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Found 6 results

  1. AndZyk


    The Fotomediale is a annual festival of photography for children's and youth photography in Freiburg, Germany. This small website provides information about the festival and its workshops. Because of the topic, this site is very picture heavy. Almost every page contains it own set of images displayed in the background. The images cycle through automatically, but you can also use the buttons on the edges (or if you want arrow keys on your keyboard ). If you want to see the images, you can collapse both the navigation and content area. The transitions between pages were made with Ajax and pushState, but you can also access them directly via their URL. To handle the large image backgrounds, all of the images are lazy loaded using lazysizes. The registration form was created using the API. www.fotomediale.de Modules used: ProCache Markup Sitemap XML Email Obfuscation (EMO) Tracy Debugger Regards, Andreas
  2. Hi folks, I have a responsive portfolio page with lots of image variations (srcset). Some of the resized images would benefit from less compression (depends on the project though), the rest would be fine with the compression level defined in the template. Is there a smart way to override the image quality set in a template? Maybe even a way to make it user selectable? I suppose this could work with repeater fields? Can't wrap my head arround this! Cheers! Phil
  3. I would like to build a Photo"community" system with Processwire for my wedding. I want it as simple as possible to collect the images of all the guests and distribute to. The idea is: All guests will receive a code with which they can log in. (like: D4gh7Stu) After Logging in, the Guest would like to complete an Profiel. (so everyone can see who has made the image) Then the guest can upload photos and schow the photos from all the other guests The guest can mark photos and download all the marked photos. I think processwire can do all this for me, but I do not know enough about the system that I could easily do so. About some ideas for implementing I would be very happy.
  4. Hi to all Processwire experts! i recently found Processwire this very promising cms, and i am very happy! i was making sites until know in joomla, and now i want to move to Processwire.. until know the posts help me to start a basic site like planets example but i want to make a photography site with functionality similar to the video section: http://processwire.com/videos/using-the-image-thumbnail-plugin/ The layout i need is SECTIONS eg: main menu- Categories sub menu- -Hotels Photofraphy -Hotel 1 -Hotel 2 -Hotel 3 sub menu- -Villas Photofraphy -Villa 1 -Villa 2 -Villa 3 sub menu- -Commercial Photofraphy -Commercial 1 -Commercial 2 -Commercial 3 when visitor click Categories link go to page that shows thumbnails of the subcategories (Hotels Photofraphy - VillasPhotofraphy - Commercial Photofraphy) and when click Hotels Photofraphy thumb or link from menu goes to Hotels page that shows thumbnails of the subcategories (Hotel 1 - Hotel 2 - Hotel 3) and then when click the Hotel1 thumb or link from menu goes to hotel1 page to view the photos and description of the hotel.. i read a lot of the very explained posts from members in the forum, but i have no experience with programming, so it's a little difficult to make it.. How to outpout this to my template The best help i can have will be a process example (how you will do it) and code to achieve this. i believe that this help for me, will help a lot of other designers also I wish that someone make a book for Processwire with a lot of diferent website cases - examples... i will buy Thank you all... and i am very sory for my bad english..
  5. Hello, Today is my first day with processwire. I have already an index.php with its CSS created. The client needs a simple CMS which will let her upload pictures/videos in one section and music in another. So I just need to implement the CMS for those sections, no text or anything else. The web has a horizontal layout, so technically its only one page but with the width very wide. Each page is a div with a special link applied to it. I already installed proceswire, placed all the files inside template folder, activated template and with help of head.inc could link the css/jquery and images with a determined url succesfully. At this moment I'm trying to apply the option of uploading pictures from the CMS. This part I have no html/css created as I wanted to see how I had to do this depending of the CMS. I tried to install the thumbnail module with success but from there I have no idea what to do... The module is not visible and I dont know how to hook it to my html structure. I would really appreciate some help. P.D. After I will do the video and audio. For now I need to know how to apply exactly a module to my display, how it works. Lets use thumbnail as an example. P.D.D. I've already read some documentation in the web but I still dont get it.
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