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  1. Hi there, I've just installed Processwire and started developing a web page but every time I run [mydomain]/processwire I'm sent to a 404 error page. What can I do to diagnose what is causing this issue? Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you guys, I am up and running now Problem Solved
  3. Hi there, I have recently transferred my Processwire to a different host. I have created a database and imported to the new host server and have transferred all the files Processwire. I have also created a database user and updated the config.php file with the necessary information and I am getting the following error in debug mode: Fatal error: Exception: DB connect error 1045 - Access denied for user 'admin'@'' (using password: YES) (in /home/admin/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php line 96) #0 /home/admin/public_html/wire/core/ProcessWire.php(45): ProcessWire->load(Object(Config)) #1 /home/admin/public_html/index.php(183): ProcessWire->__construct(Object(Config)) #2 {main} in/home/admin/public_html/index.php on line 214 This error message was shown because site is in debug mode ($config->debug = true; in /site/config.php). Error has been logged. Any clues of what is happening? Can anyone please help me? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys! DONE!
  5. Hi there, Is there anyway in processwire to output the URL of the site, instead of the root. Because the root returns this value: "/" and I need it to return the URL. Thanks in advance
  6. I have been testing with this method all night! This is great, the approach is so clean once we understand it. Thanks
  7. Yes it does, I actually thought the same way before and tried to do it, but I must've messed up my logic. That works and is very simple to understand, pure javascript logics. Thank you very much
  8. Hi there, First of all, I am sorry for the spam of small questions, but as they are all very simple and fit for my problems, they can as well fit for someone else's problems too. I am testing around the $page->children function and I wanted to find all the children inside the children of the page's first child. It is a bit complicated to explain, but I'll illustrate the situation: first level - > second level - - - > third level - - - - - - > fourth level - - - > third level - - - - - - > fourth level - - - - - - > fourth level - - - > third level If we read this list as a page tree, I want to find the url of each "fourth level" page. I have tried the most logical yet with no success: <?php foreach( $page->child->children->children as $children) { ?> <h1><?php echo $children->url ?></h1> <?php } ?> What am I doing wrong? In JQuery terms I could navigate through my levels with the $(this).parents()[5] function, but Processwire seems to lack this capability. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks guys, you have, once again, solved the problem
  10. Hi there, I am struggling with a very simple variable. I'm using the following function to get the url of a certain child: <?php echo $page->find("projects")->url ?> But it returns an error: Error: Exception: Unknown Selector operator: '' -- was your selector value properly escaped? (in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Selectors.php line 165) #0 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Selectors.php(190): Selectors->create('projects', '', '') #1 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Selectors.php(63): Selectors->extractString('has_parent=1, p...') #2 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Pages.php(143): Selectors->__construct('has_parent=1, p...') #3 [internal function]: Pages->___find('has_parent=1, p...', Array) #4 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Wire.php(271): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #5 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Wire.php(229): Wire->runHooks('find', Array) #6 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Page.php(786): Wire->__call('find', Array) #7 /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/cms/wire/core/Page.php(786): Pages->find('has_parent=1, p...', Array) #8 /Applications/XAMPP/xa This error message was shown because you are logged in as a Superuser. Error has been logged. The page called 'projects' exists, what could be the problem? Thanks in advance
  11. I will study this method. Thanks
  12. But the page fieldtype only handles pages, right? The only thing I need is something similar to the checkbox fieldtype, but with multiple radio button items in which its output would be the selected item's value.
  13. No, I need it on the back-end (admin). I don't think I understood your idea. I have created the page field as you said, but how can I populate the radio button list now?
  14. Hi there, I need a radio button fieldtype. The checkbox field only allows one value, right? I need a field that displays a list of radio buttons, in which the user has to pick one. Is this available through processwire? How can I do something like this? Thanks in advance
  15. Oh, yeah!! I totally forgot the "children" variable! Thanks guys, this is exactly the kind of enlightenment I needed, of course it makes sense
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