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  1. Thank you very much, guys. It is amazing how many answers I got and what is more important some approach choices and suggestions. I will start playing and share the code if somebody is looking for something like that. I liked the idea of @Nukro to make the styles in an array however it won't be just a class change so it might be easier to use the approach of @Macrura and @fbg13 where I would use something like: if($x == 1){ ...some code... } if($x == 2){ ...some code... } if($x == 3){ ...some code... } etc. Again I am super pleasantly surprised how simple it is to work with PW and its API...
  2. Hello good people. I was looking today on a header styling that I would like to use in my next project where I want to grab X-amount of posts and place them in a grid with different sizes and layout (hopefully you will understand me better from the layout shown above ). So far I was able to pull an array of posts and present them on the front-end using identical code for all results, however I have never dealt with a similar presentation where the 1st and 2nd posts have one style, 3rd has another, 4th different again and so on. Let's say in this scenario I would grab some results with $pages->find(...) but how would then I apply the different styling for every result?
  3. Module

    @adrian it might worth to mention here, that my exported fiile could be messed up due to the several themes installed during the last 5-6 years of the site existence so if something does not work at 100% I would try to use another XML export to make sure it is working fine. Once you are ready with the latest version, I will proceed to test it with my export and another from demo WP.
  4. Module

    No worries @adrian Anything I can help - shoot straight. Helping one is helping the rest so I am sure the gratefulness is to follow. Especially when it is supported with the latest versions etc.
  5. Module

    @adrian I did not care much of the categories as I am planning on completely redoing most of the post information, pictures, tags, categories etc. I noticed that after moving the custom type posts to the standard WP post all the posts got to Uncategorized (the default WP category). During the import I do see the category created and pages have the Uncategorized as their category so my guess is that if everything was OK with the posts and categories, they will be imported properly. One other thing I just noticed is that the tags are also not imported and the field that was automatically created by the module is not allowing to add new tags (need to change a few settings to allow it). Again, reaching to this level is waaay more than I have ever expected so I am sure others would follow switching from WP to PW and enjoying the simplicity and elegance of the code (not to mention the support of the community!) I am PM-ing you the XML and thanking you in advance for looking into it.
  6. Module

    Hello @adrian . I installed your updated module and tested to import ONLY THE POSTS export. To be clear, I still needed to convert all custom type posts to the standard Wordpress posts as otherwise it only creates a few empty pages and that is all. I tried to start the import this time with the entire XML so as expected I got an error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away (in other words it means that the import took quite a time and server gives up). To help the server "survive" I decided to edit the my.cnf changing the wait_timeout from 60 to 6000 and this time it worked fine. Unfortunately the issue still exists with the Home page being renamed and unfortunately it is a page that has some comments in it too. It appears that it does not just import to the parent of the page pointed to the module but straight to home. Another thing I just noticed is that the comments date is not preserved, so most of the comments appear to be posted with a timestamp of the import. It might not be such a big issue, however it won't make much sense to have the page added 3-4 years ago and containing 50-100 comments within the last XX minutes. In other words if the comments timestamp can be fixed and the page that imports into the home properly inserted to the parent, it will be all perfect!
  7. Module

    Adrian, you are 100% right and how come I did not think of that earlier. I will export now only the posts, but I am not sure if I do that will the export include the comments too. Will test it right away and see what is happening. One thing is sure though - nobody would care if the name of the old website was imported or not as those settings will have to be changed to apply with PW and new theme. Crossing my fingers and trying it now with the latest version of the Migrator.
  8. Module

    Ok. Tried with the whole file and for the testing purposes inside the Home I created a child page WordPress inside of which I created another child calling it Import. Pointed the module to the Import page as parent and thought that this way the Home would not change but would the Wordpress. Well I was wrong - the Home title changed again to the same so for some reason the import grabs a page (probably the first) and imports it to Home. On top of that, if I try to import the whole file, then some of the pages were not imported (those that were originaly as Wordpress pages). Categories list is empty too. After the import in both cases I noticed another error: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'post' in 'field list' along with the message of successful import. So for now importing the XML in chunks works much better and properly includes categories as well as users etc. Even if I will have to recreate the page that is imported in the Home, I am still totally OK but just reporting to make sure others won't be able to move on.
  9. Module

    Hello @adrian I tested the importer and got an error. Here are the steps I took and the error to just check if I did everything right or missed something: 1. I cut the whole WordPress file (14-15Mb size) in 6 pieces of 2Mb to make it much smaller and reduce the load etc. as per your instructions. To reduce the size of the file I used a simple app called wxrsplitter that I know worked for WP before. 2. Installed fresh PW 3.0.55 with blank profile and only added ProcessMigrator & MigratorWordpress (I downloaded latest update for ProcessMigrator from the git source but MigratorWordpress was kept the same as I did not se any updated files). 3. Created a page Wordpress and assigned it as parent at the Import page. 4. Selected to import user details. 5. Selected to Import created/modified dates. 6. Choose to automatically download and install missing filetypes. 7. As data source used WordPress Migrator and pointed to the first chunk. The error I got after the import is: Error: Call to a member function eq() on a non-object (line 1704 of C:\OpenServer\domains\\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\ProcessMigrator\ProcessMigrator.module) This error message was shown because: you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. If I refresh the page, then it continued and finished with the informing message of how many pages were imported successfully. The same thing is applied for the rest of the files or if I use the file at once (which by obvious reasons takes more time to import but does not fail other than the error). So I pushed the whole file for the test and was able to import 559 posts as child pages of Wordpress. I checked a few pages with comments and they were all posted in the proper amount and approved with an ability to change the status if needed! It is clear now that all posts were imported. I am unable yet to say would all comments be properly imported but I don't see a reason if one works fine why the rest would not. So will consider that also done perfectly. In regards to the Home page title, it changed again (before it was Home and now is imported a the first page alphabetically added. Because of that it looses its fields and comments (this happened when I imported the XML chunks). Will try now to import the whole file but I doubt that this would happen again. For sure I can preserve the content of the page imported to the Home by creating and adding all the necessary fields to it and reimporting, but just reporting that something is still to be fixed. If a need be, I can provide you with the slices of XML.
  10. Module

    Huh, it is true - ideas we could have plenty, but there are only 24 hours in 1 day and they are never enough Thank you again for being so helpful...
  11. Module

    Oh, I should be the one thanking you. I was thinking about the post import - would it be possible to do that limitting via the API and some coding versus cutting the posts manually? Saying the import goes in a step of 20, 50 etc. and keeps on doing it until the last one is processed. This way you might import a bigger DB without the need of messing around with the XML.
  12. Module

    @adrian Thank you very much for the update and I am glad I helped a bit in the process. I will try to import a few posts first and see how it goes after which I will try to import the whole database. If the posts are imported properly but only one changes the homepage - I can totally live with this, but I understand your point of having that fixed so that it does not affect somebody else using the module. To import the WP to PW I am definitely using the latest PW 3.X with a blank profile. After I do that, I will just need to import my existing profile I have almost finished. But let's do this step by step and at the end we will have a nice and smooth approach. Will let you know as soon as finish both tests.
  13. Module

    Btw, thinking of the conversion from WP to PW, it seems like I need to export from the PW profile the pages, images, comments etc. to the theme profile as well so the fun will be on MAX but it worth every effort knowing how many years I have tried to work the things out with WP and how for a really short time I got my first theme (thanks to you and others).
  14. Module

  15. Module

    @adrian, I did not import the WP blog directly to homepage but created a page called Import and setup the module to point to it. Somehow I ended up with the home page changed to one of the WP Posts, and inside the include folder I got all the pages with the comments. If you feel like having some time, I would send you the XML archive to try and see if it works for you. Thanks in advance