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  2. hellomoto

    G b rain

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  3. Uploading via the default file field when the size is on the larger side (like a song 374 MB; sorry to be so vague) seemingly very often freezes at 100%, never quite turning over, so I end up having to manually upload the file to the page assets dir. and update page field values in the database. Ring a bell for anybody? Any success in resolving this if so? It's much time lost. I don't work on live sites much, but from what I can recall this is true also in production. Thanks friends
  4. All good sorry I'm burnt out. Please grant me the ability to delete my own posts, for the sake of us all, and I promise to be more careful hereon anyhow. public function hookAfterPageRender($event) { $page = $event->object; if (strpos($page->template->tags, 'crm') === false) return; $event->return = str_replace( '</head>', enqueuess(['crm' => $this->wire('config')->urls->templates.'css/crm.css']).'</head>', $event->return ); }
  5. I was working on this: class PWCRM extends WireData implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Client Relationship Management', 'version' => .001, 'singular' => true, 'autoload' => true ); } public function init() {} public function ready() { $this->pages->addHookBefore('render', $this, 'accessHook'); $this->pages->addHookAfter('render', $this, 'hookAfterPageRender'); } public function accessHook(HookEvent $event) { $page = $this->wire('page'); if (!strpos($page->template->tags, 'crm')) return; if (!$this->wire('user')->hasRole('crm')) $this->wire('session')->redirect($this->wire('config')->urls->login);//throw new Wire404Exception(); } public function hookAfterPageRender(HookEvent $event) { $page = $event->object; echo $page->template->tags; if (!strpos($page->template->tags, 'crm')) return; echo $this->wire('config')->urls->templates; include_once($this->wire('config')->urls->templates.'functions.inc'); $pagehtml = $event->return; $pagehtml = str_replace( '</head>', '<link id="css_crm" rel="stylesheet" href="'.$this->wire('config')->urls->templates.'css/crm.css"> </head>', $pagehtml ); $event->return = $pagehtml; //$event->replace = true; } } I have tried placing the hooks into the init() function, and more... Neither method is effective. The echoes now output, but no redirection (although I have the access settings for the top-level template for this set to render a 404 for underprivileged users, which it does, overriding this, but nonetheless this should work aside from that. Then I wrote this up quick: <?php namespace ProcessWire; class MaintenanceMode extends WireData implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'Maintenance Mode', 'version' => 1, 'summary' => 'Disables the website frontend for non-superusers.', 'singular' => true, 'autoload' => true, 'permanent' => false ); } public function init() { $this->addHookBefore('Page::render', $this, 'displayDecide'); } public function displayDecide($event) { $page = $event->object; if ($page->template == 'admin' || $this->wire('user')->hasRole('superuser')) return; // replace the method hooked $event->replace = true; $event->return = "Patience please while we undergo some brief maintenance work."; } } which likewise avails nothing. What the hell is my problem here?
  6. Hey how do I get started? What I did was copy all the template files into my existing project and follow the instructions given for the templates setup. Then I deleted the homepage calls for a stylesheet and javascripts that don't exist (in client/dist/) and added vue.js... I'm totally new to vue.js so please excuse my ignorance and if you can give me any tips on how to begin I would deeply appreciate it... I know I'm being awfully vague... How can I pass all the pages to a vue instance to build a navigation, for starters? or should I just do that with PHP?
  7. That did it. I always have the trailing commas is why I didn't try it... oy thank you...
  8. I have $select = 'template=post, when<=now, sort=when, '; $results = $pages->find($select); then output the results' data. It works fine without the sort=when. With it, I get this: Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1066 Not unique table/alias: '_sort_when' (in /Applications/AMPPS/www/website/wire/core/PageFinder.php line 384) what is this I have this elsewhere $start = date('Y', $pages->get($select.' sort=when')->getUnformatted('when')); and it works fine, returns the earliest year.
  9. I'm trying this out in PW 3. I have in my TextFormatterOembed field: Nothing happens in CKEditor or displayed output on page. Should this not work for PW 3 or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Never mind, all I had to do was make it a link (& without target blank).
  10. I have a project in progress of brokerage listings mainly. Things I need done are: currency conversion via ServiceCurrencyConversion module, implemented in search PDF generation email notifications & verification frontend admin (separate from default PW built-in) existing codebase audit & optimization I think that'll do. The PDF generation just needs to be a skeletal functionality, once doable I can further customize the template, just can't get it to work in the first place. Some frontend work maybe as well, such as implementing a JS framework (tbd) and some AJAX features. Please PM me with questions/quote. Thank you. UPDATE: I have opted to instead try out Laravel, for now. Wish me luck.
  11. I have the template enabled in the module settings and the page is viewable. I would rather not have the ID in the download URL though. Currently I have the GET variable set to 'pdf', so it's ?pdf={id}. Since I'm linking from the page, can't it simply be ?pdf=1 for the pdf of the current page..? Thanks.
  12. I want to implement tables with Dynatable populated via ajax. Here's what I could muster: if($config->ajax) { $results = $pages->find($sanitizer->selector()); foreach($results as $r) $array[] = [ $r->title, $r->modified ]; header("Content-type: application/json"); echo json_encode($array); exit; } $content .= <<<EOT <table id="my-ajax-table"></table> <script> $("#my-ajax-table").dynatable({ dataset: { ajax: true, ajaxUrl: '.', ajaxOnLoad: true, records: [] } }); </script> EOT; But that's really nothing. Pro tips?
  13. I have reduced the module to this and the same error persists: <?php class PortalDashboard extends Process implements Module { public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => "Portal Dashboard", 'version' => "0.1", //'permission' => array("page-lister"), 'autoload' => false, 'singular' => true, 'permanent' => false, 'requires' => array("PHP>=5.4.0", "ProcessWire>=3.0", "CatCoCustoms"), ); } public function init() {} In the red: Furthermore When I uninstall the aforementioned module this doesn't happen, oddly enough. What could be the problem?
  14. and on the frontend my map is ghost; $modUrl = wire('config')->urls->siteModules.'MarkupLeafletMap/'; $styles = array_merge($styles, [ "leaflet" => "https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.css", "leaflet-markercluster" => "{$modUrl}assets/leaflet-markercluster/MarkerCluster.css", ]); $scriptsH = array_merge($scriptsH, [ "leaflet" => "https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.0.3/dist/leaflet.js", "leaflet-providers" => "{$modUrl}assets/leaflet-providers/leaflet-providers.js", "geocoder" => "{$modUrl}Control.Geocoder.js", ]); $map = $modules->get('MarkupLeafletMap'); $content .= $map->render($page, 'geolocation', ['height' => '500px']); returns visibly blank <div id="mleafletmap1" class="MarkupLeafletMap" style="width: 100%; height: 500px;"></div>
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