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  1. I see here https://github.com/adminerevo/adminerevo/blob/6bb4d778cb2077889811727721253e14250eba8b/adminer/file.inc.php#L6 Do you know why the files are compressed?
  2. https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/commit/daf24456c5cbf09e8c27cfb59057bf632ae8bcad the lzw_decompress functions & special characters?
  3. I just realized and then this was already in the Google SERP open from searching "wire in wire function processwire" regarding something else (wire('config') in a function was not a function because the namespace wasn't present): wire() in the init method of a module which extends ProcessPageAdd in a different PW instance that is instantiated in ready.php is initialized also in the instance instantiating the other instance. For example: wire()->addHookBefore("ProcessPageAdd::execute", $this, 'hookPageAdd'); resulted in an error adding a page of the same template name in the instance instantiating the other one. Prepending with $this-> disables the cross-site functionality.
  4. Maybe it's Firefox looking for favicon file automatically... It goes away if I indicate a favicon... Indicating a nonexistent one changes the stack trace to load resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:180:20 load resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:567:70 loadIcons resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:645:26 FaviconLoader/this.iconTask< resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:621:18 _runTask resource://gre/modules/DeferredTask.sys.mjs:347:18 _timerCallback/< resource://gre/modules/DeferredTask.sys.mjs:318:20 _timerCallback resource://gre/modules/DeferredTask.sys.mjs:337:9 _startTimer/callback/< resource://gre/modules/DeferredTask.sys.mjs:185:18 Sorry this isn't quite insightful
  5. I don't have a request in templates for favicon.ico. In Firefox inspector: Request cookies are: 'adminer_key', 'adminer_sid', 'tracy-session', 'wire0s', 'wire1s', 'wire1s_challenge', 'wires', 'wires_challenge'. Stack trace: load resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:180:20 load resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:567:70 loadIcons resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:645:26 onPageShow resource:///modules/FaviconLoader.jsm:679:12 onHeadParsed resource:///actors/LinkHandlerChild.sys.mjs:56:24 handleEvent resource:///actors/LinkHandlerChild.sys.mjs:172:21 I don't know what those are. I did recently install and then afterward notice an odd commit and deleted the module -- https://github.com/FriendsOfProcessWire/FieldtypeLeafletMapMarker/commit/e57e9373e6cccb79fe89dfda00fec117624649f2 has a bunch of empty files? "Remove executable bit from files"? -- Sorry I just realized the permissions changed from 755 to 644...
  6. Wow I missed that thank you. The conditional inclusion is so as to not repeat if running from within PW already, only require if ran from outside PW. var_dump(class_exists('ProcessWire')); returns false from within it so that's why it's \Templates...
  7. When I include index.php and run the script via command line `php bootstrap.php` this error is returned: PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /pw/bootstrap/index.php:5) in /pw/index.php on line 41 404 page not found (no site configuration or install.php available) I've tried moving the script around also and it's the same if external... <?php namespace ProcessWire; if (!class_exists('ProcessWire\Templates')) { // $pw_dir = dirname(dirname(__FILE__), 2); echo $pw_dir; $boot = "../pw/index.php"; $boot = realpath($boot); echo $boot; require_once $boot;// $pw_dir.'/index.php'; echo 'booted'; exit; } (so as to not include if ran from within PW instance, also tried with no condition)
  8. Can this be bypassed so that if nothing is entered the new page is not saved at all in the first place when exited?
  9. I removed the code but it wasn't fancy (wasn't version controlled), it's just how I noticed the issue in the first place. It doesn't happen if I echo something on ready.php in the same /site-sub/ I'm using the console on, only outputs from /site/ files.
  10. `echo "hello";` in ready.php or finished.php `hello` in console output (running nothing) sorry if I understand it better I'll explain rather than posting intermittently
  11. Anything echo'd in ready.php or finished.php shows in the console, not init.php
  12. Yes sorry I did that to test the error, it comes up also when I remove the WireHttp. You're probably right I was just thinking that.
  13. Error: Undefined array key "host" on line: 896 in /website/wire/core/WireHttp.phpError: Undefined array key "scheme" on line: 900 in /website/wire/core/WireHttp.phpError: Undefined variable $var on line: 21 in /website/site/ready.phpSuccessful response: {"error":"Unauthorized"} While in /site-sub/ on subdomain of /site/ while testing WireHttp request from /site/ ?
  14. Why is there a set method in the Fieldtype and in the MapMarker class?
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