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Backend logging me out immediately


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I searched a while for my issue, but could not find anything helpful. So maybe one of you have an idea.

When I´m logged in to the backend I get logged out like every time I click on a link. Just sometimes I´m lucky and didn´t get logged out, but thats only like 1 out of 10 times.

The other thing, thats not working is when I try to open the pagetree. Most of the times I get an JS-Alert that says "unknown error, please try again later" (In fact in german, because I´m using the german translation) and it doesnt show any page.

At the moment I have no idea where to start to look for solving this problem. I made several pages with ProcessWire and never had that issue.

The modules I use this time are:

Downloaded Modules
- AIOM+ (All in one Minify)

- SEO (at the moment it is uninstalled)
- Protexted Mode

Manual Activated Core Modules
- Reno
- Page Title (Multilanguage)
- Repeater
- Language Support (+ Fields, Page Names and Tabs)
- Languages

I configured the page as multilingual, therefore I added a second one. I removed all translation files from default language and uploaded the german language packages. Then I uploaded the englisch file to the second language.

The page was running a few days with that configuration without any issue. Then I begun to show the described JS-Alert when I tried to open the pagetree (not every time, but very often). Then it begun to log me out.

I hope some of you have an idea how to figure that out.

Thank you and a happy new year! :)

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