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  1. @Robin S @rick Yep that worked. Thanks.
  2. @kongondo Version: 3.0.62 Site modules: AdminOnSteroids ImageExtra ImportPagesCSV JqueryDataTables ModulesManager Theme: Reno
  3. @kongondo For some reason I can't get that to show up. When I hover my mouse over it it just says "Toggle open/close".
  4. Oh my goodness that page is so obvious. I don't know how I missed it. Sorry for wasting your time!
  5. @LostKobrakai Well this is embarrassing . I will look harder next time.
  6. @tpr Ah, I found it in the database. I will keep that in mind when I want to know another property. But why isn't stuff like this documented? Is there any way people can contribute to the documentation?
  7. @tpr Yep that's worked. It returns the ids in an array. How did you find that out? I couldn't see it anywhere in the documentation.
  8. I wish to access a template's allowed templates for it's children from the API. This one: I am pretty sure this is possible, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in the documentation. If this is not possible, is there some way of assigning properties to templates? So like fields that already have a value on all pages using that template.
  9. So after looking at and looking at my data again I came up with the following structure: The structure is families -> family -> subfamily -> genus -> species This is how I originally thought of doing it, but I thought it would cause problems when I wanted to add new species and filter data. However, I have now realised that having a good page structure is very desirable. This way, people can link to the individual categories or browse through them but I can still have a separate page that references them and can filter through them. Thanks for the help! Also, I am loving how easy it is to use ProcessWire! It's much better than something like WordPress for a task like this. I don't have to constantly fight the system
  10. @arjen @Sérgio Jardim Thank you for replying so quickly! I will look into both of those.
  11. I am trying to create a sort of database system using ProcessWire. I don't want all the data to show up as pages on the website but instead pull it into pages. Similar to the Skyscrapers demo except in that one the data shows up as pages. The data I wish to store is information about types of moths. So family, sub-family, genus and species. Each of these has information associated with it. For example, species has name, images and distribution. This is another example of information about the species. Initially, I attempted to do this using nested repeaters. This appears to work but I feel there is a better and more elegant way. Additionally, this page says: So I then tried using pages with children, but this also didn't work well. I had to make every single page unpublished as I don't want them showing up in menus and other places. This means they all have strikethroughs in the admin tree which is very annoying. Is there a better way of handling this kind of data in ProcessWire or is this maybe not a suitable project for ProcessWire? I apologise if this is a silly question, but I could not find anything on this matter and am still new to ProcessWire.