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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, So I am a complete beginner with PW, just finishing up my first site, and I need to get my site online to do some final testing. Got all the FTP stuff sorted and I'm getting a internal server error when access my domain. I transferred over all files from processwire-master, and even when I am on local host I get sent to the index of my site, where I then click on processwire-master to be taken to my site. Where did I go wrong? Thanks!
  2. I'm not sure how to even phrase this question, I think I need to learn more specific vocabulary to even ask it. But here goes: With a Processwire site, how does one deal with synchronizing data between a local development database and a live production database? Specifically, the following scenario. Let's say I'm developing a site for a small business client: I develop the site locally, and eventually deploy it to a server The client starts using the CMS, and entering data which is saved in the production database The client requests a new feature -- let's say it requires adding a few fields to an existing template I add the fields to the template on my local development machine Now how do I get those changes to the live site, without overwriting the data the client has already entered? The way I am currently handling this is as follows: I ask the client to stay out of the admin area and stop making changes I dump the production database, and import it to the local dev database I make the changes to the fields / templates I dump the dev database, and import it to the production database Is there a better, more efficient way? Are there specific database tables that define the "idea" of fields and templates, but not their content? In the Rails world, this sort of task would be a "rake db:migrate". One solution, I guess, would just be to connect my local dev site to the live production database once a site is live. But I prefer to be able to work offline if needed, and sometimes I'm dealing with shared hosting services that have limited or unreliable external database access. Forgive me if this is covered elsewhere, or already has a well-documented and obvious solution. I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions.
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