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  1. @adrian ooooh, that's very pretty ? I'll keep it in mind for the next time. The way it was fixed now taught me some extra ProcessWire though, which is also good (for me). Didn't know about the AdminActions module...will have to study that a bit better. Looks useful!!
  2. @kongondo it works like a charm! Thanks again ? One last question...how do I add [SOLVED] to the title of this topic? ?
  3. Yes! Definitely ? It's just that the existing set needs to be converted/updated. Super! Awesome. And much better, as it can be implemented in a wider spectrum. For sure ? but good to be reminded ? Thank you so much. Going to try it on the local server right now!!
  4. Yup, that's what I was hoping to do ? So thank you for this awesome solution!! Actually not too many on the 'live' test-server...21 at the moment. So still pretty doable. But in case it's going to fill up fast I want to be sure it's not going to be a lot of manual labour. So the first part of the code is all clear to me. This part (above) is an example right? In the generateDisplayTitle you've set start=0 and limit=10, and here you start at 2 and limit to 3 pages? Correct? And if I'd want to do all of them, I'd do the following: generateDisplayTitle('display_title','projects', 0, 21); And another double-check; as I'm not sure. Am I selecting the parent (projects) here? Or should it be the template, so 'project'?
  5. Hi all! I've been searching/browsing a bit, but can't find what I'm looking for just yet... Perhaps I'm searching in the wrong places, but I thought posting it here might work better/more efficient. I need to do the following; 1. I have the TITLE field (the one set by ProcessWire as default). 2. There's already a whole lot of pages of the template 'project' set up. 3. Now I actually want to be able to add <i> and <br> tags to this title...which is possible if I turn off the specialchar encoder... ...but it also presents the opportunity for people to start typing, and generate the following kind of URLs: TITLE: This is a really long title <br> which <i>needs</i> to be split in two URL generated: this-is-a-really-long-title-br-which-i-needs-i-to-be-split-in-tow Don't want that happening. So, I thought it might be wiser to do the following. Next to the 'title' field, also set a 'display-title' field. But, preferably I'd want to generate this for all the projects already in existance...including copying their content to this new display-title field. Just adding the field means all the titles will need to be copied...not something I look forward to telling the editors of the site ? I saw the Hook for on-save, but that's only for the single page...and I'm not an experienced MySQL-coder/user, otherwise I guess that would've been the way to go. So I'm really curious to hear if you guys think there are other/better options (and what they are) Thanks!
  6. For those following along, or running into similar problems, these are my findings so far... 1. I've been testing the images with ForceNew, and found (on my local server) that with width(1000) it's fine, but any bigger it throws an error. 2. I've updated the code so that the width = 1000 when resizing. This seems to work. Setting it back to a higher width doesn't throw an error anymore (on the server), but still only loads the first image of the GIF, instead of an animated GIF What I reckon I'll do for now, is actually setup a PHP check for GIFs, as some images are displayed at full-screen-width (with a max of 1280px) so those I'd preferably not down-size to 1000. For the GIFs I guess, as they are already 'lower res' it's a partial solution. Still looking into it though.
  7. @horst That would be great! I'll send you a PM ? thanks
  8. Another superb tip ? So both on local & server it shows 256M available... Meanwhile I thought I'd also see if somewhere on the world wide web someone else is running into something similar, landing me on Stackoverflow, to be precise this thread. Quoting from that thread: Could this be something that's happening in this case as well? Making it a MySQL rather then a PHP problem?
  9. Hi @horst Thanks for all the work! Good to know the images are ok ? I went ahead and checked the memory_limit, on the server it was already set to 256M, and my local server was doing 128, which I upped to 256 as well. But...I still get the error message about not being able to allocate the data/bytes...So could it be that the GIF is in some way still too big? (Or long in duration?) The server I'm using is on Bluehost, which advises not to increase past 128 – but it was already set higher...so I'm also kind of surprised there. So unfortunately. still errors – which is weird, because I've been using it elsewhere/on older PW versions without issues. Good to know about the forceNew and logs!! Hadn't realised and/or heard of this before, so that's definitely something I'm going to put to use in the future!!
  10. Image is in your inbox ? THanks for checking it out. I tried the "forceNew" but now get the following error (on my local environment): Error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes) But the image isn't that big, so I'm wondering what's happening here...curious to see what you make of it! It's with all animated images (so far at least)
  11. Tested, and both with correct/expected output: The first var_dump() should have a true under "info"->"animated" ["info"]=>["animated"]=> bool(true) And second one: array(1) { [0]=> string(27) "ImageSizerEngineAnimatedGif" } So those two check out...
  12. @horst So I removed the picturefill function, and lazysizes (which was also active), just to make sure. At the moment I (still) have: - Animated GIF Image Sizer (v0.0.1) activated- ProcessWire 3.0.108 This is running on a local system operating MAMP v5.0 (334), with PHP 7.1.19 & MySQL 5.7.21 Online it's running on something similar, but for both cases the following has negative result: <?php $test = $img->url; $test2 = $img->width(1440)->url; $test3 = $img->size(1440, 0)->url; ?> <img class="double" src="<?php echo $test2; ?>"/> That's the most basic I could test right? $test works fine, URL of original image is still animated. $test2 & $test3 – no more animation in the image.
  13. Double-checked, I need to correct that. I AM using the picturefill. And what's more -> the lowres (preview) IS working as GIF, but the final image isn't...so perhaps it does have something to do with picturefill...
  14. Thanks for the response horst!! Q: Hhm, did you have installed / enabled the animated gif module? A: Nope, didn't have it installed, only the Animated GIF Image Sizer (v0.0.1) that's included in the core. That looks to be fully enabled, as it part of the core I'm not sure I could even change that, right? I tried installing the module you made before, but as I've updated to PW 3.0.108 it discontinues installation as it's already in the core. Q: Which version is it? A: Animated GIF Image Sizer (v0.0.1) ProcessWire 3.0.108 (latest?) (Initial install was 3.0.9, updated to 3.0.98, then this one) Q: Which number in the internal modules hirarchy does it have? And which other modules and hirarchy numbers are installed? A: You mean ImageSizerEngine Module priority with this right? I double-checked, IMagick was on 1, and AnimatedGif was on 9. Changed it around so the AnimatedGIF is on 1, and IMagick is on 2. I'm not aware of any other ImageSizerEngine modules being installed (by myself that is). And the only additional Module that I've installed that has something to do with images is ImageExtra (but as that's for additional textfields I thought that couldn't be the case?) If you do mean something else by the internal module hierarchy, please let me know ? Also, another thought that crossed my mind – as we're talking about images – I'm using picturefill, but not in the same place as the animated GIFs. So I thought this also couldn't be the problem. But I thought I'd put it down here, just in case...
  15. Sorry for bothering you @horst, but could you perhaps shine some light on this issue?
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