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Found 3 results

  1. PageListTrash Allows non-superusers to trash pages directly from Page List (if they have page-delete permission for that page). Not much to say really - the module adds a "Trash" option to the extra actions for pages in Page List. It looks and works just like the Trash action available to superusers. https://github.com/Toutouwai/PageListTrash/ Up to you whether you think non-superusers should be trusted with simpler trashing. For most cases I like the default behaviour where editors have to jump through some more hoops - I want them to think carefully about what they are doing. But if an editor needs to trash several pages then this module might reduce frustration. @tpr, by now you can probably predict what I'm going to say... ...something to merge into AdminOnSteroids?
  2. Please read the following before looking on the big picture ) Here's an idea i got, while experimenting with PW: A lot of cool icon fonts are avaible, on the other hand the page system of pw can be used verry flexible. why not bring these together to improve customized backend usabillity, version a (more complicated to build, i guess): when creating a template you choose the icon of your choice for this kind of content. in the page tree, based on the template that you've choosen for every page, the pages uses an little icon. version b (i guess, maybe simpler): based on the choosen template, the page <a> get's a css class with the name of the template. so you need to attache an custom css in the backend that styles your page list with icons using the :before/:after css-technics, i've seen that each page list item already get's a unique class, but it doesn't look like every page list item gets an class/id based on the used template. i think version b of my idea is nicer, and would bring up more flexibilty so style the page tree, additionaly to the icon solution. however, i did a dirty mockup of version a for better illustration. what do you guys think about the draft? writing something like this myself with php would be a realy big and scary task at the moment, since i'm a young padawan, but maybe some of the jeddai masters like it? <- i did an mistake..on the mockup i mean with "<-*click* a click on the picture symbol, not the pencil >.< EDIT: another "sourcecode mockup" to illustrate what would be cool the get with version b of the draft, so page list items get automatic an template name based icon , styleable with div.basic-page:before { content: "a"; } div.sitemap-template:before { content: "k"; } link with more infos about the css part etc,
  3. It's great that you can choose the fields of template that will be displayed in the Page List in admin pannel. But I really miss the possibility to use a field of a page reference field of a template to be displayed, too. A current website I'm working on uses a «project» template with a page reference field «client». As the title of the projects are often very similar or even the same, it would be a big help for editors to have the referenced client's page title added to the project's title in Page List. Like: List of fields to display in the admin Page List title client->title But I guess I've to create a little module to get this working, hm?
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