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  1. palacios000

    At the end I used the cookie script from Iubenda... It works well and the client pays for it anyway!
  2. palacios000

    Sorry I didn’t get how to make work the unsubscribe link inside the newsletter. Does anyone have an example how to implement it?
  3. palacios000

    OK, after a long struggle I manage to find the solution. First, I had problems to add the domain in the App settings. Solved thanks to this post Then I changed these settings as described here and finally it worked! full post here
  4. palacios000

    Hi. I think so... I've uploaded a screenshot here Thanks!
  5. palacios000

    Hello, Does anyone have problems with the ProCache module? What happens is ProCache ignores the user choice when pressing the button "I have accept etc" and keeps popping up in every other page and in the page reload itself. I have asked on the ProCache forum and they redirect me here Thanks for any help!
  6. palacios000

    Hi, I have problems to connect the module to FB app, I get the error mentioned by benbyf her above: AutoFbPost: post failed; click here to log in with Facebook. Then the error message says: "App not configured. This App is still in development mode and you can't access it"... Is there anything else I need to set in facebook? I've tried all possible configuration and I don't know where to check now. Screenshot attached. Thanks a lot for any help.
  7. palacios000

    Hi, which forum module? I am very interested on this and I was hoping to integrate PW with a forum. Where can I find more details?
  8. Sorry I think I found the problem, it was an if-statement I used during development and not properly cleaned... I've got only you guys in this forum on my most desperate moments
  9. Hi, I have a problem and I am seeking for advice. I have users complaining of the way the login system works, the funny thing is that I am not able to duplicate the error. All I know is from the logs "Error: Call to a member function render() on null (line 137 of /home/consultazienda/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/FrontendUser/FrontendUser/FrontendUser.module)" What happens is the user logs-in, gets a 404 page, some of them panic..., then goes back and the user has logged-in. this is the code I see at :137 136 public function ___render() { 137 return $this->form->render(); 138 } I've many times to log-in with all the user-roles and never see this happening. Any idea where I could check? I know this a poor information post, but I dont know where to bang my head. Thanks PW 3.0.50 - FU 0.9.3
  10. palacios000

    THANKS @adrian ! I had to go back to the root folder, in my case "/home/accountname/public_html/site/assets/files/1/"
  11. I had to un-install the module "ProcessImageMinimize" as it blocked the page rendering of entire site, pages took ages to load. Spent few hours to figure out the problem and to endless wait for each page to load ...
  12. palacios000

    Sorry I can't add an attachment... The email is sent without attachment $pdf = $homepage->pdf_marketing->url; $mail = wireMail(); $mail->to($emailg); $mail->subject($subject); $mail->bodyHTML($emailMessage); $mail->attachment($pdf); $numSent = $mail->send(); And the log tells me Error in $WireMailSmtp->attachFile($filename): Not existing or not readable file: /site/assets/files/1/consigli-alimentari-fit4all.pdf And I tried absolute URL, again same error Error in $WireMailSmtp->attachFile($filename): Not existing or not readable file: The file is there, available to see even from browser. What I am doing wrong?
  13. palacios000

    Done! I'm glad I could be useful on spotting this.
  14. palacios000

    Thanks @Robin S That solved the problem!
  15. palacios000

    Hi, I've already posted this on "general support" forum, but nobody replied, maybe here is more appropriate? Anyone having problem to use PW 3.0.50 markup regions + Front-End Editing ?