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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to use this code: $this->set('successMessage', '<h2 class="enviado-ok">' . wire('pages')->get("/$page->name/")->mensaje_form_enviado .'</h2>'); inside the init function of FormTemplateProcessor.module and is giving me this error: Notice: Undefined variable: page in /home/pruebase/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module on line 92 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/pruebase/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module on line 92 This is probably because I'm not
  2. Hi! I´m working on callback solution for my client using the FormTemplateProcessor module. It works fine but i want to get the numbers only once. The template have only one field "title" formated as phone number. Any ideas? Frontend: Backend: --------------------- I had a bad approach, trying to find a field and compare it with the input field. I have just done it with a temporary cookie. It´s not perfect but it works.
  3. Hello, I'm using FormTemplateProcessor module to dynamically create pages and save data. But for some reason, it's not showing title field in the form that's being rendered on the front-end. Also when the page is being created, right now, it's auto-generating some name, I'd like it to have title. I want to know how to Get title in the front-end form & save it along with the rest of the data. Save page with its name rather than auto-generated name. Thanks in advance.
  4. Using the FormTemplateProcessor module, is it possible to have the user redirected to a different thank-you page after having successfully submitted the form?
  5. Hey, I've a problem,witch i cant solve by myself so I hope you have any ideas what to do: I want to use FormTemplateProcessor here are my settings: A template called contact_form with two fields - contact_mail and contact_text - no template file associated. A template called contact with standard fields - title + body + images and so on - associated to contact.php <?php /** * Kontakt Seite * */ include("./head.inc"); ?> <div class="main wrapper clearfix"> <article class="clearfix"> <h2><?php echo $page->get("headline|title");?></h
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