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  1. This is compatible with PW 3. Is there any reason you would not use it in production? I tried hCaptcha but that's more laborous for users.
  2. Like to replace maybe the form elements as being output in a list as divs instead, etc. ? I know I've come across it before... Can't make it out looking at the core module... Thanks
  3. @Jonathan Lahijani how did you go about incorporating the Advertising Package subscriptions? Are they each stored in a repeater field per user? or child pages? or other? & how are payments processed? thanks for all the information you provide already
  4. I had not. It works fine now, thank you.
  5. It restricts that functionality of the module to a specified role, which is about as far as I'm taking it.
  6. Maybe for the repeater field value specify a separate CSV file with fields & values to be imported.
  7. For a repeater field called datetimes, when I just put "{datetimes.date} {datetimes.time}" the output for one with multiple entries is (paraphrased): 1stdate, 2nddate 1sttime, 2ndtime Is there a way of just specifying the 1st item's values in the repeater here?
  8. I just found the Session Handler DB setting to Disallow parallel sessions after already starting this thread... so in SessionHandlerDB.module function HookLoginSuccess: if(!$user->hasRole('roll')) return; (etc.)
  9. It's enabled, that's why I'm confused. (curl is also enabled)
  10. I installed this on the latest dev PW version and didn't touch any CSS for it; enabled it for a CKEditor field (and plain textarea without CKEditor); tried YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud URLs and they all just output the URLs wrapped in plain <p/> tag(s). What am I missing?
  11. function customPageSaver(HookEvent $hook) { $page = $hook->arguments(0); if ($page->template->name == 'event_instance' && $page->id !== 0) { $page->setOutputFormatting(false); $page->name = wire()->sanitizer->pageName(wireDate('Y-m-d', $page->date)); if ($page->time_end < $page->time_start) { $hook->message('End AFTER starting.'); $page->time_end = ''; } } } $this->addHookAfter('Pages::saveReady(template=event_instance)', null, 'customPageSaver'); -- site/ready.php Can I set the $page->time_end to its previous value, rather than ''? I think I've done that before but forget how.
  12. On the frontend template I have this in an edit form: $field = $modules->get("InputfieldCheckbox"); $field->label = "Discard"; $field->attr('id+name', 'prop_discard'); if($page->discard == 1) $field->attr("checked"); $proform->append($field); Because $field->value = $page->discard does not work, nor does anything else I've tried. How do I get the checkbox to reflect if it is checked? Right now on save if it was checked it needs to be re-checked every time.
  13. DDEV is another Docker-based open-source platform. I've worked on Mac with AMPPS, but when my computer crashed and I got another one and installed it would download strange image files (mostly [faux?] logos) to my computer until I turned off the wifi... Valet+ Valet fork has PHP version switching & extensions, toggle Xdebug, optimized MySQL (?), Redis, & Elasticsearch. You can set up a simple development VM but Homestead is already all belled and whistled. It runs PW perfectly out of the box via nginx (or Apache but I had to install it). Scotch Box is a less extensive Vagrant box. By the way: Running Vagrant + VirtualBox from an External Drive Also v.je: Arch-based minimal 75mb Vagrant box for web dev. well configured, no provisioning, stripped of Pacman.
  14. I know you can include the API for a PW install elsewhere by including its index.php file, but what about when you have a PW /site and then a /site-something directory with another one where you want to query pages from the /site ? I guess REST would be one way but is there any way to bootstrap the other site's data directly via the PW API, like its $wire or $pages assigned to some variable?
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