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Found 3 results

  1. Hello again guys. Reworking my Knowledge theme, I was asked by my colleagues to add a table of content where one can click and be lead straight to the point (anchor to a paragraph or else). I was checking a few hours now as to how can this be done and I am not sure I have found an answer. Now, to better understand the need, the idea is that I have a multi line text field that would be filled up with some text so I am aiming at showing some anchors automatically upon some action from the editor's side or else. So far the only doable way I think could work is to have a keyword, class or other html chunk that would be added to the text and then the whole field content scanned for that specific code/text and added to the anchors link in the sidebar. But if that is the best approach, I am not sure yet. Btw, I am not looking at just creating anchor to a specific text inside the field, but show a table of contents outside of the echoed field (like in a sidebar or else). Writing this now, I just got another idea of creating a new field where I would have content like: title, url (where title would be presented as the anchor text and url would be the link to the content) but it gets way more complicated and I am sure there was already someone else who have thought about this and have a more elegant way of achieving the goal. I attached a demo image, where the content is $page->body and the table of content is the h1/2/3 etc. tags inside of the text field.
  2. Hi, I created a table and have a column using the URL field type; how do I add a ahref tag via the API so that on the output, the URL is clickable? Below is the section of code and any suggestions would be great as I'm a newbie! foreach($page->tbl_CompanyURLs as $c_url) { if($c_url->url_company) echo "$c_url->url_company<br />"; if($c_url->url_updated) echo "$c_url->url_updated <br />"; } Cheers, Tiffany
  3. Hello everybody! I've actually created already a web that works perfectly with processwire. There only some dumb questions which I do not figure out by myself. This is one of them... I have a field called "contact" where obviously the client will insert her contact details. The client wants that if she inserts and email it will be a hyperlink. She doesn't need a form or anything too fancy. She would be ok with a mailto applied to it. The field is in this moment applied as a textarea. The details she has "Newlines to XHTML Line Breaks" applied. Is there a special way so I can apple a simple html link with a hyperlink with mailto bla bla bla. I would like the most simple workout as possible. Really thanks!!! Once this is finished and some other details I will show to the team!
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