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  1. maxf5

    try this one: $page->social_activity->sort("-created")->slice(0,10);
  2. Hi guys, this just came into my mind if you have MarkUpCache / TemplateCache enabled. Is there a more elegant way than using a http request? in site/ready.php: <?php namespace ProcessWire; function PreLoadCache(HookEvent $e) { $all = wire()->pages->find("has_parent!=2|1139|1029"); // no admin pages, contact forms, page tables $s=0; $f=0; $fn = ''; $http = new WireHttp(); foreach($all as $a) { $response = $http->get($a->httpUrl); if($response !== false) { $s++; } else { $fn .= $a->title . ", "; $f++; } } wire()->log()->save('croncaching', 'Cached: '. $s .' Pages, Failed at '. $f .' Pages: '. $fn .''); } wire()->addHook('LazyCron::every12Hours', null, 'PreLoadCache');
  3. maxf5

    There is a stand-alone Zend application made only for all the drivers and documents. I just connect to the database and get the informations with a few queries.
  4. maxf5

    @Robin S thanks for the hint, i just fixed it. you live and learn ; )
  5. maxf5

    New website for Nexoc GmbH in Munich, Germany. NEXOC. GmbH was founded in August 2003 and sells notebooks and PCs under the NEXOC brand name. The products are characterised by a particularly beautiful design and high quality and are available at an attractive price-performance ratio. We spell Individuality with a capital I! Each notebook and each PC from NEXOC. can be individually configured and designed in line with customer wishes and requirements - there is no challenge - there are only solutions, and these are what NEXOC. offers! Features: Multilingual Page-Builder done with PageTable Download Center: getting the informations from the database of an external application, caching the resultes with WireCache and show the results via Ajax frontend login for reseller Frontend: uikit3 OwlCarousel2 SpriteSpin jQuery Lazy grunt-sass grunt-contrib-uglify grunt-contrib-cssmin Backend: Jumplinks Upgrades Checker Simple Contact Form Schedule Pages Pages2Pdf Email Obfuscation Range Slider Image Extra Sitemap Tracy Debugger PageTable Extra Actions Some "behind the scenes":
  6. maxf5

    Why don't you just crop the thumbs with something like $image->size(320,240,$options)->url, so they 're all equal.
  7. maxf5

    I think we should keep on 3.0.100 for a while on focus on the PW website
  8. Doesn't it work when he prefix his file with: <?php namespace ProcessWire;
  9. Hm it's strange. Can you try this? $frz = $languages->get("fr"); $p->of(false); $p->summary->setLanguageValue($frz, $row['description_fr']); $p->save();
  10. Your code snippet is inside a foreach, right? You have to save the Page at the end. $p->save();
  11. maxf5

    I am using the module on various multilingual sites and it's working fine! When you have Jumplinks installed it sometimes hits an 404 on /sitemap.xml even though the link/sitemap is working. Do you have to create an extra page and template (xml header) for it?
  12. maxf5

    Excuse me, i don't wanted to offend!! And i know PW owe cmscritic pretty much. Maybe the one or another wouldn't have found to PW without it giving attention to our wonderful system in a big lake of cms.
  13. maxf5

    When you 're lucky and happy with your WP blog for your needs, it's okay. This shouldn't be an offence against gay people. They were always my favorite singers (Little Richard, Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury,.. ). I just have an antipathy for everything wp related.
  14. maxf5

    Welcome to ******** webdevelopment 2018: Buy a theme for 59$ and change the logo and a few colors
  15. @cmscritic, you should fix that 3.2 mb stock photo. maybe with that one $ rm -rf $ git clone