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  1. You made my day Adrian !!! Working perfectly !!! Thanks very much.
  2. I'm trying to use this code: $this->set('successMessage', '<h2 class="enviado-ok">' . wire('pages')->get("/$page->name/")->mensaje_form_enviado .'</h2>'); inside the init function of FormTemplateProcessor.module and is giving me this error: Notice: Undefined variable: page in /home/pruebase/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module on line 92 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/pruebase/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module on line 92 This is probably because I'm not really good at php and I guess I can't use the $page variable inside the function right? Does anyone know how could I make this work? Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks BitPoet !!! You really save my life on this one !! I can't thank you enough...
  4. I'm getting this warning when I try to print an array: Warning: array_values() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given... This is my code: $array = $page->get("planos"); print_r(array_values($array)); I've always thought that $page->get will give you an array, but I'm not so sure now. Thanks for any help.
  5. Thanks Bit Poet for your help... maybe I'm not trying to combine them into one array but rather work with both inside the foreach statement. Please take a look at my response to LostKobrakai above. Thanks very much again.
  6. Thanks LostKobrakai. You're being really helpful. This is the first time I have both arrays on the same foreach. I'm intending to use it so I can click on an image from one array and it opens its corresponding bigger(and slightly different) from the other one. I really don't know if I'm going into the right direction with this. I'd like to achieve something like this on the foreach: echo "<div class='col-md-6 col-lg-4'>"; echo "<a href='{$preciosgrandeimg->url}' class='thumbnail' rel='prettyPhoto[galeriaplanos2]'> <img class='img-responsive' src='{$precioschicoimg->url}' /> </a>"; echo "</div>"; Maybe I'm a little more clear with this. Thanks very much for your help.
  7. Thanks very much. If you could give me some direction it will be really helpful. I'm a newby and really lost here. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I'm using this piece of code to retrieve the names of two arrays of images and it works really well. But my question is how can I use only one foreach so i can use both arrays inside of it? Thanks very much. $precioschico = $page->get("planos"); $preciosgrande = $page->get("mapas"); foreach( $preciosgrande as $preciogrande ) { echo $preciogrande . '<br/>'; } foreach( $precioschico as $preciochico ) { echo $preciochico . '<br/>'; }
  9. I've just realized that it works if we use the path instead of the ID, which was not working: // message output upon successful completion of the form $this->set('successMessage', '<h2>' . wire('pages')->get('contact')->message_sent . '</h2>');
  10. It's not working either... Maybe it has to do with the fact that this line is a part of a function? I don't know. I'm not really an expert in php. The function would be: public function init() { // create a page for holding our form fields $this->contact = new Page(); // Template to use for the contact form fields (required). // must be a Template object, it will be assigned to $this->contact. $this->set('template', null); // Optional E-Mail address that form will get submitted to $this->set('email', ''); // Array of field names that are required to complete the submission // if not specified, it will use the admin field settings. // I recommend that you make at least one field required, since this // isn't an admin setting yet. $this->set('requiredFields', array()); // Array of field names that should be skipped when drawing the form $this->set('skipFields', array('title')); // Subject of the email that gets sent $this->set('emailSubject', 'Islandika Contacto Web'); // Optional parent page for the contact. // If ommited, the page will not be saved to the DB. $this->set('parent', null); // message output upon successful completion of the form $this->set('successMessage', '<h2>' . wire('pages')->get(1032)->message_sent . '</h2>'); // date format used for the title's of newly created contact pages $this->set('dateFormat', 'F j, Y, g:i a'); }
  11. I tried this one out and it gives me a different error now: Error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object (line 91 of /home/islak/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module) the idea is to use the form in several pages, that's why i'm trying to get the field from the page's ID
  12. I've created a field in the contact page (id:1032) so I can write different success messages according to the language. I'm trying this for the success message in the Form Template Processor module, but without any success: 90. // message output upon successful completion of the form 91. $this->set('successMessage', '<h2>' echo $pages->get(1032)->message_sent '</h2>'); it gives me this error: Parse Error: syntax error, unexpected 'echo' (T_ECHO) (line 91 of /home/islak/public_html/site/modules/FormTemplateProcessor/FormTemplateProcessor.module) What am I doing wrong? Thanks guys...
  13. Thanks Diogo I tried this: <?php $lotes = $pages->get(1025)->children(); function getFirstPara($string) { $string = substr($string,0, strpos($string, "</p>")+4); return $string; } foreach ($lotes as $lote) { echo getFirstPara($lote->body); } ?> And it worked great !!!
  14. Is there any way to limit the text just to the first paragraph of the body lets say? Thanks very much guys.
  15. Thanks Tom... it works perfectly now !!!
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