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  1. @Wanze Did you find out anything?
  2. @Wanze It does work when I disable TemplateEngineFactory (and move my home.php file back into templates/). I don't really know how ProcessWire renders templates under the hood but it could be that it only renders markup regions of files under templates/. I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at it. You can take a look at this tutorial to get started using markup regions.
  3. @Wanze Any ideas regarding my previous post?
  4. Loving this module so far but I am having trouble using markup regions. I have successfully got it to output markup using the ProcessWire template engine but can't figure out how to use markup regions. I have enabled $config->useMarkupRegions = true; and have the following files includes/_main.php <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title><?=$page->title?></title> </head> <body> <div id='content'> <h1 id='headline'><?=$page->title?></h1> <div id='bodycopy'> &
  5. After using Webpack for some time, I have yet again found certain limitations when trying to do anything that isn't Javascript. For that reason, I have created another version but using Gulp and Webpack; https://github.com/nextgensparx/pw-gulp-boilerplate. I'm trying to get the best of both worlds. Someone else might find it useful. Be warned, it's very basic and opinionated. I would advise looking through it and changing it to suit your workflow. @abmcr I am yet to try yeoman. Somebody might have already made a generator that does exactly what I want. I should probably check it out.
  6. I gave Webpack another shot and I think i judged it too harshly. It actually works quite well, but it can take quite some time to set-up. For that reason I have created a boilerplate inspired by @heldercervantes's boilerplate: https://github.com/nextgensparx/pw-webpack-boilerplate It's nothing fancy at the moment but I mainly made it for my own personal use. Thanks for the advice!
  7. This actually looks really good. That was another issue I was having; how to use processwire with git. It's pretty to similar to my current setup. Thanks! However I still want to use certain third party libraries just as you have jquery, modernizr and swiper without having to commit them to git. Committing to git works but I feels like this use case is exactly what package managers were invented for. I guess I will give webpack another shot, possibly using this laravel-mix wrapper you speak of. I guess that's why I was having trouble with it.
  8. What build tools do people use with processwire? Most build tools I have tried are either solely designed for single-page applications or don't support bundling npm packages. So far, I have been downloading third-party libraries and including them in my html. While this works, it isn't great when you want to update to a newer version. It also involves committing often hundreds of files not associated with the project when using git. For this reason, I would like to use a package manager to handle all of the updating for me and keeping my git directory nice and clean. After doing some rese
  9. @Macrura Thanks! addBlankOption worked. I also managed to get the custom json working by hooking extendAttributes
  10. As a tangent question, is it possible to use InputfieldSelectize for non-page inputfields? So for example, using InputfieldSelect I can say: <?php $f->addOption("pie","Pie"); But using InputfieldSelectize I can't seem to figure out how to get the value in the itemDataArray. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Sorry I forgot to mention I am creating the inputfield from the API. Here is the code I am using to generate it: <?php $template = "family"; $label = "Family"; $f = $this->modules->get("InputfieldSelectize"); $f->name = $template; $f->label = $label; $f->required = true; $f->columnWidth = 33; $f->addOption(""); $f->set("itemDataArray", '$data = array("title" => $page->title);return $data;'); $f->set("renderOptionMarkup", "'<div class=\"item\"><span style=\"display:block;font-size:14px;font-weight:bold;\">' + escape(item.title) + '</span&
  12. @Macrura This is when using required InputfieldSelect: <select id="Inputfield_family" class="required" name="family" tabindex="5"> <option selected="selected" value=""></option> <option value="1084">Saturniidae</option> </select> This is when using non-required InputfieldSelect <select id="Inputfield_family" name="family" tabindex="5"> <option selected="selected" value=""></option> <option value="1084">Saturniidae</option> </select> This is when using required InputfieldSelectize: <se
  13. @Macrura When I set an InputfieldSelectize to required, the first value is selected. Is there any way to prevent this? I wish to have it behave as it does when not set to required, the same way that InputfieldSelect does it. This might be really dumb, but I couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.
  14. I also got this on 3.0.62 and @Soma's fix worked. I can't exactly tell what caused it. In my case has_parent only worked for the direct parent. Anything higher would fail to find anything.
  15. @Macrura Feature request: Would it be possible to make the field refresh after page changes? In your examples, you put an editUrl that opens a modal. After making an edit in a modal, the field does not reflect the changes made. Another example is when creating new pages. I like to use PageFieldEditLinks by @thetuningspoon but after adding a page, it doesn't show up in the selectize options. Maybe this should be a feature of PageFieldEditLinks instead. It might need cooperation between you two. I believe you made the original AdminPageSelectEditLinks? I am not too sure I tried making
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