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  1. Hi, which forum module? I am very interested on this and I was hoping to integrate PW with a forum. Where can I find more details?
  2. Sorry I think I found the problem, it was an if-statement I used during development and not properly cleaned... I've got only you guys in this forum on my most desperate moments
  3. Hi, I have a problem and I am seeking for advice. I have users complaining of the way the login system works, the funny thing is that I am not able to duplicate the error. All I know is from the logs "Error: Call to a member function render() on null (line 137 of /home/consultazienda/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/FrontendUser/FrontendUser/FrontendUser.module)" What happens is the user logs-in, gets a 404 page, some of them panic..., then goes back and the user has logged-in. this is the code I see at :137 136 public function ___render() { 137 return $this->form->render(); 138 } I've many times to log-in with all the user-roles and never see this happening. Any idea where I could check? I know this a poor information post, but I dont know where to bang my head. Thanks PW 3.0.50 - FU 0.9.3
  4. THANKS @adrian ! I had to go back to the root folder, in my case "/home/accountname/public_html/site/assets/files/1/"
  5. I had to un-install the module "ProcessImageMinimize" as it blocked the page rendering of entire site, pages took ages to load. Spent few hours to figure out the problem and to endless wait for each page to load ...
  6. Sorry I can't add an attachment... The email is sent without attachment $pdf = $homepage->pdf_marketing->url; $mail = wireMail(); $mail->to($emailg); $mail->subject($subject); $mail->bodyHTML($emailMessage); $mail->attachment($pdf); $numSent = $mail->send(); And the log tells me Error in $WireMailSmtp->attachFile($filename): Not existing or not readable file: /site/assets/files/1/consigli-alimentari-fit4all.pdf And I tried absolute URL, again same error Error in $WireMailSmtp->attachFile($filename): Not existing or not readable file: The file is there, available to see even from browser. What I am doing wrong?
  7. Done! I'm glad I could be useful on spotting this.
  8. Thanks @Robin S That solved the problem!
  9. Hi, I've already posted this on "general support" forum, but nobody replied, maybe here is more appropriate? Anyone having problem to use PW 3.0.50 markup regions + Front-End Editing ?
  10. Hi, I have a problem with this module. Actually is a problem linked with another module FrontendUser, but considering FrontendUser is working fine if I uninstall wireMailSMTP, maybe there is a conflict somewhere... The scenario is this: I'm trying to send an email from FrontendUser, the reset password email, but it doesn't work. If I check the logs I read: Error in hnsmtp::send : 550-Verification failed for <> This is strange because all other emails sent from API or PW are delivered without any issue, and on wireMailSMTP settings page I have all my SMTP credentials set up correctly. Only this "reset password email" seems to load the default wireMailSMTP settings. Any idea what goes wrong? Thanks a lot I'm on PW 3.0.50 - wireMailSMTP 0.2.3 - FrontednUser 0.9.3
  11. Anyone having problem to use PW 3.0.50 markup regions + Front-End Editing ? If I enable a field to be front-end-edit, and if I have edit privileges, then it does not render on page, the field doesn't show up at all (Field renders fine for guest users, for example).
  12. Thanks for the quick reply! Update: I can edit or add pages normally, I have role 'superuser' From the dashboard I can only edit posts, I cannot add new ones. I have re-installed the blog module, with same results I have checked the user permissions, both on the role 'blog-author' & from the blog- templates I've cleared PW cache in /assets/cache probably on the live server, I was never able to add new posts from the dashborad What else can I check? Thanks a lot for any hint
  13. Hi. I cannot edit the blog using the dashboard panel, every time I try to save a blog-post (or add a category or edit the blog setting etc) the page re-loads and nothing is saved. This is very strange because it used to work fine. I've tried with both 'blog-author' & 'superuser' roles, checked the logs in PW, check the developer tools on browser, tried with different browsers... I don't see any error message anywhere, I wish I could post more information. On my local machine the blog is still working, on the live server (same files) I have problems. Anyone had this problem before? PW 2.8.35 - Blog 2.4.0
  14. Hi Developers, Here I am after a long journey in the wild enviroment of coding, sailing with a little row boat mostly in the dark, with few lights to follow and a crew of only one man (actually I do have a chef that feeds me... ). Now I found this warm pub and I want to know how to turn my vessel in a space-ship like yours! Seriously, do you have any suggestion how to learn coding the PW way? I understand the basics of PHP, but once if I open the lid of OOP, hooks, modules I get lost. I know there is no guide to follow and endless material available; but if you have any recommendation for good books or tutorials you found in your learning path to suggest, or on the contrary things to avoid like pest.. Also, I'm not in my twenties anymore, where we worked at day and studied at night... Thanks!
  15. module

    Hi, great module! I have a problem writing redirects, I am following documentation but still I can't make it work. le_stampanti_a_noleggio/?m={all} should go to noleggio-stampanti/{all} Is there something wrong with this settings? Here attached the debug output. PW 2.6.1 with Jumplinks 1.5.4 Thanks a lot!