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  1. noodles and I got this running! Our scenario was a ProcessWire 2.7.x version we upgraded to ProcessWire 3.0.7. Uploads would stop at 100% and not finish. The JavaScript console showed the message jacmaes mentioned above. What did we do? We changed all fields of type "CroppableImage" back to "Image" and deleted the module, including the files in /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/CroppableImage. When we reinstalled the module, we were able to upload files successfully and the previously set thumbnails were created by the module! Everything seemed to work to this point, but cropping didn't work, due to missing processes and routes. The page created within the ___install routine of the module wasn't created!(https://github.com/horst-n/CroppableImage/blob/master/ProcessCroppableImage/ProcessCroppableImage.module#L306) We created it ourself within the admin.php file (dirty, we know - see code below), as a child of /admin/pages, edited and assigned the Process (ProcessCroppableImage) in the given select box within ProcessWire. Et voilà, it works! Dirty workaround we used within the admin.php file as a superuser: $p = new Page(); $p->template = $this->templates->get("admin"); $p->parent = $this->pages->get(3); $p->title = 'Croppable Images - PW3'; $p->name = 'croppable-image'; $p->addStatus(Page::statusHidden); $p->save(); This for sure is dirty, but it will give us all a little more time. We will try to provide a good fix/workaround to make upgrades possible without following the steps above by hand.
  2. Thank you for your reply. It makes no difference if I store a single value or the whole page object in the session. The session gets lost when a redirect is performed. i tried everything but I didn't get it working. In the end I swiched to PHP $_SESSION and now everything is working fine again. I found some other posting about this issue, seems like I am not alone: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/7771-session-variable-getting-lost-after-session-redirect/
  3. We've just updated the above mentioned project from PW 2.3 to 2.6 And now the login process isn't working any more, because the session-variable "gallery" gets lost after the redirect. But why? We debuged like crazy but we couldn't find the reason. Domainnames, .htaccess and everything is fine. Are there any changes concering the session-implementation? Thanks!
  4. Hi Horst, I checked the filenames your module creates. My original filename was "testslide.jpg", which was saved as "testslide.-sliderbild.jpg". That looks a little weird to me. In line 194 of FieldtypeCroppableImage.module I found: $basename = basename($img->basename, '.' . $img->ext) . ".-$suffix" . "." . $img->ext; Is there any thought behind the ".-" part of the filename? What do you think of cleaning the basename to an alpanumeric string, plus dots and symbols? A quick and dirty way how I'd save the filename: $basename = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9\.]+/', '-', strtolower(basename($img->basename, '.' . $img->ext))) . ".$suffix" . "." . $img->ext; Thank you.
  5. Good idea! It's quite interesting. If I add your command to the htaccess-file the header is send correctly, but the Browser still don't see the file as a vaild .css file. Weird.
  6. We just ran in a similar problem, but from another point. You have to pay attention, that you do not use ProCache to cache the processwire-generated .css file, because ProCache overwrites the header to Content-type: text/html.
  7. After some more tests it seem's to be a bit buggy. By creating a new page via the button above the list the new page is generated and saved correctly, but this new page doesn't show up in the list. When I create a new page via the button under the list the page is generated correctly and a new (second) button appaers above the list. With this new button it is possible to create pages which show up in the list correctly.
  8. Such an good idea. Why didn't I think about it. Works fine in my case!
  9. Sorry for pushing! Attached is an image to make clear what I ment in my previous post. Do you see any chance to place the button above the list? Thank you.
  10. Hey there! Is there any chance to place the create-buttons above the pages via a hook? Thanks for your great support.
  11. Yes, sure. Good idea. If i enable the multilanguage description, the default description is shown. But by writing these lines I just recognized, that it's my fault! The User "guest" need to have the other language! Everything works like expected now. Processwire 2.5 with multilanguage description acts not like 2.4 - now I know. Thank you so much!
  12. Since the beginning we are using ProCache in every project without any problem. Until now. There is a file field inside a repeater. We are using the description field to name the download in the web. It works as expected with ProCache turned off. If ProCache is activated only the output of the description is empty. Sidenote: we are using an additional language and the multilanguage description option for the description field is deactivated! PW 2.5.3 Any suggestions? Thank you.
  13. https://processwire.com/talk/topic/6119-bug-verified-sort-bug-with-pagelistselectmultiple-in-pw-240/
  14. Martjin, your posted solution fit's perfect... To another customer we've got. Thank you in advance! But for this project i would like to get back to my initial question. Background: The pedigree is only to show the horses ancestors in a small overview. No children will be shown and no more ancestors than mother/father and grandmothers/grandfathers. That means a depth of only two ancestors. According to the briefing, the customers is selling a lot of sports horses in a week. So it would be nice if the customer would not have to create six pages with just names to build up the pedigree for a single horse. To make the creation of a horse easy and fast I'm thinking about only one page on which the customer can set all the data including the pedigree at. I think I will create six simple text fields for the pedigree... Or does anyone see an acceptable solution without pages? Thanks!
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