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  1. Holy shit, it works! thank you so much. And sorry for the long questions, i shoud have learned other template strategys earlier. I will share my codes when its all finished for people who are interested. I built some kind of page/grid-builder with uikit and PageTables. Will now look at Page Table Extended.
  2. Hey @evan, thanks for your time and patience. My content-blocks aren't stored as subpage on the particular page. I collect them in an unpublished page (called Views, due to menu reasons). Is there a chance to search in the content of the blocks referring to the linked page? This will of course return the one unpublished page where all blocks are stored (Views) <?php $q = $sanitizer->text($input->get->q); $input->whitelist('q', $q); $q = $sanitizer->selectorValue($q); //selector normal content $selector = "title|headline|summary~=$q, limit=50"; // selector content blocks $views_query = [ 'template=Text|ParallaxBanner', // Template 'textfield|parallaxtext*="'.$q.'"' // Fields ]; if($user->isLoggedin()) $selector .= ", has_parent!=2"; // normal pages $matches = $pages->find($selector); // Find parent pages of content blocks $views_results = new PageArray(); foreach ($pages->find( implode(', ', $views_query) ) as $p) { $views_results->add($p->parent); } // Combine results $matches->import($views_results); ?>
  3. I was testing out that solution @evan Works pretty well so far. I put the range slider to each template block to set the grid widths for desktop, tablet and mobilephones. Atm working on the output of the grids and cols. There are a few question i have in mind. 1) My website has a search engine, so how you can search in those blocks? I think you can just use field.subfield but not field.subfield.subsubfield as selector. Like my PageTable field is called views. $selector = "title|views.accordion.textarea"; $results = $pages->find($selector); 2) PageTable extended would be kickass, but i am using blank templates without PHP Files. Rendering wont work as far as i read the docs.
  4. ProcessWire 3.0.62 Screenshots show the management of operations, where they can choose the date, age-group, vehicles in operation and they can write a text and put some gallery into it. Modules: Uikit v3 admin theme Auto Smush Markup Sitemap XML Pagetree Add New Childs Reverse Upgrades Checker Simple Contact Form CSS (SASS) & JSS compression with: grunt-sass grunt-uglify grunt-contrib-cssmin Libraries: UiKit 2 jQuery Owl Carousel hamburgers
  5. Hi @psy, is extremely slow. 27 seconds loading time and 3.2 MB. ( jill_smith_170325_012-2.1920x1280.png - 1.9 mb) almost the same. Maybe it's because iam loading it from germany, Canada needs 4.6s (gtmetrix). But you can try to compress images. Although you sponsored the website, i know improving everything is a time/money factor
  6. just upgradet to the newest dev version and tested it. Loving it, Ryan! That's what is best about processwire; you are free like a bird and have countless possibilities to realise your ideas with core functions.
  7. findOne() only finds one, made my day You check if the page exists. If not = error, else= create page. You can post your code when you have further questions.
  8. The previous topic seems to be deleted. So is there any solution for dynamic / moveable fields in PW? (Besides the Pro Module: Repeater Matrix, PageTableExtended from @MadeMyDayis just for One-Page websites from what i saw ). This would definatly bring it to a new level. I am thinking about grids, columns and a way to switch/drag positions of fields in a page. If not, do you have any ideas to implement this feature? I would build a plugin if i have the time realise.
  9. Sorry for the question, FieldtypePageTable is requested. Is that the Pro Field or is it for free?
  10. Can you post your code where the page from the formis being created? It's just a IF/ELSE request.. Something like (not tested): <?php $firstname = $sanitizer->text($input->get->firstname); // firstname should be the name of the input field $lastname = $sanitizer->text($input->get->lastname); $fullname = $firstname . $lastname; $sitetocheck = strtolower($fullname); if ( $pages->count("name=$sitetocheck") { echo "Sorry, seems you 're already registered"; } else { $p = new Page(); $p->template = 'basic-page'; // set template $p->parent = wire('pages')->get('/about/'); // set the parent $p->name = '$fullname'; $p->title = '$fullname'; $p->save(); echo "Thanks for registration"; } ?>
  11. Nice and clean site! the parallax lacks a bit. On Chrome at least. Did you tried background-position instead of top? Grüße in den Schwarzwald
  12. <?php $bodyout = $page->name . " template-" . $page->template . " page-id-" . $page->id; ?> <body class="<?php echo $bodyout; ?>"> here you go.. like @tpr said:
  13. Simple Contact Form and Template Cache? Hey all, thanks again for this wonderful module. How can i manage my forms with template cache turned on? You will get an internal server error. Respectively what has to be written in the post variables? best regards
  14. Great job! but this is not very safe..
  15. Wow, thank you all for the nice and quick help! the pw community is unbelievable! this works perfectly for me: <?php $startdate = date('Y') . "-01-01"; $enddate = date('Y') . "-12-31"; $zaehler = $page->children("einsatzdatum>=$startdate, einsatzdatum<=$enddate");