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Found 5 results

  1. A lot has happened since the first version of PAGEGRID. At first I used PAGEGRID myself to build smaller custom websites faster or to allow users more freedom for the layout of certain pages. But since a page builder like this is quite time consuming to maintain, I decided to release PAGEGRID as a commercial module to support it in the long run. Initially I had ProcessWire users in mind. But my idea for the module was also to make PAGEGRID (and ProcessWire) interesting for a group of users who are not so experienced with code. I soon realized that this group is able to work with PAGEGRID, but often does not get along with the installation process (E.g. Graphic designer friends of mine were never able to install ProcessWire themselves). Things that we take for granted, such as creating a database and working with FTP, were difficult for them. That's why I decided to launch PAGEGRID cloud. PAGEGRID Cloud ☁️ With the new cloud service, it's easier than ever to create a website. Don't worry about hosting, installation and server updates and focus on designing your website 🏝️. Start with the free plan and upgrade to unlock more features. Websites are hosten on Uberspace and the process of creating a new ProcessWire instance is completely automated. For now consider this a beta launch, since it was not tested with a lot of users. Even if you are not inetrested in PAGEGRID Cloud, I am happy about everyone who wants to help with testing. Start for free (Note: I won't share your email with third parties or spam your inbox and your password is saved through ProcessWire's native encrypted password field.) Self-hosting Of course you can still host PAGEGRID yourself. Just install the module (The site profile is deprecated, but I made it much easier to get started with the module). You can even export an existing cloud website and install it on another server (E.g. You can start with the free cloud plan and later export the site und install it on your own server). Self-hosting is more flexible since you have access to the API and code. This is the best option for users with coding knowledge, who want to build their own blocks or use PAGEGRID as part of a larger individual website. Other updates this month: Pin scroll animations Elements can now be pinned to the screen for a certain scroll distance. When the scroll distance is exceeded, they are released and continue to scroll normally. This feature uses the native CSS position sticky and some javascript to update the scroll state. Client-side resizing of images The latest update brings support for client-side resizing of images uploaded through the inline file uploader. Once enabled images will be resized and compressed before they are uploaded to the server. This makes uploads faster and saves disc space. You can enable this option in the admin through ProcessWire's native image field settings. Accordion Block (PageGridBlocks Module) I added a new block that shows a vertically stacked set of clickable headings that can be expanded to show more content. Content can be added as child items, so you can be very flexible with the design of it.
  2. My next project is to build a complete CRM. A few things that are making me thing to choose between Processwire and CodeIgniter are listed below. I am good in Processwire And will love to do this project in it, if possible. 1--I have to build separate Modules for HRM, accounts ,sales etc. as per client need we would give subscription to any of our modules to clients 2-- when all the module will be developed then we will integrate all and deliverer full CRM to clients on subscription base only. 3-- Right now I am thinking to put this all on cloud(I am new to cloud,Suggest me if I am wrong.) SO is all these things possible with Processwire? if yes please suggest steps/process. Thanks Furquan Syed
  3. If you want to install processwire on cloud server you may simply follow the guideline
  4. Hi, Sure this gets asked alot but I was wondering if people have any recommended services that they run PW on. Please provide your recommendations for: Shared VPS Self hosted servers PaaS / SaaS I used to recommended Lcn.com but they no longer have a VPS which satisfies the PW minimum requirements so I cant use all the new goodness in the latest releases.
  5. Just saw (via Gertrud Schrenk) that BitNami (Company that packages popular open source apps into easy to install images in various formats, including AWS cloud images) is having a contest for which apps to include next as a package, where you can vote for ProcessWire. To quote the site: Please, all go and vote for PW at: bitnami.com/contest ! Cheers
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