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  1. Hello, I have PW sites and I need to migrate to a new host; the host is requesting that I create a TAR backup of a site. I don't have experience with this. Can this be done? How would I begin? Thank you in advance, Dan
  2. I'm new to ProcessWire and I have some immediate editing needs that I can't figure out how to do. I like to hire some professional help to make these edits and also teach me how to make them. I really need help ASAP! Please contact me if you can help me out and your hourly rate! I suspect I need 2-6 hours of help and I will pay quickly. dan@gravityim.com Thanks, Dan
  3. Front end. I want to display an image from a third-party site on my site's front end, for users. I'm assuming it would use the image field; however, I am brand-new to process wire so frankly I'm not sure this is possible but I really hope it is!
  4. Hello and thanks in advance, I've just started work with the new client using PW. So far, it looks great and I've made a few edits. I am trying to update an image for their BBB logo (to make it live from BBB, not static) and can't figure out how. I did look for an answer before posting. The key here is that the image is hosted on the BBB site. The entire goal of this badge system is that the image is hosted by the BBB itself. Therefore, I cannot upload it. How can I show an image without uploading it?
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