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  1. cmscritic

    Thanks, I appreciate that. While I can understand being displeased that we are no longer powered by Processwire, I don't think it's reasonable to request that I update this community every time I make a change. It is my job to try out various systems repeatedly and our site has been powered by more than one CMS (pw and wp aside). Do take this nicely but the entire reason for CMS Critic is that we are not accountable to any one CMS and that is how we maintain our integrity. It's been amazing using PW for the period for which we have but we WILL switch it up and we ARE open to change. To name a few, I've run the site on WP, PW, Serendipity and Agility CMS. Also, realize that we have been sure to promote PW heavily and continue to think it's an excellent CMS, regardless of whether we run it on our site. I think realistically, we have and continue to give back in spades. Feel free to ask questions if you wish, I'm always willing to answer.
  2. cmscritic

    Then kindly refrain from using the term for anything other than its actual use.
  3. cmscritic

    Yep, makes implementing websites a hell of a lot easier. If you don't like it, that's your choice. I don't appreciate your use of the term "gay" as something terrible or wrong. My brother happens to be gay and your opinion may have had value if you hadn't showed your hand and made such an ignorant reference.
  4. I've got too many sites now that I need to be able to manage them all (my wife's included) from a single dashboard (since most are WP) and I've also got a number of WP clients I look after so I went 100% WP across the board. Nothing to do with PW, which served me wonderfully for a long long time.
  5. The register page is disabled deliberately. I don't want anyone registering at this time because we were inundated with spam accounts. As for the coverage of PW 3... we do our best to cover what we can but sometimes news articles don't get much traction. I prefer editorial pieces and reviews. Of course, I'm only one man so while I do have an author or two I pay, I can only do so much. I welcome anyone who wants to contribute PW content, however, and will happily link back to your website in return. Just hit me up at Thanks
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