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  1. Hello fellow coders. Need someone to work with on a large actor hiring project. The idea is to build a website with user registrations intended for movie cast persons ONLY. A simple registration process of email/password would be required which after a confirmation would lead to an option to edit the rest of the profile and add an IMDB URL to the users Name Page. This value would not be allowed to be changed by the end user once it is saved and will be used to populate the information for the profile. The key needs of the projects will be related to using some reputable API to query IMDB (without getting banned or blacklisted by IMDB), build an internal messaging system (with new message notifications) for initial communication between registered users ONLY, have a calendar of availability for every person and an option to RATE a person ONLY IN CASE THE TWO PERSONS WORKED TOGETHER on a specific movie cast. The project could expand furthermore, so the need is for a long term developer to work with and the prices will be discussed further. Presently we own the LoginRegisterPro, FormBuilder, ProFields to facilitate creation of any forms and speed up the development. Web hosting is already set and full access will be provided for the hosted project. Not sure how long could it take for a PRO developer to achieve the project initial phase so that will be discussed further. I am presently located in Canada but can be available for any time zone location comms if a need be. The entire scope of the project is added to JIRA and will be provided to better understand the needs and all the correlations avoiding confusion throughout development. I have experience with ProcessWire so if a need/will be, can assist. Unfortunately my time and custom module skills are not yet there... Join us and let's build something beautiful to be proud of 😉
  2. "Весела Коледа" with a bit of delay. I can tell some languages are well understood 🙂 ( @Ivan Gretsky & @Zeka )
  3. @daniel_puehringer as Sergio already mentioned, I have a common practice to create a page I call "Settings" which I do not publish or allow for search results to list. In that page I generally attach any fields that I consider global for the entire website (phone numbers, address, emails etc.) For the Settings page to work, I am creating a template without an actual file which I also call Settings to allow me to faster orient what is what and assign it to the Settings page. It works a bit like WordPress or any other platform where you have a main Theme Admin which is basically used for global configuration. Should you prefer to make the config page more user-friendly, feel free to separate the configuration to tabs (e.g. Home, Contact US, About us etc.) in which you would attach fields that are specific to that page. The beauty of ProcessWire (and its force of course) is that it allows you super easily and quickly to organize every aspect in one way or another that you see fit best for the purpose.
  4. Hello @wbmnfktr I shall stop coding during late hours of the night. You were absolutely right that during my initial tests on localhost, I've slipped to close properly the body tag and that was causing the issue. Thank you very much for the spotting and sharing what was obvious. It is all showing properly now, so I only would style it to fit the frontend.
  5. Hello all. I decided to try PrivacyWire as had a request for one of my friends websites. So I proceeded to install and configure the module as needed, however I am stuck at how would the cookie consent appear on Home page (banner is not showing automatically). Can someone point me what am I missing as I checked 3 times the configs and did not find a markup to insert or a template to point to in the admin?
  6. Hello @bernhard My only suggestion would be to add to the readme to not forget to copy webfonts folder as well. I have tested the module on a working profile that has been set to use FAv4. I must say that it allows me to combine both and have a slow transitioning if I have to move to FAv5 vonoletely. Or eventually extend the variety of icons if the project requires it 😉
  7. Hello @bernhard Thank you for your module. I decided to give it a try for an existing project that would like to switch to v5. So I uploaded the /css and /media folders of the free version and set the path to be correctly pointing to the corresponding files. After creating a field and assigning it to a template, I was able to search for the new icons version, but they did not appear correctly. After a bit of testing, I was able to restore the proper functionality by copying the /webfonts folder besides the css and media. Just mentioning it in case someone else stumbles upon the same issue. Not sure if it is because the profile already is loading some libraries of FA4 but I just made it work so am quite happy to use it 😉
  8. @ukyo Well I did follow all the steps to the last one before writing the message. What I did so far to try to recover the issue: 1. Clear the /site/assets/cache (entire folder) 2. Remove the module completely and applying a Module refresh to make sure no traces are left (also made sure there are no leftovers as .FieldType / .Markup.. 3. Installed the module using the link that @LAPS confirmed is working for him (-new version) So far the only thing I could do to restore my admin access is either to rename the fieldtype adding dot before the name or changing the class name from MarkupFontIconPickerTest, however I doubt that this would work properly...
  9. Hello again @LAPS & @ukyo . I just tested the module with the -new version you've shared and am still seeing the same error: Compile Error: Cannot declare class MarkupFontIconPicker, because the name is already in use (line 10 of C:\domains\mywebsite.com\site\assets\cache\FileCompiler\site\modules\FieldtypeFontIconPicker-next\MarkupFontIconPicker.module) Could you please advise which version should I be using in order to have the name error resolved?
  10. Sorry for the delay of my response @ukyo as I was away from my computer taking care of some bizarre health issues. I can tell it is a bit too late, however for the purpose of the knowledge my LAB Server is running Windows Server 2019 with local Apache 2.4, PHP 7.3 and MySQL 8.0 x64 Will test the module to see if the issue is going to get resolved, however I have no doubt that it would after reading @LAPS happy note about that 😉 Thanks from me for the great module and the efforts of fixing the issue.
  11. As I was looking as well for a cache clearing solution through the admin and did not find one I just found out about PWGeeks from PW news letter. It seems very nice to have a global list of existing modules, however not everyone would still be aware from the community about the tool, so we might see similar modules being developed based on the customer/developers needs. I will give a try to both cache clearing modules (if I may generalize the two) and see which one is suiting me more. At least some feedback can be shared. Thanks @MoritzLost for the new module. It is the play time now 😉
  12. Wow, guys, really Wow! I asked for an idea and I got about 3 different well explained approaches. Let me test all one by one and see which one would be the winner, but there is definitely no doubt that the three would be quite useful to know. I can't thank you enough for the tips. I mean it!
  13. Thank you @AndZyk for the feedback. Will test it to see how that can fit the need.
  14. @dragan thank you for the info and the eventual write up (if time permits for sure). @Robin S I've been reading your information this afternoon and will test the implementation to see how it goes. I am sure there would be tons of approaches and I have no doubt that the easiest would be to use @kongondo's module but let's test everything and see for such a simple implementation which one would fit the purpose.
  15. Hey @elabx I did find this module from @kongondo and have no doubt that it would do the job perfectly. The reason not yet to purchase it is because I am just trying to weight every option and see which one fits the best. Quite honestly, I would love to purchase all the premium modules from the PW-guru-gang as this would be just a tiny payout for the flawless and completely free support we've all received throughout the years, but presently I am on a bit tight budget so that would have to wait. I am definitely purchasing the FormBuilder and Dynamic Select as I see them fit in almost every project...
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