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  1. Hey Guys, Yes Kongondo I meant Wetransfer the bulk file sending service. The technical details about my app? Well send big files and notify users .. as simply as it would sound I am a beginner in both Php and Processwire, as I did mention thisi s a practice exercise for me to learn and use PW. So , basically let;s start with the Upload module, How would I build an upload module in PW that would take big files ? I did some documentation, I think it might require that the files to be broken in smaller parts and uploaded and recomposed on server.
  2. Hei Manaus, trying to build more or less the same thing, have no idea on this one, looking forward for solutions.
  3. Hey guys, I am just new here and I am trying to understand how to use this tool. The app: more or less a copy of wetransfer Who's building it ? Me. as a learning project, I want to build a local file transfer app. What I want it to do? : notifications via email Single / Multiple files upload ( a maximum of 4 gb per file / or maximum of 4gb of multiple files ) How should I think the structure of this app? How would upload system work ? Please provide links and tags. Cheers
  4. Diogo, amtyst is gaining his advantage quite fast.. Don't know how. at all
  5. Omg omg, we are going to actually win guys, this is all amazing !
  6. What happened guys, ? They had like low votes ? or it was a db backup ? We are back on first place ! The amtyst votes are just decreasing ? why.. ? Fake votes?
  7. Hei Adrian, How are you? Looking forward to hear something from you, I am curios about talking of Pw ! Cheers, Klauss

  8. Hey guys,I posted the anouncement almost everywhere I could, I think he might be able to get us up! as coming from Expression Engine, I do believe that this is the next future "ee"
  9. Looking forward to dive into PW

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