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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm a System Administrator responsible for DevOps in our Company. We're trying PW in a single client project atm and experience some glitches with DevOps-/Workflow. We have a small team of developers that need to work with the same code base. They all need to be able to develop locally and deploy to a preview/staging environment. Our Toolstack contains git for versioning, chef/vagrant or docker for local development/testing and Jenkins for building assets and automatic deployment to the staging-site. There's several challenges / glitches in this process that makes me think that ProcessWire hadn't been developed for a use case like ours and is much more intended to be used by single developers that work right on the production system. Can you advise me on a suitable workflow? There's problems with the assets/files dir that must be shared between the staging website and local environments of our developers. We're right now working with symlinks on the staging system that helps to preserve the direcory when deploying from the master branch. but now we tend to use nfs-shares so devs can collaborate with a shared directory. The local docker containers can use the same target (the nfs) from inside the containers. But is that the way it needs to be done? Really? There's so much work that needs to be done to fit ProcessWire in a DevOps Workflow that we tend to decide to switch to another CMS. Any suggestions or hints that i might have missed. Am I wrong or is PW really not meant to be used this way. I
  2. hi, do you guys use some special deployment tools or do use interesting workflows for deployment you like to talk about? actually i do it the olfd fashioned way: i'm developing on a local xampp and when i'm finished i upload the ftp-data to the webspace and import the database manualy with phpmyadmin. but i like to evolve my workflow to a more flexibel deployment process. for instance it woud be nice to develope on my local xampp but to be able to syncronize to a dev.cooldomain.com website all my ftp and mysql data with a button click. i also like the idea to syncronize with an php-tool between two seperate folders and database on the webserver the live and the dev. version of a site, to test new things and show them to people etc.
  3. Hi, I've recently started on a team using Processwire, so Im quite new to it but I've had plenty of experience with Symfony2. We have an agency licence for the FormBuilder module and we want to use some sort of CI to deploy. When you first install FormBuilder module, it creates some new tables and requires some set up via a GUI including adding a licence key. We have looked into containing our licence key in a config file, then using some JSON files to sync to the database. This doesn't give us a lot of control and requires a fair bit of custom migrations. Is there a way to deploy a ProcessWire site including the FormBuilder module without going through the GUI setup every time? If not, Are there any migration modules for ProcessWire? If not, are there any recommended third party migration tools that are frequently used with ProcessWire? Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I have deployed a PW 2.4 site to a shared domain as an addon domain. The URL is http://www.upasana.ca. I have run into the following issues: 1. If I use the .htaccess file that ships with PW 2.4 I get an "Internal Server Error". I have PW 2.3 sites as addons and they are working. If I copy the .htaccess file from PW 2.3 the site appears to work. The main site is a PW 2.3 site so I don't know if there is a conflict between the addon domain having PW 2.4. 2. I am getting an unstyled login and admin system. I think this might be permissions. When I check the permissions for the /wire folders they are 755 and files are 600. I do not know if the files should be 644 but I don't want to mess with the wire folders unless I know what is supposed to be there. Thanks, Anthony
  5. Hello, I've been user Processwire for the first time and absolutely love it. I had used MODX before and this is so much better. But I am getting a little stuck when it comes to uploading my local MAMP site to the live server. This is what I have done so far. Created new Database on live server, exported database from local, and imported to the new db in live. Changed settings in /site/config.php with new database and user details. But while I'm on this, my config.php file has 2 areas to edit all the database details, is this normal? FTP'd all files over to the live server via FileZilla. When I load up the domain (web.johnhalsey.co.uk) I get an error. 500 Internal error. I have tried putting debug mode to true in the config file but it doesn't change the error. Have I missed something blatantly obvious (its very possible). Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  6. Just saw (via Gertrud Schrenk) that BitNami (Company that packages popular open source apps into easy to install images in various formats, including AWS cloud images) is having a contest for which apps to include next as a package, where you can vote for ProcessWire. To quote the site: Please, all go and vote for PW at: bitnami.com/contest ! Cheers
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