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  1. Unfortunately not, i ended up having to make a bespoke form.
  2. I'm hoping someone has seen this before. There doesn't appear to be an issue with the user info.
  3. I have a front end form for creating new pages, repeater and repeater matrix field don't seem to save any data. I was considering handling the data manually but can't seem to get anything useful from the post data, are there any methods i can use?
  4. i'm trying to use the pager on a custom admin page, it renders ok but the page doesn't seem to get the page numbers. Input is empty.
  5. Is there an easy way to get a pages index within a given pagearray similar to how $page->index() works with siblings. I'm trying to do a index of total count but using all pages of a grand parent page so essentially using all siblings and cousins.
  6. I'm using the page renderer to compile html emails as below. The problem is aoim hooks Page::render which causes an error. Is there any way to render a page without calling any hooks? $page->render('emails/base.php', (array) $data), 'subject' => $page->get('subject|title')
  7. The roles for the guest user always seem disabled and can't be changed. Any idea why?
  8. I'm using $config->paths->root to get the root domain of my site. It worked fine in my local dev environment but on my live server it returns '/var/www' rather than the actual directory '/var/www/my-site' . I'm pretty sure i've used it before with virtual domains so not sure what the issue is.
  9. Found the answer to the config appending _main.php using the $useMain variable as suggested in this thread. Thanks for everyone's help.
  10. I think the path is correct. It should be relative to site/templates, right? It does look like the config appends it was $config->appendTemplateFile = '_main.php'; Not sure how you get around this.
  11. I read somewhere that you could use $page->render('emails/base.php') to render a page using a specific template. However it doesn't seem to be working, it's still trying to use _main.php. Not sure what the expected behavior of this is or if i'm doing it wrong,
  12. Thanks, that's one way if i can't hook something. It'd be nice to have a default field though.
  13. Is there a way to prefill a field with a default value. I have a simple text field that 99% of the time will contain the same text but for the other 1% it needs to be editable so rather than paste in the same text for nearly every page I'm trying to find away to prefill the value of the input.
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