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  1. Hello, @kongondo! I use the module in this way: I'm creating a site with possibility of creating blank menu without items. On these lines I'm trying to get menu items: $menuBuilder = $this->modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $this->menuItems = $menuBuilder->getMenuItems($id); Then I get an error: "No menu items found! Confirm that such a menu exists and that it has menu items." if items are not present. This is caused by the line 1366: https://github.com/kongondo/MenuBuilder/blob/main/MarkupMenuBuilder.module#L1366 I tried to fix it manually using the fact that the menu is a page and menu items are being stored in menu_items variable: $menuBuilder = $this->modules->get('MarkupMenuBuilder'); $menu = $this->pages->get($id); if($menu->menu_items) { $this->menuItems = $menuBuilder->getMenuItems($id); } else { return; } However, it seems to be only a workaround. Am I using module correctly? If no, how can I use it to avoid such an error without adding items? If it is not possible, I suggest the following fix: Here https://github.com/kongondo/MenuBuilder/blob/main/MarkupMenuBuilder.module#L1366 return can be replaced from $this->throwError() to [] or array(). I created a new issue here: https://github.com/kongondo/MenuBuilder/issues/50. Can you please see this issue?
  2. Hello! I would like to report an issue I noticed. I migrated a FieldtypeCombo field using the RockMigrations module. The field was transferred with the warning: FieldtypeCombo: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'field_global_settings_combo.i3' in 'field list'. To figure out this error, I exported this FieldtypeCombo field and compared the database state in both cases. After a normal export, the database looks like this: After migrating using RockMigrations, the database looks like this: As you can see, the database is missing columns "i3", "i4", "i5", "i6". Can you please tell me how it is possible to create them?
  3. Hello! I still have a problem related to creation of repeater matrix types. There is a function: public function createRepeaterMatrixField(string $name, array $options, bool $wipe = false) { $items = array_key_exists('matrixItems', $options) ? $options['matrixItems'] : null; if ($items) unset($options['matrixItems']); // var_dump($items); // create field $field = $this->createField($name, 'FieldtypeRepeaterMatrix', $options); // populate matrix items if ($field && wireInstanceOf($field, 'RepeaterMatrixField')) { $this->setMatrixItems($field, $items, $wipe); } return $field; } $field variable is supposed to be RepeaterMatrixField, but it's only a Field. What I'm doing wrong? I use the code from the documentation from https://github.com/baumrock/RockMigrations/tree/dev#repeatermatrix-field. Can you please tell me why it's Field and not RepeaterMatrixField? Edit 1: I think it's field because $this->createField returns Field but not RepeaterMatrixField. Edit 2: If I use setMatrixItems, then items are being added in the second run.
  4. Thanks, I was able to install the LanguageSupport module using migrate.php. But I have a question. I use this module from other script outside migrate.php. Is it possible to use this file instead of migrate.php?
  5. Thank you, it works! But how to install other languages? I see only DE and FI options here.
  6. Hello, @bernhard! I tried to install it, but $module variable in installModule() here returns null and the installation of this module was not successful. Maybe there is something else that I don't take in account?
  7. Found it: https://processwire.com/api/ref/templates/delete/. For example, wire()->templates->delete(wire()->templates->get('basic-page'));
  8. Hello everyone! Can you please tell me how to delete a template from database via API?
  9. Hello, @bernhard! I'm trying to install LanguageSupport module using RockMigrations with method addLanguageSupport(), but I have an error related to that module is not in the list of installable files, so I can't install it. Can you please tell me what is wrong?
  10. Hello everyone! I need to create a form which appears to be a filter in which GET parameters will come with the same order as the user chooses it. Can you please tell me how to do it?
  11. Thank you, it indeed works. Thank you, but the select option values are still being stored as a string and $integer is already an int and doesn't need conversion.
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