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  1. Hi, my motivation is to create a personal web-site, an hybrid between a blog and educational page. However, unlike most of the users here, I am: - completely new to web-design - don't know how to code and I'm not familiar with PHP or HTML terminology, not even mentioning CSS, API, etc. - never designed a single web-site in my life - have only basics in IT/scripting/editing (MatLab and some basic linux scripting, because of my scientific background) As I was looking through tens of different CMSs available throughout the web, which I could choose from (besides Wordpress, since I did not found it very structured), I found the results of ProcessWire very nice and simple -> looking at some completed web projects. So, it has been 1-2 days since a successful PW installation on a web-server. Structure of PW seems very logical, which is great, but... ...as soon as I would like to create some custom page, and create a new template to it...I always end up with an empty template file (.php) and don't really know, how (and what) to write into it (As mentioned before, I have no PHP or HTML skills). I had trouble to find some useful tutorials on Processwire. The documention part on PW site is not so great as well. And although there are some handful useful Youtube videos, it always ends in the php editor !! I was unable to find any example templates (or just part of the codes) to copy + paste them, so I can get them to work for my template files. The question: is there a way to design a web-site with PW without the knowledge of PHP, HTML or should I just call it a day, and go for some other WYSIWYG open-source CMS products, for example like GetSimple CMS ? Thanks for your input!
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