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  1. Thank you for the replies! What do you mean with "create with the same collation". I do not understand collation in this context.
  2. I did a big beginner mistake. I've deleted MAMP PRO to use XAMPP and in the process of the uninstalation of MAMP PRO I deleted all my databases... Fortunately my projects are already live so I have a working copy on the FTP of my client. I would like to have all this data as it is online so it works local on my computer. This is working with a processwire CMS, the url is http://www.fem-k.com/ if in need... Please let me know how to solve this problem so I can go on playing with processwire on my computer. Thank you very much!!!
  3. Exact! Its exactly was I was searching for!!!! the client will only have to insert "mailto:" which isn't a great drama!
  4. Thanks for the answer... I see that if you use TinyMCE you can edit directly in the text box. My client isn't the biggest genius with that and would like to avoid her placing codes herself. If I have this text for the contact field: Rozenstraat 158hs Postbus 15372 1001 MJ Amsterdam t: +31 (0)20 77 24 258 e: info@provisionevents.nl w: www.provisionevents.nl Can I place it as an email field? Will this detect the emails inside the text? I suppose not... If I placed TinyMCE she would have to write this herself for example, right?: Rozenstraat 158hs Postbus 15372 1001 MJ Amsterdam t: +31 (0)20 77 24 258 e: <a href="mailto:info@provisionevents.nl">info@provisionevents.nl</a> w: www.provisionevents.nl
  5. Hello everybody! I've actually created already a web that works perfectly with processwire. There only some dumb questions which I do not figure out by myself. This is one of them... I have a field called "contact" where obviously the client will insert her contact details. The client wants that if she inserts and email it will be a hyperlink. She doesn't need a form or anything too fancy. She would be ok with a mailto applied to it. The field is in this moment applied as a textarea. The details she has "Newlines to XHTML Line Breaks" applied. Is there a special way so I can apple a simple html link with a hyperlink with mailto bla bla bla. I would like the most simple workout as possible. Really thanks!!! Once this is finished and some other details I will show to the team!
  6. Hello, Very simple question. PW lets you add the title field which will appear in the title tab once the web is open. I would like to insert an image/icon on the left side as many other webs. Is there a way to place this via CMS or should I hardcode it? Please let me know how I can do this. Thank you very much!
  7. thank you for the answer, I will check out this method of uploading directly. Should I erase the actual installation? If so, is there a special way or I just delete with FTP? Thank you very much for the help!
  8. I used the new module profile exporter. I love the idea! I followed the instructions correctly and detailed. I used processwire 2.1 to design and link the front end with the back end. All this was done with MAMP, it worked perfectly. So once I put it in the hosting I had to install processwire 2.2 as the instructions say. After this I just viewed it online and some things did not work visually. Some mistakes may be because of the hosting server, and other issues I dont know, and thats why I ask as maybe somebody had the same issue. These are some problems: 1. Random background image "home": I have a random image which is covering the whole home background. I'm using a javascript which selects an image from an array randomly. These images have the url assigned correctly as it works in my MAMP server with processwire. I do not know why this javascript wouldnt work. 2. PHP form: I have a php form which has its own url also. It gave me problems as I discovered it only works if its out of the folder of templates. Now it just does not work... 3. Extremely slow: I dont know if this is processwire, but maybe you can help me to know what could I do to solve this. 4. Shockwave crashes: I use soundcloud for the songs which are uploaded. So the widget is created with flash. I dont understand why it would crash, it only crashes when its online and not in the MAMP server. If you need to see the source and it helps this is the website at this moment: http://www.fem-k.com/ Thank you very much everybody, without you this wouldn't be possible! Dani
  9. thank you, already sending them an email. They always take some time. So... is it really not recommended to install with mod_rewrite not enabled? Should I wait? I have the client knocking the door for the website to be online today... maybe I have to wait until Monday...
  10. Hello, thanks!!! I'm first trying out with the site profile exporter module. Lets see if that works. I followed all the steps and once I'm installing the new processwire into my online hosting I get this alert before installation: Apache mod_rewrite does not appear to be installed and is required by ProcessWire. The hosting is of a client of mine. How can I install this before the installation? As its the hosting I have no idea how I should do this. Please let me know, thank you!
  11. Quick question! I have everything prepared. I created the web locally with my MAMP. So I have a web working perfectly with CMS processwire, locally. I want to upload this to a hosting server. I suppose I have to install again processwire in this server, or not?. UPloading all these files via FTP to the online server will be enough? Or if I upload via FTP all my files I will still have to create all the fileds again in the online hosting? Or will thee settings be automatic? Pleas let me know what I would have to do? Thank you very much! Dani
  12. Hey I've been trying and I read the documentation but I still dont understand it 100%... I undesrtand that the code you've uploaded me is the play with the url of processwire and activate any page which is in the tree of my template and activate the picture uploaded in that page. I hope this makes sense... otherwise I'm very lost hehe. The code in comment is the code which is selecting the way to display video or photos depending of its content. The problem as I said is that I want the client to be able to add a new gallery of pictures/videos and this then to be displayed in a row under. This is the code I have in this moment and the page I created but I don;t get any effect. Could you please guide me? <?php /* foreach($page->photo as $image) { $description = $image->description; $img = $image->url; $thumb = "<img src='{$image->getThumb('thumbnail')}' width='50' height='50' alt='DJFemke photo/video'>"; if(strpos($description, '@') !== false) { list($description, $link) = explode('@', $description); } else { $link = ''; } if($link) $out = "<div class='single'><a href='$link' rel='prettyPhoto[gal1]' title='$description'>$thumb</a></div>"; if(!$link) $out = "<div class='single'><a href='$img' rel='prettyPhoto[gal1]' title='$description'>$thumb</a></div>"; echo $out; } */ foreach ($page->children as $child){ foreach($child->images as $image){ $img = $image->url; $description = $image->description; $thumb = "<img src='{$image->getThumb('thumbnail')}' width='50' height='50' alt='DJFemke photo/video'>"; if(strpos($description, '@') !== false) { list($description, $link) = explode('@', $description); } else { $link = ''; } if($link) $out = "<div class='single'><a href='$link' rel='gallery_name' title='$description'>$thumb</a></div>"; if(!$link) $out = "<div class='single'><a href='$img' rel='gallery_name' title='$description'>$thumb</a></div>"; echo $out; } } ?> Under is the image of what I have displayed in the front end with the code thats is within comments in the code above. The effect I wish is that if the clients requieres to add a new gallery of pictures/video it will appear in a row under. This is done with CSS of course, but I need to make a CSS property which will create a div with these properties. I also put a picture of where the new page I created "party1" is. I hope it helps. How should I proceed? Really thanks guys... If I have this done, processwire is done for this website... After I will go on with processwire because it has a lot of potential. I think I understand it but I miss the last part...
  13. I write here to let you know I found an answer to my problem so if anybody has something similar look here. First of all you don't need to add any prefix inside a path inside a php created by you. It works as the path written by you. So adding {$config->urls->templates}. before the path doesnt make any difference. My problem was the following... I learnt that a php process cannot occur inside the templates folder. Basically what you need to do is to put the folder with the process, so in my case folder _php containing all the relevant data, outside this folder. For example as I did inside /site/. Redirect the path and everything should work. Dani P.D. Really thanks to everybody who helped. Especially the cheatsheet you sent. All that is very valuable data.
  14. Hello Pete, You were 100% right. It seems no PHP scripts can run inside processwire. If you put the file in /site/ it will work. Thank you very much!
  15. Hello, I have a form in my html which sends an email with this result. This works perfectly on my html/css... but the moment I use this with processwire I get the following screen with: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /djfemke/_cms_processwire/site/templates/_php/form-to-email.php on this server. So I thought... maybe there are some permissions which I have activated or something like that. This form after goes to a file which manages the form. This is inside my url structure as you can see in the picture. Do you have any idea how to change this to make it work? Under you have the url structure and my code of my form just in case. REALLY THANK YOU : <form name="form1" action="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>_php/form-to-email.php" method="post"> <div id="form_box" class="gradient"> <div id="center_box"> <h3>WANT TO BOOK ME?</h3> <div id="form_data"> <table> <tr> <td><input type="text" value="Company name" class="gradient" name="company" /></td> <td class="tdright"><input type="text" value="Name" class="gradient" name="name" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td><input type="text" value="Telephone" class="gradient" name="telephone" /></td> <td class="tdright"><input type="text" value="Email" class="gradient" name="email" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <input type="text" id="dateField" /> </td> </tr> </table> </div>
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