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  1. As always a fast and efficient reply. I never thought of looking for a release notes module, but it is a great addition. Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, It was hard not to notice the often updates of this AMAZIN' module and I was wondering if there is a changelog where I could read more about it before deciding to do an upgrade?
  3. Thanks again, @Macrura Will give the module a try and will see how can I fit it in one of my next projects. Thanks to you and @pmarki for the idea and the code.
  4. I see Macrura. I would watch closely the development of your mod, however, the options and setups seems sort of way too much for the purpose of my simple projects that hold a logo, few text fields etc. At least I got on the right track using a settings page to hold general variables
  5. Hello all. I was wondering about the use of this module and would like to check for your opinion, guys, before I start testing it. Presently I setup manually a simple page where all my general site settings fields resign (Settings) with no template assigned on it. After that I define a variable $settings (could be a name of your preference ) in _init.php $settings = $pages->get('/settings/'); // Grab the page url and add it here or $settings = $pages->get(settings_page_id); // Grab the page ID and add it here After that, I am able to print any field value in the markup by using: echo $settings->fied_name // text and integer value fields or echo $settings->some_image_field->first->size(X,Y)->url // Just an example for images etc. For sure the limit is the API of PW for any field and the parameters with it. So my wondering is would the use of the module give more functionality as of the present setup? Bear in mind, that for a few clients I already setup the access to Settings page and they can change anything that is there or provide access to somebody else using PW user permissions options. The Settings page can hold all sorts of PW fields available + custom ones that you've created/added and text and text area has absolutely no issues being multilanguage. Respect to the mod development team for the time and efforts for sure, I am just trying to figure out the benefits of use over the present setup.
  6. No issues with me either, I just started a new profile with 3.0.98 and latest AOS and all works fine, I can switch languages from admin etc.
  7. @Juergen Thanks for the shared custom mystyles.js . I was wondering what else I could add to the editor to make the life of my friend easier when adding his content and found quite a few useful ideas even though my project is under Bootstrap but not uikit yet (the last one is in a process of learning )
  8. @tpr Thank you for that helpful info. I am still learning project after project. @neosin Thank you for the alternative solution as well. For sure I could use it for some other projects, but in this one the idea was to provide an easy way to my friend to edit the translations without asking me to mess with the code once the project is finished. This is what I love in ProcessWire - the elasticity of accomplishing the things in so many different ways - where the sky is the limit and it is up to the devs to decide which way to get the things done.
  9. Hey guys, seems like my joy was not that long.. As soon as I started working the inner pages of my project I noticed that the function translate('smth' , 'General') is giving me the error I've seen previously: Call to undefined function translate() Having reviewed my posts previously, I dully noted that I forgot to add the <?php namespace ProcessWire; at the beginning of my inner pages templates. So if you happen to fall in my situation, make sure to have your namespace set to avoid my early morning big eyes
  10. It works perfectly fine now. And yes, @theo it worked with Bootstrap and uikit. Thanks again. I guess I could do the same exercise for styling ordered and unordered lists, block quotes etc.
  11. Thank @theo . That is what I added to my CSS, however I forgot the fact that CKEditor is not inserting the class automatically so I will have to add the classes using myclass.js approach. Let me see how would that work out,
  12. Thanks, @szabesz . Initially I thought it would need some styling for the output, however I was mislead by the appearance of the content inside the editor and thought that I am not doing something properly. Your suggestion seems to be quite easy doable however I should just match the proper classes for bootstrap as I don't use uikit on this project.
  13. Hello guys. I feel a bit ashamed of this fact but I just needed to add an image with some text wrapped around it using CKEditor and I simply can't achieve that. I have an image field attached to the template (called images) and it is showing promptly the uploaded images. I am able to manipulate the image and I set its alignment to left side. Then I add some text and I can see in CKEditor that the text is properly surrounding the image. However, once I save the page and view it, it shows the text under the image or only a line is staying asside the image and the rest is under the image again. As far as the field used for the text (body) is set to TextMultiLang and I did not added any text formatters and chose the content type to be HTML/Markup. In my CSS I've added some of the PW styles for the alignement as per some posts here but that did not help either. Something I am missing again?
  14. Well after your reading I went back to suggest to the "customer" who is a close friend of mine and shared the reading. So now we agreed to have the language names versus the flags or even add a dropdown box listing some countries that speak the selected languages. Thanks again for the sharing.
  15. @ottogal Thank you for the impressive reading. Will redo my language selector keeping the flag as the customer requested it, but will also put the language name so that it is clear what language is used. And yes, I will make sure that every language name is written as per the country standard.