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  1. I added behind Line 964 in /wire/modules/Page/PageFrontEdit/PageFrontEdit.module ( https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/51629cdd5f381d3881133baf83e1bd2d9306f867/wire/modules/Page/PageFrontEdit/PageFrontEdit.module#L964 ) $user->language = $langID; which actually makes the following if condition ($langID != $user->language->id) always true. But it helps, that the fields are getting saved. But it seems to have some glitches in some cases: When two fields are edited and one of them has not been translated before its new content doesn't get saved and the translation stays empty. Editing only that field seems to work. I think this code change shouldn't be done on a productive page, but it for now it works for me and maybe I'll find time to test this further.
  2. Hey @NoremPload, I know this is a while ago, but I stuck with the same error message now when front-end editing a page in the second language. Had you found a solution? Best Juri
  3. Hello, in the Backend I can directly drag & drop an image into an textarea and it gets uploaded. In frontendediting the uploading seems to work, but then I get the message "Incorrect server response." and the image disapears and also is not uploaded at all. Using the Image Button and Upload and select the image in the modal works. I disabled all scripts and styles, but the issue still persists. I wonder if this could be an issue of my server since the direct upload works in backend. thanks, juri Edit: In the console I see that the responding result is html and the error output links to https://ckeditor.com/docs/ckeditor4/latest/guide/dev_errors.html#filetools-response-error
  4. Thank you @Zeka, that seems to work so far!
  5. Hello, I searched a while for my issue, but could not find anything helpful. So maybe one of you have an idea. When I´m logged in to the backend I get logged out like every time I click on a link. Just sometimes I´m lucky and didn´t get logged out, but thats only like 1 out of 10 times. The other thing, thats not working is when I try to open the pagetree. Most of the times I get an JS-Alert that says "unknown error, please try again later" (In fact in german, because I´m using the german translation) and it doesnt show any page. At the moment I have no idea where to start to look for solving this problem. I made several pages with ProcessWire and never had that issue. The modules I use this time are: Downloaded Modules - AIOM+ (All in one Minify) - SEO (at the moment it is uninstalled) - Protexted Mode Manual Activated Core Modules - Reno - Page Title (Multilanguage) - Repeater - Language Support (+ Fields, Page Names and Tabs) - Languages I configured the page as multilingual, therefore I added a second one. I removed all translation files from default language and uploaded the german language packages. Then I uploaded the englisch file to the second language. The page was running a few days with that configuration without any issue. Then I begun to show the described JS-Alert when I tried to open the pagetree (not every time, but very often). Then it begun to log me out. I hope some of you have an idea how to figure that out. Thank you and a happy new year!
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