; ... should work
  6. Thanks @mr-fan: there was a little bug figuring out, whether the user is working in the backend or not (differentiate between int(0) und false ). The belonging JavaScript file wasn't loaded.
  7. It's not that easy to access only this field, you could add a class for every "InputfieldText" for example. But why not extending your CSS as @alexmercenary suggested? If you do not want to use an ID as CSS selector you could use classes as well. This is the default markup: <div class="form__item form__item--scf-website" id="wrap_Inputfield_scf-website">...</div> <div class="form__item form__item--scf-date field--required" id="wrap_scf-date">...</div> As you can see, every field gets wrapped using the class form__item--{fieldname}. Just extend your CSS: .hidden, .form__item--scf-website { display: none; visibility: hidden; }
  8. This module uses namespaces which has been introduced with PW 3. I upgraded all my projects to PW 3.x, so I have no need to test and support older versions.
  9. @Macrura Are you using the latest version? I fixed a little bug just a few weeks ago. Looking forward to merge your PR
  10. Hi, since extra fields aren't regular ProcessWire fields you cannot access the labels using `->getLabel()` method or `->label` property. The extra field labels are saved in the regarding field settings (table fields, column data) using json and looks like this: {"otherFieldSettings":"{\"cf_label\":{\"cf_label__location\":\"Location\",\"cf_label__location__1012\":\"Ort\",\"cf_label__custom__1013\":\"Paikka\"}}"} You can get the label using this functionality: $fieldSettings = $fields->get('images')->otherFieldSettings; $settings = json_decode($fieldSettings); echo $settings->cf_label->cf_label__location; As you can see there is no error handling or fallback strategy. Therefore I updated the module and added a method called getExtraLabel(). Usage example: // outputs something like: "Location: Munich" echo $image->getExtraLabel('location') . ': ' . $image->location; // outputs something like: "Ort: München" echo $image->getExtraLabel('location', 'de') . ': ' . $image->location;
  11. Hi, I spent the last days without a computer (holidays!!) so I didn't read my emails But the forum offers a lot of good advice and you're not the first one who asking this. So please have a look at the following posts / answers:
  12. @ngrmm It's never a good idea to override somehing in the core or in a third-party module because if you update it your changes are overritten again. I updated the module and added an option in module settings to set the limit. @Tacolombardi <?php $events = $modules->get('FacebookEvents')->getEvents(); ?> <ul> <?php foreach ($events as $event): ?> <li> <?=$event['name']?> <img src="<?=$event['cover']['source']?>" alt="<?=$event['name']?>" /> </li> <?php endforeach; ?> </ul>
  13. Have a look at your caches table. Search for name=Module.FacebookEvents. Delete this row. Furthermore you could have a look at your modules table where class=FacebookEvents, column: data.
  14. Version 1.0.0: [New] The module contains a Fieldtype Select Options Countries:
  15. @iwontsignuphere ich kann übrigens keinen Tetris-Ohrwurm mehr haben ohne an dich zu denken ;)