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  1. Hello everyone! I have an error "Uncaught ReferenceError: jsMarkupLeafletMap is not defined". My version of ProcessWire is 3.0.199 dev and the version of the module is the latest dev. I found that previously @Marco Angeli resolved the problem here, but it doesn't seem to be my case.
  2. Hello everyone! I'm using htmx to send a form to /scan URL, but no "search" parameter is present in "get" in $input variable: <form hx-get="/scan" hx-trigger="submit" hx-target="#result" hx-swap="outerHTML" id="scan-form"> <input type="text" name="search"> <input type="submit"> </form> Can you please tell me where is my mistake?
  3. I found a solution: instead of Wireframe::partial call $this->view->partials->get.
  4. Hello! I need to call Wireframe partial from component's controller method. How can I do it? I see __callStatic method in Wireframe.module.php which seems that may help, but don't know how to apply it.
  5. I got it, thank you! I've thought that it is not a good practice because the title may contain letters on other languages which might cause problems with encoding.
  6. The problem is that I need to use the title, say, 'footer-menu' in code: $menuBuilder->getMenuItems('footer-menu'). Then I think it is not a good practice to give a title to menu like 'Footer Menu'. Also, if the title can be multi-language, it might, I think, cause other issues.
  7. Thank you, finally I found it!
  8. Thank you! Finally, I found the root of the problem. I didn't add "return $inputfields;" to the end of file. I'm not using a namespace explicitly. ProcessWire version is 3.0.199 dev, and everything works fine now.
  9. Hello, @kongondo! Can you please tell me where can I see the name of menu? It seems to me that the name and the title of menu are the same.
  10. Hello, @Macrura! When I use .php file, I get an error: 'Cannot instantiate abstract class ProcessWire\Inputfield'. Can you please tell me how I can overcome this error?
  11. @3fingers, thank you for your answer! Unfortunately, I have a multi-language and the locale should not be hard-coded in site/config.php. Maybe there is a way to define locale from user current settings? I've thought that I somehow need "C" for this purpose.
  12. Hello everyone! I had an error related to "C" locale which told me to translate "C" locale settings. Where can I find this "C" locale in admin for translating it? I can't find it anywhere.
  13. Hello everyone! I have a "Select Options", but I need to illustrate them with images (attach a viewable picture in admin panel to them). How can I do it?
  14. Finally, I found a solution: as @MarkE wrote, I was trying to hook not in proper place. I've hooked another ___processInput method, in InputfieldForm. The working hook is: wire()->addHookBefore('InputfieldForm::processInput', function($event) { $input = $event->arguments('input'); if(!$input->title) { $input->title = '1'; } if(!$input->_pw_page_name) { $input->_pw_page_name = '1'; } }); Thank you all for the advices!
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