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  1. Well you have thought of it all. Great work, keep it up
  2. I see, but at your admin on the video in Design tab you have over 15 fields not counting Fieldset in tab (open/close) (for the design) and Fieldset (open/close) for Basic, Text align, margin, padding. It is a similar scenario with me and that is why I am trying to reduce the number of fields. I know with ProFields I could reduce them a lot, but not yet there financially.
  3. Nice work joer80. Looks great. I am wondering though, how many fields would you count in your profile as only the Tab_open takes two per section so unless you use some tricks, you might end up with a huge fields list? Btw, after completting my two category blocks with all the bells and wistles I realized that instead of using one tab_category attribute and set its type to asmselect I used 10 fields (tab_category_1, 2, etc.) which caused me some troubles to check the array for empty values, then sort them out etc. I am working on redoing the markup which would simplify a lot the code and would be much easier to "digest" and re-purpose. ProcessWire keeps amazing me every single day with the freedom of code, approaches, functionality OOB etc. It really applies to the saying: Sky is the limit!
  4. So after playing a bit here and there, I came up with a simple structure that would hold the following blocks: Header style, Slider style, upper/middle/lower main section, upper/lower sidebar section and a footer one. One of the header styles markups allows for a header banner so I set the field with Select options and added a condition when to show the code field that would hold the banner (header_style=1). The slider has been set the same way with six different styles using Select option but the seventh option allows for no slider at all. For the main area blocks, I will be using Hanna Code in combination with Dialogue where I have some attributes for different blocks representation (category, number of posts, field descriptions/notes etc.). This allows the blocks to be re-organized in a preferred way as well as to repeat or swap blocks from zone to zone. The main block and sidebar are split by a full-width section where I can add a large banner and any other larger blocks to present some content. For the footer - nothing much to say - the same approach as for the main area. Sidebar - same thing as the footer and main area - HC & Dialogue. Like I said, nothing special here, but it is easy to configure and modify if a need be.
  5. I was looking today at the PRO FIELDS MODULE and it seems to be the perfect fit in many occasions to complete a very easy to administer page builder, however that would require some investment to make. Quite honestly, if anyone is determined to use ProcessWire as a developer, the module cost would worth every penny and if I understood correctly, it would allow an unlimited number of websites to be used on. This is like a developers edition for Process Cache etc. I guess I will complete my profile using standard fields in combination with Hanna Code and Hanna Dialogue (using some attributes for selectors) but later on I will switch to PRO once I get the finance sorted out Presently I've almost completted the blocks structuring so it is just a matter of time and efforts to build the blocks for every section and move on. Will post some screenshots/info once ready.
  6. Never mind. It was after all the modified version of the FieldTypeComments module where the class was defined. It was a painless process where all I had to do was to copy my CommentForm.php, CommentList.php and comments.css to have everything back to normal and the new functionality in place.
  7. Hey guys, after updating my profile to 131 I got an error while trying to access the Comments manager from the admin side. Tracy says: Error: Undefined class constant 'statusFeatured' in C:\OSPanel\domains\quebec.pw\wire\modules\Process\ProcessCommentsManager\ProcessCommentsManager.module:102 @ http://quebec.pw/admin/setup/comments/ @@ exception--2019-05-06--06-20--5415a6a44d.html Tried to restore the the ProcessCommentsManager from the 130 core and it all works fine. Here is the tracy info: Cleared the modules cache as well as deleted all ../cache/ content manually and rebuild it but still the same. At first I thought that the issue might be caused of my /site/modules copy of FieldTypeComments, however the report says that it is the ProcessCommentsManager that is having a problem which I do not have in my ../site/modules/ folder.
  8. Oh, @Robin S my bad. I don't know how but I've missed to check the module configuration page and was looking at the tag options again. It works perfectly now and I can increase the size from there as most of my tags would require bigger window. Thank you again for the help.
  9. @Robin S Thank you for your info. Would it be possible to have an option to set the width and height of the dialogue for all Hanna Tags which would make my options visible better or I would have to set the dimensions by editing the module files?
  10. Btw, is it possible to set the width/height of the dialogue box (width/height) as presently I have about 10 drop-down boxes for categories plus some other limiters to show a specific page count on the block so the scrolling is not very convenient? Maybe I can make the dialogue wider through some options or else? I mean if it is possible to have the options per tag, not by default?
  11. @joer80 I've seen your masterpiece in the showcases. It is a cool thing you've built With me - I am thinking more simply - where I would try to build a dozen of Hanna Code blocks with all the buzz and fuss in it and then have the "builder" contain some sections of the website where you could insert your HC tags. At least that is what I am experimenting with presently while building a pretty complex content page with several blocks and options to set. I've completed the initial functionality but I still have a few more blocks to build and I will be able to share a little demo of the concept.
  12. @Robin S Thanks for your clarification. I was afraid you would say so, but was just thinking if it would be possible for me to modify the dialogue files and have an extra option added like the other attribute options - something like: attribute__options=Option1|Option2 but with some extra logic: attribute__requirements=required or similar. My idea is that from the dropdown menu, the user is provided a choice of multiple blocks and once one is selected, the dialogue opens up and can intercept an eventual requirement set thorugh the module. Once the user has finished and press OK, if he double clicks on the HC he is still seeing the same code so technically it would be difficult for the user to change the text etc. and is presented a nice "reminder" of an empty attribute or else. On the other thought, the present functionality might be a better option for me as I am allowing a user to choose a news tab category (1 out of 10) so he can leave 1 empty, 2 empty and then add 3, 4 etc. Will see how it would be completted to fit the requirements and avoid any errors as presently I am grouping all the attributes to an array, then have to clean the empty values, then to reorder and then to apply it. But hey, it works and it was super easy for my 8 years old boy I've tested with to add the block, pick categories, limit the number of pages shown etc. GREAT THANK YOU FOR THE EFFORTS AND MODULE!
  13. Hey all, I've asked the question in Hanna Code module, but am a bit confused which one would make more sense to ask, so just to ask here as well. I've tested HC Dialogues and it worked like a charm for a complex new block with tabs, 2 types of posts etc. It is all done now, and I started adding some checks to see how the module would behave if some values are left empty. So my question is - is there any way to add an attribute requirement so that if it is set let's say as *required*, then you just can't leave the attribute with empty value or else. Presently to complete the functionality with no errors, I had to insert a few checks in the markup for empty "categories", empty values etc. If I could set (like I did with the attribute options) some requirements (can't be empty, cant be more than XXX words etc.) than the dialogue would just show some error and let you fill the data before it is pushed to CKEditor. Any ideas how to achieve that or if it already exists, how to apply it?
  14. MilenKo

    Hanna Code

    @teppo no problem. That is usually what I do but maybe I've over drank the coffee and got too much coding that day P.S. I kind of completted my task by adding some checks in the code but it would be useful to know if I can add some checks before submitting the values of parameters to Hanna Code. Maybe I should check with @Robin S as he is the developer of HC Dialogues and it seems like the module addition could be easier to manupulate.
  15. MilenKo

    Hanna Code

    Hey all. While playing with Hanna Code module I need to set some attributes to not be allowed to be empty (category name or some page listing counts). I know that in the markup I can check for those, however I would like to know is there any way to set the status of the attributes from the HC admin and eliminate the need of adding extra checks for that? What I am trying to achieve is to have a custom tag inserting a block with page listings from different categories. Then I assign the list of the categories to an array to place them in the markup so I would like to restrict empty values from the attributes options shown in Hanna Dialogues. P.S. In some cases some values defined in the attributes might be needed to be validated before they are submitted to the tag call for further verification (some numbers needing to be null, not null, bigger/smaller than..., required etc.) So far I was able to set the attributes I need, however the question is how can I achieve some initial validation before they values are passed to the module for processing (during submission or during save).
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