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  1. @bernhard yes this is completely understandable ) but I meant that bug will not have other side effects and not appear with other images
  2. @bernhard wow wow really wow) I followed your instruction and seems problem gone away ) Hope it will not back again) Great danke!
  3. @bernhard But where can I take a look at Robin S solution ? I even did not expect that meeting brother in misfortune could make me so happy. Your web site looks great. We are also a German team. Our link will be encrypted in this message, like a little puzzle) So need to fix it and 'get it work'.. I don't know if the extension of website where I have error with image does matter, but if it does it is 'com'.
  4. @bernhard thank you for the answer! I have commented it on github) But how do you avoid this problem for your own ? How do you think, it is good idea to avoid it as I said, at least temporary with changing '-' to '+' $angle = 360 + $degree;
  5. Hi community! Thank you for the great system! But I have faced with a problem. Given an image. When I upload the image to image field - image gets rotation in wrong direction.. On the above image you can see the third image rotated on the contrary... https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/d8945198f4a6a60dab23bd0462e8a6285369dcb9/wire/core/ImageSizerEngineGD.php#L477 DSC01828.zipAlso if I change the above line to: $angle = 360 + $degree; then it rotates it correct.. So it seems like script rotates image in wrong direction.. What to do with that? Thanks! I have attached zip with original image.DSC01828.zip
  6. Hello everyone. Tell me please, can I make some fields viewable and editable in profile (in admin panel) only for specific roles? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello everyone. I use some processwire module. That module is on MPL 2.0 license. Can I modify this module for my task ? I will not distribute it. If I can modify, then may be I should write some copyright to the modified version. Like "original version author is........... Modified by me" ? Thank a lot to everybody!
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