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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I am a new ProcessWire adept, coming from MODx Evolution (I see several of us here :)) I would like to know if it is possible to change the <title> tag in the admin to always show "ProcessWire" at the end. So for example instead of this: <title>Edit Page: Home • localhost</title> I would like to see this: <title>Edit Page: Home • localhost • ProcessWire</title> I need this because I target the title of the page with AutoHotkey so I can use shortcuts inside ProcessWire ;p
  2. So I ran into a strange error this morning when trying to publish a page. I went to publish a new page under "clients", but I get an error that says "Cannot be published until errors are corrected". I thought perhaps I had missed a required field so I checked, but none of the fields are marked as required. I then checked to see if I could just add a basic page (default basic-page.php template) under the homepage, but I get the exact same error when trying to publish. When looking at the template, I don't see any error messages being displayed above any fields. The odd thing I found though was if I got to "settings" and uncheck "unpublished", I can then publish the page without errors. I did upgrade earlier today to the newest version to hopefully fix an issue I had yesterday (which it did). Has anyone run into this error before? **EDIT** Well, after a lot of staring and pulling my hair out, I found the issues. I had installed multi-language support sometime ago (and due to the project changing, had to remove it). Apparently in my haste, I did not remove all the dependencies so it was still trying to check for the multi-language title (I am guessing) even though it actually wasnt on the page. I went through the database and removed it and can now save/publish pages without issues.
  3. Hello Everyone, I was trying to update SEO meta title, description and meta keywords for my website in Process Wire CMS but it saving in the backend but it is not reflecting on my website, Please help me regarding this error. Please find below attached screen shot for your ref. TIA.
  4. Hello, when you add a page you can see the page name of the page under the page title field. But when you change the page title afterwards, you have to go to the settings tab to also change the page name. We have many clients that change the page title afterwards but forget to change the page name, because they don't look in the settings tab or forget it. Is it possible to show the page name on the content tab under the page title? I hate to say this, but I like how WordPress handles this better: Or should I open an GitHub request? Regards, Andreas
  5. Hi all! I've been searching/browsing a bit, but can't find what I'm looking for just yet... Perhaps I'm searching in the wrong places, but I thought posting it here might work better/more efficient. I need to do the following; 1. I have the TITLE field (the one set by ProcessWire as default). 2. There's already a whole lot of pages of the template 'project' set up. 3. Now I actually want to be able to add <i> and <br> tags to this title...which is possible if I turn off the specialchar encoder... ...but it also presents the opportunity for people to start typing, and generate the following kind of URLs: TITLE: This is a really long title <br> which <i>needs</i> to be split in two URL generated: this-is-a-really-long-title-br-which-i-needs-i-to-be-split-in-tow Don't want that happening. So, I thought it might be wiser to do the following. Next to the 'title' field, also set a 'display-title' field. But, preferably I'd want to generate this for all the projects already in existance...including copying their content to this new display-title field. Just adding the field means all the titles will need to be copied...not something I look forward to telling the editors of the site ? I saw the Hook for on-save, but that's only for the single page...and I'm not an experienced MySQL-coder/user, otherwise I guess that would've been the way to go. So I'm really curious to hear if you guys think there are other/better options (and what they are) Thanks!
  6. Can someone point me to the way how to fix title to name? so "ā" becomes "a" and so on. see attachment
  7. Hi, well, here's something I just don't understand and didn't find an explanation in the reference for. I've got a number of pages: HomeAuthorTomas Tranströmer José Saramago Kenzaburō Ōe ... Nobel prize2012 2011 ... I created a field "author", type Page, which contains all these 3rd level pages (Tomas Tranströmer, José Saramago, Kenzaburō Ōe, ...). In the template used i.e. for /nobel-prize/2011, the "author" field is populated and contains the page ("Tomas Tranströmer"). Now I would like to create an output: $content .= $pages->get($page->author)->title; Confusingly, the output is Home although the output for $content .= $page->author; is 1026 and the output for $content .= $pages->get(1026)->title; is the desired Tomas Tranströmer So I seem to create a problem with using $pages and $page in the same line, but what is it exactly and how will I fix it? Thanks a lot!
  8. I recently needed a module that automatically fills the title field of a page using fields on that page. I couldn't see one that already existed so I made my own. This is mostly based on ProcessSetupPageName by @kixe which I use along with this module. Keep in mind I am very new to ProcessWire so perhaps somebody else can contribute or make a better one Note: The title is automatically hidden when using this module You can enter any string. To add a fieldname, subfield or property, you surround the fieldname with {}. Dot syntax allowed. Example: Fish: {parent.title} {myfield} https://github.com/nextgensparx/AutoPageTitles
  9. Hi there, When I use a repeater field, it children, always have a title called "(Repeater Field Name) # (number of the item)". Is it possible to customize this title? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Everyone Can I change the type of the title field from PageTitleLanguage to PageTitle per template and not only global? Greetings Nukro
  11. Hello, when using the default multi-language module, you can set different titles for each language on a page. The logic is: the default language is the source and every non-default language inherits from it if empty. For a use case I have, I need to update all title's on a page for every language via the API. I tried a little with this code but it doesn't work (with no errors): $globalTitle = 'Test'; foreach ($languages as $language) { $page->set('title'.$language->id, $globalTitle); }
  12. Hello, it's very hard for me to describe the actual problem so I've attached two screenshots that contain all the required information. Basicly I'm trying to manipulate the page title that is rendered to the select field options within the page lister when setting up a filter using a PageField. (It's tedious to select the page you really want on duplicate titles) I can't find any solution to this problem. It doesnt seem to be as simple as hooking onto a render or textformat method. (Many attempts, no success ...) Please, can anyone help me out on this one?
  13. Is there any way to return <?php $sectors = $input->get->project_sectors; ?> as the titles, and not the names? So instead of, for example, it returning landscape-design (the name) it would return Landscape Design (the title). Thanks, R
  14. Hey guys, now, I've been working with this beautiful CMS and am superhappy with it. Only one small problem. When I google my site, it shows this: https://www.google.nl/search?q=site%3Awww.marinusdebeer.nl The common result when you search on my name is that the title shows: "about" as page title in the results. Now, this is because this is the page I force the visitor to when they go to www.marinusdebeer.nl I did this in a script because I don't like to use a homepage/launch page. So it goes to the about page in a hardcoded php script. However, I want to keep the 'about' name in the page title, but is there a way I can edit meta data to make sure Google just shows a different page title, so that I can control how the title is displayed in Google? I have been googling about this, but it didn't show up any results I could use. Maybe I am searching with the wrong search queries. Soon I will start making the second site with ProcessWire, let's hope it goes as smooth as the first one I created Love, Marinus
  15. I've seen references to the page title, but where in ProcessWire can I set the site title, and how do I include it in my templates? My total experience with ProcessWire is about two hours, but it looks very promising. I develop primarily in WordPress, but the "post" structure has proved itself to be limiting.
  16. Where fill names of the field it is necessary to create
  17. Hello, I'm using FormTemplateProcessor module to dynamically create pages and save data. But for some reason, it's not showing title field in the form that's being rendered on the front-end. Also when the page is being created, right now, it's auto-generating some name, I'd like it to have title. I want to know how to Get title in the front-end form & save it along with the rest of the data. Save page with its name rather than auto-generated name. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Guys I'm doing the unthinkable and attempting to recreate cmscritic.com with processwire. A task that I'm sure will be incredibly fulfilling once complete and I'm hoping will teach me how to use this CMS in the process. (pun not intended). I'm messing with the blog profile at the moment and when I look at the template, I see it's got a field "site title" which when viewing the page, is populated with the words "Basic Blog Profile" and used in the masthead. Since I want to use an image logo instead and have it easy to change within the backend, I added an image field to the template and uploaded my logo. The issue i'm having is that I'm unsure as to how to call this and within which template. I can see it in the page now as an uploaded image but I don't know how to call it within the masthead. Tough to explain, hopefully my question makes sense. Here's a screenie to show what I mean. Thanks in advance! Mike
  19. Hi, I've got the following issue: I'm renaming the title field on the team pages of a website. Basically, it's confusing to enter the name of a member of the team in the title field… (specially when there's another field right underneath it called 'name'). So I've used the "context" function to change the field name, which works fine as soon as you've saved the new page. Before that, the field is still called 'title'. (see screenshots) Any ways around this? Suggestions? Also, is it possible to rename the 'name' field? I'd rather call it something like "URL Name", or something similar, to avoid confusion from the client. Thanks! David
  20. Hey everyone, say I want to store invoices as pages inside PW, for later referral and storage as a scanned document, and to relate the items (themselves stored independently) listed on the invoice to the invoice. Say I have a template for invoices and have to use the title field. Really, I don't want to give every invoice a name, title or other identifier - they come complete with the firm that sent the invoice, an invoice number and a date. These three really are enough to identify any invoice. What to do with the title field? In my envisioned system, it is pretty much useless, but PW forces me to come up with a name for each invoice. Can I circumvent this? Can I somehow autoconstruct the title from the other inputs? Thanks a lot for any suggestion!
  21. Hello, Very simple question. PW lets you add the title field which will appear in the title tab once the web is open. I would like to insert an image/icon on the left side as many other webs. Is there a way to place this via CMS or should I hardcode it? Please let me know how I can do this. Thank you very much!
  22. It's great that you can choose the fields of template that will be displayed in the Page List in admin pannel. But I really miss the possibility to use a field of a page reference field of a template to be displayed, too. A current website I'm working on uses a «project» template with a page reference field «client». As the title of the projects are often very similar or even the same, it would be a big help for editors to have the referenced client's page title added to the project's title in Page List. Like: List of fields to display in the admin Page List title client->title But I guess I've to create a little module to get this working, hm?
  23. Hi, As the title says, my code looks like this: $aPage = $pages->get('selector'); $default = $languages->get('default'); $language1 = $languages->get('language1'); $language2 = $languages->get('language2'); $aPage->setOutputFormatting(false); $aPage->title->setTrackChanges(true); // remove this and title will be empty $aPage->title->setLanguageValue($default, 'title'); $aPage->title->setLanguageValue($language1, 'title1'); $aPage->title->setLanguageValue($language2, 'title2'); $aPage->save(); The reason I'm asking is I can't find any mention of this in the documentation and it took quite some time to figure out.
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