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Found 12 results

  1. Hey there, im quite new to the whole backend thing. im mostly a frontend type. But i wanted to host a few low traffic sites on a vps i rented. So i setup a vps using ubuntu 22.04. i installed apache2 and then followed a guide to create a few websites. this all works quite well. Now the problem comes when i tried installing processwire onto the first site. The installation went fine and it shows me the starting page with some home text. but when i try to call for the admin page using /cp/ in my case it gives me a 404 error. I looked on the internet and people said to test my htacces file. and when i add some random text in it. the site stays the same. so the htacces isn't being read. i already change basically all .conf files in my virtualhosts to say "AllowOverride All". Below ill have a photo of my structure and files. please help me out here. This below is the virtualhost of my kitchdesign.nl.conf file in /sites-available/
  2. Hi, So I am a complete beginner with PW, just finishing up my first site, and I need to get my site online to do some final testing. Got all the FTP stuff sorted and I'm getting a internal server error when access my domain. I transferred over all files from processwire-master, and even when I am on local host I get sent to the index of my site, where I then click on processwire-master to be taken to my site. Where did I go wrong? Thanks!
  3. 777 seems excessive - is there something that I'm missing here? This is a print out of the /site content; ``` total 28 drwxrwxr-x 6 geot geot 4096 Sep 9 13:30 . drwxrwxr-x 8 geot geot 4096 Sep 9 13:17 .. drwxrwxr-x 2 geot geot 4096 Sep 6 10:10 assets -rwxrwxrwx 1 geot geot 1548 Sep 6 10:10 config.php drwxrwxr-x 3 geot geot 4096 Sep 6 10:10 install drwxrwxr-x 2 geot geot 4096 Sep 6 10:10 modules drwxrwxr-x 5 geot geot 4096 Sep 6 10:10 templates ``` I'm sure that I shouldn't have to have permissions so high, but I'm pretty new to this. Here's a shot of the setup that I'm currently going through; http://imgur.com/a/WkhAX You can see that the error (for site/config.php) is no longer there with these permissions, but they still 'feel' wrong. Thanks
  4. I'm not sure that I really follow this page; http://imgur.com/a/hCxqg I've created a database when setting up the server, so I'm presuming that this is what's being asked for here? The page linked for getting setup http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-install-and-setup-processwire-cms--cms-25509 doesn't really mention anything about these fields. After trying to use the user name on the server, and the password that I entered when setting up the mySQL to start with I got the following error (so I had filled in "DB Name"={some name that I thought up }, "DB user" = {name of user on server}, "DB pass" = {pass i set up for mySQL}); http://imgur.com/a/cgFKq After this i tried using db name; {whatever} db user; {name of user on server} db pass; {password for user on server} This didn't work either, so I'm not sure what I'm meant to put here.
  5. i'm getting a "Fail: GD 2.0 or newer" warning message from a processwire checks... I've tried to update with; `sudo apt-get install php-gd`. Refreshing the check message throws the same error up though... I'm running `PHP Version 7.0.8-0ubuntu0.16.04.2`. Here's a screenshot of the error that I'm referring to http://imgur.com/a/erDEk
  6. What is the $event variable/parameter in the Helloworld.module? What does the $event? How does it work? Are there php classes which describes $event? What are all these things doing? $event $event->arguments[0] $event->object Im sorry if this is a nooby question
  7. Hi guys, i've just a simple question of a little textformatter that i use for replacing different textvalues. I'm not that experienced PHP professional so i asking before i get in possible troubles... Setup is a "Glossar" like page holder with glossar_entries of various types like (abbr, internal link, external link) In my textfields i use pipes to set a term of that glossary like ||PW|| is great! i can preset ||Internal|| and ||External|| links and reuse them in every textblock...if i change the glossar entry on every page i use this it will automagic change... so far so simple (i've tested autolink and bought Profields...but i wanna give the user the power to edit this entries and have more control where these kind of autolinks work and could used) Here is my first more advanced textformatter on this and my simple question is - will this produce any overload or trouble if i get around about 0-10 terms on a content page? Second Question is on caching with textformatter replacements? How this is handled? <?php /** * ProcessWire TextformatterGlossary * * module made by mr-fan. * 15.09.15 basic class and wrapper configuration added * */ class TextformatterGlossary extends Textformatter { /** * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them * * @return array * */ public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Autolink from Glossar', 'version' => 101, 'author' => 'mr-fan', 'summary' => "Allows to use tags in textareas to autolink to specific glossary links." //'href' => 'http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1182-module-image-tags/?p=57160', ); } /** * Format the given text string. * * @param Page $page * @param Field $field * @param string $value */ public function formatValue(Page $page, Field $field, &$value){ // use fast strpos check to make sure that $value contains pipes || if (stripos($value, '||') === false) return; //get all terms in ||pipes|| in an array $matches = array(); preg_match_all('/\Q||\E[^|]+\Q||\E/', $value, $matches); //the multidimensional array holds the single strings in the second array['0'] foreach ($matches['0'] as $key => $match) { //get all glossary pages in a pagearray $entry = wire('pages')->find("template=glossar_item,title=$match")->first(); if ($entry) { //entry is found in our glossar pages //rip the pipes $term = str_replace('|', '', $match); //set the replacement depending from the item type switch ($entry->glossar_type) { case '1': //abbr $replacement = '<abbr title="' . $entry->headline . '">' . $term . '</abbr>'; break; case '2': //external link $replacement = '<a rel="help" target="blank" href="' . $entry->extern_link->url . '" data-original-title="' . $entry->headline . '"><span class="fa-globe" aria-hidden="true"></span> ' . $term . '</a>'; break; case '3': //internal link //internal link need to get the url $internLink = wire('pages')->get("$entry->page_link"); $replacement = '<a rel="help" href="' . $internLink->url . '" data-original-title="' . $entry->headline . '">' . $term . '</a>'; break; default: $replacement = $term; } //works the part inside the tags are changed ||test|| on every match $value = str_replace($match, $replacement, $value); } else { //the entry for ||term|| is not found and get renderd without pipes just as normal text //rip the pipes $term = str_replace('|', '', $match); //replace the matches of ||term|| with the cleaned value $value = str_replace($match, $term, $value); } } } } Best regards mr-fan
  8. Hi, my motivation is to create a personal web-site, an hybrid between a blog and educational page. However, unlike most of the users here, I am: - completely new to web-design - don't know how to code and I'm not familiar with PHP or HTML terminology, not even mentioning CSS, API, etc. - never designed a single web-site in my life - have only basics in IT/scripting/editing (MatLab and some basic linux scripting, because of my scientific background) As I was looking through tens of different CMSs available throughout the web, which I could choose from (besides Wordpress, since I did not found it very structured), I found the results of ProcessWire very nice and simple -> looking at some completed web projects. So, it has been 1-2 days since a successful PW installation on a web-server. Structure of PW seems very logical, which is great, but... ...as soon as I would like to create some custom page, and create a new template to it...I always end up with an empty template file (.php) and don't really know, how (and what) to write into it (As mentioned before, I have no PHP or HTML skills). I had trouble to find some useful tutorials on Processwire. The documention part on PW site is not so great as well. And although there are some handful useful Youtube videos, it always ends in the php editor !! I was unable to find any example templates (or just part of the codes) to copy + paste them, so I can get them to work for my template files. The question: is there a way to design a web-site with PW without the knowledge of PHP, HTML or should I just call it a day, and go for some other WYSIWYG open-source CMS products, for example like GetSimple CMS ? Thanks for your input!
  9. Hello and thanks in advance, I've just started work with the new client using PW. So far, it looks great and I've made a few edits. I am trying to update an image for their BBB logo (to make it live from BBB, not static) and can't figure out how. I did look for an answer before posting. The key here is that the image is hosted on the BBB site. The entire goal of this badge system is that the image is hosted by the BBB itself. Therefore, I cannot upload it. How can I show an image without uploading it?
  10. Hey guys, I am completely new to Processwire and I would like to know how to get started. I am completely overwhelmed with this concept. I am looking to develop websites using Processwire. Please do let me know of any help!
  11. Hey guys, I am just new here and I am trying to understand how to use this tool. The app: more or less a copy of wetransfer Who's building it ? Me. as a learning project, I want to build a local file transfer app. What I want it to do? : notifications via email Single / Multiple files upload ( a maximum of 4 gb per file / or maximum of 4gb of multiple files ) How should I think the structure of this app? How would upload system work ? Please provide links and tags. Cheers
  12. Hello processwire users i am new here. I used to do my sites with wordpress, but i read many good things about processwire and i would like to give it a try on a small project. I'd like to do a simple multilingual portfolio with a blog. I read a few tutorials and watch a few videos already. From what i understand there are many ways of using processwire to achieve this project. I would like to explain the website details so you could indicate me the right way to do it and the good modules to use. I already did the html / css / js for the front end. it is in 3 languages : english (en), spanish (es), french (fr) it uses 2 templates : project list, project page. 1. the project page contains the following informations : title description text date category tags photos (not translated) embeded content from the web (same for every language) the blog posts behave like projects posts. One category would just be named "blog". the url are like this : www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/date/project 2. the project list is used for homepage, categories page, tags pages the url are like this : homepage : www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/ www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/category_name/ www.urlofthesite.com/language_code/tag_name/ translations all the fields are translated except photos and medias. i would like to be able to translate tags and categories from one place and then assign them once to a project (and not re-type them in every translations) I would appreciate any advice or more about the best way to do a project like this. especially concerning the modules to use and the way to handle the translations. thank you
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