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  1. Hi, I have some doubts on how is the best way to get some "default" pages and cache them. For example the homepage or contactpage urls need to be present throughout the entire website. Normally I prepend a file in the config.php, something like "_defautlpages.php" and it works fine, but my question is now: do these find() requests get cached somewhere in the templates (procache or normal cache) or they load in every page load? Probably not because there's no page with the "_defautlpages.php" template... Or maybe yes... I know that this won't impact on page speed, as normally I have only half a dozen default pages to load, but it's just a matter of doing things as nice as possible. Thanks for clarifying this existential dilemma!
  2. Would it be not possible to remove all EXIF data on image upload, so PW has a neutral version of the image? Then the person who uploads the photo can check the orientation. My problem now is: when the image gets rendered from PW, the orientation is correct; but when I fetch via http a variation of the same image, as you said EXIF data is lost, so the resized image has wrong orientation.
  3. Hi, is there any update on testing release? I've sent my expression of interest via Google form, but nobody contacted me. Do I need to wait for an email or the production release date?
  4. Thanks a lot for the input! I had the same problem.. this guide helped me to fix the Apache on my Linux machine https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/php-7-0-ziparchive-library-is-missing-or-disabled
  5. I found this module, maybe it is of your interest. The module says: // It's called for each page that's being saved, no matter if it's in the backend or in your templates via the api. https://processwire-recipes.com/recipes/extending-page-save-process/
  6. Are you planning to support Snipcart v.3 any soon? Thank you for this great peace of work.
  7. Thank you for providing this great work, there's no doubt the forum is craving to install this module, me included. On the roadmap there is no mention of the proper release, you mention only soft and closed release for the selected few, am I right? Or the full release is going to be on Q2? I know dates are not fixed yet and I don't wont to be pushy, but demand for e-commerce is high now and we need to make decisions on which platform to use for our clients. Thanks!
  8. I'm on BunsenLabs https://www.bunsenlabs.org/ I like it because is very minimal, and all the PC RAM goes where is needed. Unfortunately I still need sometimes to reboot in Windows for Photoshop and publishing software; so far Gimp and Inkscape or Scribus are still behind compared to Win/Mac software.
  9. Thanks for this module. Is there a way to sanitize the description field in order to remove HTML tags? The field I set up to display the default og: description is a textarea with HTML formatting... This is how is rendered on the page: <meta property="og:description" content="&lt;p&gt;La linea di Pomate Freita&amp;nbsp;Bio&amp;... Thanks for your help!
  10. Which animation library do you use for your websites? I'm looking for a simple and light one, there thousands out there in the Internet but most of them look like special effects for action-movies. I like the animations in UIkit, but sometimes I need al little extra or I don't always want to use UIkit for every website. Thanks for your suggestions!
  11. Adding a CSS style on the HTML template does the tick for me. <style> @page { margin-top: 0px; } </style> Source here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16538109/change-top-margin-of-second-page-using-mpdf
  12. Yes you guessed right: registered user uploads pdfs on a PW page, which is then rendered like a "folder" and all files are displayed as a list, where the user can browse them... I'm able to make the list neater with some "str_replace" but still it won't be the same as it should. I thought of writing the original file names on a txt file in the same temporary folder where files are saved, or into the session, and with some logic then add the content of the text file on each file->description field, but at the moment it's too complicated for me! Or maybe this could be a feature for the next released version ?. Thanks again for this great module anyway!
  13. Hi! I'd like to keep the original file name. After upload the new sanitised name is not as human-friendly as the original file saved by client on his PC, this is why I was thinking to keep the original name somehow and save it on the file description. In my very modest opinion, this is somthing quite complicated to do, but maybe there is an easy solution.
  14. Is it possible to sort files inside a field "Files"? I've tryed with $page->files("sort=basename"), I guess a selector for files field is not the right way to go... is a solution similar to this the right approach or there is an easier way? Thanks for any input.
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