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  1. I have the template enabled in the module settings and the page is viewable. I would rather not have the ID in the download URL though. Currently I have the GET variable set to 'pdf', so it's ?pdf={id}. Since I'm linking from the page, can't it simply be ?pdf=1 for the pdf of the current page..? Thanks.
  2. I want to implement tables with Dynatable populated via ajax. Here's what I could muster: if($config->ajax) { $results = $pages->find($sanitizer->selector()); foreach($results as $r) $array[] = [ $r->title, $r->modified ]; header("Content-type: application/json"); echo json_encode($array); exit; } $content .= <<<EOT <table id="my-ajax-table"></table> <script> $("#my-ajax-table").dynatable({ dataset: { ajax: true, ajaxUrl: '.', ajaxOnLoad: true, records: [] } }); </script> EOT; But that's really nothing. Pro tips?
  3. Thanks. It's its parent module.
  4. I have reduced the module to this and the same error persists: <?php class PortalDashboard extends Process implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => "Portal Dashboard", 'version' => "0.1", //'permission' => array("page-lister"), 'autoload' => false, 'singular' => true, 'permanent' => false, 'requires' => array("PHP>=5.4.0", "ProcessWire>=3.0", "CatCoCustoms"), ); } public function init() {} In the red: Furthermore When I uninstall the aforementioned module this doesn't happen, oddly enough. What could be the problem?
  5. and on the frontend my map is ghost; $modUrl = wire('config')->urls->siteModules.'MarkupLeafletMap/'; $styles = array_merge($styles, [ "leaflet" => "https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.css", "leaflet-markercluster" => "{$modUrl}assets/leaflet-markercluster/MarkerCluster.css", ]); $scriptsH = array_merge($scriptsH, [ "leaflet" => "https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js", "leaflet-providers" => "{$modUrl}assets/leaflet-providers/leaflet-providers.js", "geocoder" => "{$modUrl}Control.Geocoder.js", ]); $map = $modules->get('MarkupLeafletMap'); $content .= $map->render($page, 'geolocation', ['height' => '500px']); returns visibly blank <div id="mleafletmap1" class="MarkupLeafletMap" style="width: 100%; height: 500px;"></div>
  6. Nope! When there's a value input the map appears dutifully marked, however the Address input is still disabled, and clicking on it opens a search input within the map.
  7. @adrian PW 3.0.42, PHP 5.6
  8. Oh is it only supposed to populate via api?
  9. I'm in PW 3.0.42 and in the page editor the entire fieldset is disabled, can't click on it, no map (just gray with +- zoom buttons).
  10. I have this $pdf = $modules->get('Pages2Pdf')->render(array( 'title' => 'PDF', 'markup' => '<a href=\'{url}\' target=\'_blank\'>{title}</a>', 'page_id' => '', )); $content .= <<<EOT <script type="text/javascript"> $("h1").append(" <small>[$pdf]</small>");</script> </script> EOT; which outputs to /?pdf={pid} but clicking the link just opens the current page in a new tab, no PDF.
  11. In PW 3.0.42 when editing a user this error appears up top:
  12. When I click on any of the actions in the list I get this: Anyone know why
  13. Right, I tried using that with ../'s in the value to grab from the module's directory to no avail. Here is the module IN PROGRESS: https://bitbucket.org/chimmel/pw-import-everything (It's pretty sloppy.) The file in question is import/csv.class.php. I appreciate any and all feedback regarding the makeup of this module.
  14. I have this happening in the template file: if(file_exists($filepath)) echo $filepath; echo "<a href='$filepath'>csv</a>"; $file = fopen($filepath, 'r'); print_r(fgetcsv($file, 0, ',', '"')); fclose($file); where $filepath = $this->source->url (in a class method). So it's the page's attached CSV file's URL. The link works and downloads the file, which supposedly doesn't exist, according to the preceding line. Why??