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Found 16 results

  1. A lot has happened since the first version of PAGEGRID. At first I used PAGEGRID myself to build smaller custom websites faster or to allow users more freedom for the layout of certain pages. But since a page builder like this is quite time consuming to maintain, I decided to release PAGEGRID as a commercial module to support it in the long run. Initially I had ProcessWire users in mind. But my idea for the module was also to make PAGEGRID (and ProcessWire) interesting for a group of users who are not so experienced with code. I soon realized that this group is able to work with PAGEGRID, but often does not get along with the installation process (E.g. Graphic designer friends of mine were never able to install ProcessWire themselves). Things that we take for granted, such as creating a database and working with FTP, were difficult for them. That's why I decided to launch PAGEGRID cloud. PAGEGRID Cloud ☁️ With the new cloud service, it's easier than ever to create a website. Don't worry about hosting, installation and server updates and focus on designing your website 🏝️. Start with the free plan and upgrade to unlock more features. Websites are hosten on Uberspace and the process of creating a new ProcessWire instance is completely automated. For now consider this a beta launch, since it was not tested with a lot of users. Even if you are not inetrested in PAGEGRID Cloud, I am happy about everyone who wants to help with testing. Start for free (Note: I won't share your email with third parties or spam your inbox and your password is saved through ProcessWire's native encrypted password field.) Self-hosting Of course you can still host PAGEGRID yourself. Just install the module (The site profile is deprecated, but I made it much easier to get started with the module). You can even export an existing cloud website and install it on another server (E.g. You can start with the free cloud plan and later export the site und install it on your own server). Self-hosting is more flexible since you have access to the API and code. This is the best option for users with coding knowledge, who want to build their own blocks or use PAGEGRID as part of a larger individual website. Other updates this month: Pin scroll animations Elements can now be pinned to the screen for a certain scroll distance. When the scroll distance is exceeded, they are released and continue to scroll normally. This feature uses the native CSS position sticky and some javascript to update the scroll state. Client-side resizing of images The latest update brings support for client-side resizing of images uploaded through the inline file uploader. Once enabled images will be resized and compressed before they are uploaded to the server. This makes uploads faster and saves disc space. You can enable this option in the admin through ProcessWire's native image field settings. Accordion Block (PageGridBlocks Module) I added a new block that shows a vertically stacked set of clickable headings that can be expanded to show more content. Content can be added as child items, so you can be very flexible with the design of it.
  2. Hi there! It's been a long time since I've been here. I've not developed for a good few years. My son has asked if I can create him a website for his personal training service. I used to have a Linode to host sites but I've not had that for a while. Also, it was a bit problematic being responsible for the web server and general setup. I wondered what the best/easiest way is to quickly establish hosting without the hassle? Something where the setup and PW installation is automatically handled? Any ideas or suggestions would be very much appreciated! ? Cheers.
  3. Hi, Currently I'm developing a platform and use Processwire for some of the backend. Everything is working very well on localhost, but the installation on namecheap does not complete. I've read some comments on this forum that mentioned hosting on namecheap (without mentioning issues). Attached is a screenshot of the last step of the installation. It looks very similar to the problem mentioned in this thread: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/15516-processwire-do-not-complete-installation/. Unfortunately, this didn't help me. I also attached a picture of the server. In the error_log, i do get some error messages related to includes and requires like: [18-Jun-2020 03:42:32 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/home/niklcicr/public_html/wire/config.php' (include_path='.:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/pear:/opt/alt/php56/usr/share/php') in /home/niklcicr/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php on line 1199 On the last screen, the console outputs a internal server error 500. That's what I tried: Installation on another server (freeinfinity) and it worked fine, installation on another namecheap account (did not work), and I adjusted the .htaccess file according to other threads in this forum that had similar problems (did not work). Is there anyone who got Processwire to work on namecheap hosting or can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance, Nik
  4. Hi, I must change server provider. I don't want rewtrite all page and articles, what must I do? I download a database copy on my pc, and now? Thanks!!
  5. I have web hosting with the following .htaccess en root, to point it to a subdirectory "audino.us", wherein I have PW installed: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?something.com$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/something.com/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /audino.us/$1 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?something.com$ RewriteRule ^(/)?$ something.com/index.php [L] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?something.com$ RewriteRule ^(/)?$ something.com [L] However when I go to audino.us/pw to access the admin, it becomes audino.us/audino.us/pw, and doesn't allow me to log in. How do I render the above to be recursive (?), i.e., to apply to all subordinate URLs? Is this to be done within the .htaccess in /audino.us, or in the root .htaccess above? Please help, I can't log in. Thanks much.
  6. Hello all, Just wanted you all to know that I found an excellent webhosting company for Benelux (where I live) and Europe. They are advertising Processwire on their frontpage, which is cool, is it not? What can Processwire want more than free publicity on hosting companies websites ;-) The link is: https://www.hosted-power.com/en/processwire Greetings, Karl.
  7. Hi, Sure this gets asked alot but I was wondering if people have any recommended services that they run PW on. Please provide your recommendations for: Shared VPS Self hosted servers PaaS / SaaS I used to recommended Lcn.com but they no longer have a VPS which satisfies the PW minimum requirements so I cant use all the new goodness in the latest releases.
  8. Hello All I am attempting to install my first PW site on GoDaddy hosting using GoDaddy's Web & Classic Linux hosting. All is good with the install up to the point where I created the database. Upon entering the DB Name, User, Pass and clicking continue, I get the following PW error messages: Database connection information did not work. SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) Does anyone have any experience with this and know how to correct it? Thanks!
  9. Hello, I have PW sites and I need to migrate to a new host; the host is requesting that I create a TAR backup of a site. I don't have experience with this. Can this be done? How would I begin? Thank you in advance, Dan
  10. Anyone have recommendations for hosting a medium to large ProcessWire site? Apart from the usual functionality, I need ability to snapshot/duplicate a site ability to work on that duplicate site and then "inject" it into the original site Thanks
  11. Hello, So I'm working on a PW project in a shared hosting like Hostgator. For this to work you need ssh access, and of course git. I always have problems working with FTP, I feel my productivity decreases when using them, also you have no control over changes that are made. So a single file deletion could cause a big catastrophe. The first thing you have to do is cloning the PW repo, and checkout to dev branch Here we clone the repo, use the dev branch. Delete the entire PW git directory and initialize a new one $ git clone https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessWire/ $ cd ProcessWire $ git checkout dev $ rm -rf .git $ rm .gitignore $ git init $ git add . $ git commit -m "Initial Commit" Note: The file .gitignore from the dev branch have some files that you want to be commited, like /sites. I recommend deleting that file and create a new one. Ok, now we need to configure our remote repo inside the shared hosting. You need to login using a terminal. Linux and Mac have ssh already installed, if you are in Windows you can use Putty. ssh username@domain.com -p 2222 ... Enter your password: ********* Now we need to authorize our computer in the hosting, so we can push the commits. We need the contents of ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub located our computer. A more complete guide for generating such keys is available here. Then we will copy the contents to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys. create the authorized_keys in the hosting if not exists using touch ~/.ssh/authorized_keys The next step is creating a new repo and configure some hooks in our server. $ mkdir www/processwire $ cd www/processwire $ git init $ git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore $ cd .git $ cd hooks $ touch post-receive The contents of post-receive hook should be. (this is a ruby script, but could be any language available on the server) #!/usr/bin/env ruby # post-receive # 1. Read STDIN (Format: "from_commit to_commit branch_name") from, to, branch = ARGF.read.split " " # 2. Only deploy if master branch was pushed if (branch =~ /master$/) == nil puts "Received branch #{branch}, not deploying." exit end # 3. Copy files to deploy directory deploy_to_dir = File.expand_path('../') `GIT_WORK_TREE="#{deploy_to_dir}" git checkout -f master` puts "DEPLOY: master(#{to}) copied to '#{deploy_to_dir}'" # 4.TODO: Deployment Tasks # i.e.: Run Puppet Apply, Restart Daemons, etc Now we make it executable using chmod $ chmod +x post-receive With all that done, we should enable a passwordless login so we can push without a password prompt on every push. In our local machine look for this file ~/.ssh/config And add this text (Change your-domain.com and port as needed) Host your-domain.com Port 2222 PreferredAuthentications publickey Now we should go to our project directory and add the remote host with $ git remote add hosting user@domain.com:www/processwire $ git push --set-upstream hosting master This should do the trick for commiting changes and upload files without ftp. Now we must install Processwire and then pull the changes. Go to your domain and start PW setup. once you are ready installing processwire, you need to pull changes that PW installer made. Login to your hosting via ssh and commit the changes that installer made. $ ssh user@domain.com $ cd www/processwire $ git rm $(git ls-files --deleted) $ git add . -f $ git commit -m "Initial PW Setup" When that is ready go back to your local machine and pull the repo. $ cd Processwire $ git fetch $ git reset --hard hosting/master Now we are finally ready to start working with PW in shared hosts or other machines that have ssh enabled. simply makes changes like $ touch site/templates/welcome.php $ git add . $ git commit -m "Added welcome.php" $ git push Now if you have some problems you can zip the setup using $ git tag -a v0.0.1 -m "Initial PW Setup" $ git archive --format=zip --output=pw.zip v0.0.1 And download the file and work from there Thats all References: http://www.arlocarreon.com/blog/git/push-git-repo-into-shared-hosting-account-like-hostgator/ http://ahmadassaf.com/blog/miscellaneous/how-to-use-git-to-host-and-push-projects-on-shared-hosting-services/ http://motorscript.com/setting-up-a-remote-git-repo-on-shared-server-like-hostgator/ http://krisjordan.com/essays/setting-up-push-to-deploy-with-git http://git-scm.com/book/en/Customizing-Git-Git-Hooks
  12. Hi All - I'm helping out a client who is setting up an ecommerce site... We had originally planned and started on a processwire+foxycart site, however they need a ton of user account functionality, as well as advanced product management which is all easier/faster/cheaper accomplished with Prestashop, and they need it faster than I can build it in PW... I want to find them a host that will work really well for this and was considering this Servint plan, with the cPanel: SolidFire Essential 3 GB 50 GB 400 IOPS 1000 IOPS 6000 GB 4 $69.00 i need something that would perform from a server perspective as good as a hosted service like Shopify, and i want them to have enough support so that they don't need to call me about server related issues, as i can't offer SLAs at this point (too small and total freelancer).. any advice from current Servint customers, or any alternates i should look at before signing up? I spoke to Servint and i'm pretty much sold on them (even with the recent downtime...) on a side note - has anyone here worked on Prestashop sites, have any advice or recommendations about that? I tried many systems (lemonstand, shopify, volusion, ecwid, magento etc.) but Prestashop seems to have a special set of features that make it work really well for clothing and fashion, and the other systems basically pale in comparison, at least for this specific application... i like the admin well enough (better than the other systems mentioned) and seems put together decently enough;
  13. Hello. I'm having a little trouble moving a site I've been working with on a local XAMPP server to a testing server on a sub-domain (hosted with GoDaddy). I've tried two methods of moving the site: (1) Using the Site Profile Exporter module, and (2) copying over the database and moving the site. With both methods I get the same result, namely: the landing page - ie, [subdomain].[siteaddress].com - works fine but as soon as you attempt to follow any of the links or directly access on of the sub-pages - ie, [subdomain].[siteaddress].com/[something] - the browser throws out a 500 Internal Server Error page. I've spoken to GoDaddy and they tell me that there's nothing wrong on their end. I've also tried a fresh intall of processwire and get the same problem. For example, when I attempt to access the log in page I get the same error message. I'm relatively new to MySQL and running CMS sites and so it could very well be that I'm missing something quite basic - perhaps owing to the fact that I'm running it on a sub-domain - but essentially I can't figure out how to proceed. Any thoughts on what I might try woudl be warmly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, In trying to find a good host for a PW based site, I'm trying out a host (Westhost) that has the suhosin security extension. After figuring out that suhosin doesn't allow php scripts to run with their group write bit is on, I got to the end of the installer. Once the install completed, I got the basic "Unable to complete this request due to an error. " when trying to access any PW powered page. Has anyone come up against this in the past and found a solution? Thanks.
  15. Quick question! I have everything prepared. I created the web locally with my MAMP. So I have a web working perfectly with CMS processwire, locally. I want to upload this to a hosting server. I suppose I have to install again processwire in this server, or not?. UPloading all these files via FTP to the online server will be enough? Or if I upload via FTP all my files I will still have to create all the fileds again in the online hosting? Or will thee settings be automatic? Pleas let me know what I would have to do? Thank you very much! Dani
  16. Hi everyone, I am hoping to take a PW site live in a few weeks time and wonder whether there are any recommendations around hosting providers? I currently develop/maintain the old site being replaced by the new PW version and I host that on a Linode VPS using Gentoo/Nginx. It's fast and I have control but I wonder whether there are alternatives where I wouldn't have to do as much (in terms of LAMP configuration and maintenance), yet still enjoy control and performance? For the PW site, I'm going to stick to a traditional LAMP stack and may introduce Nginx "down the line". The Pagodabox/PHPFog offerings look quite interesting but I don't know that much about them. Any opinions would be very welcome! BTW, the site is UK based. Cheers!
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