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Community Answers

  1. Link to the module page is broken – is the module still working with the latest PW version?
  2. Ok, I wrote the php codes from scratch and now it works. Very strange. Definitely a mistake from my part. Thanks for suggesting Tracy Debug, I'm testing it right now ?
  3. Oh I didn't know this. I actually started calling all my repeaters "repeater_…" but that might not be the brightest idea in that case. But I find sometimes forget which fields are repeaters and which aren't, that's why I started doing this. But I guess this isn't the problem, since I'm pointing to the right field.
  4. I don't get your point, sorry. I don't see what this has to do with my issue?
  5. yes, my repeater is called "repeater_agenda" and has 2 fields, title and a datetime called "eventdate".
  6. Hi, this seemed quite straight forward, still can't get my head around it… I have a repeater with 2 fields (title and datetime). I want to sort the repeater items in the API by the datetime field. But it doesn't work. foreach($page->repeater_agenda->sort("eventdate") as $agenda){ } This doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?
  7. Wow. These are great inputs! I'll have to look into them more closely, since they are some new concepts to me. I only feel stupid I haven't asked the community sooner ?
  8. Hi, I've been using PW on so many websites to this day, can't count them. Still, I'm always looking for a better way to name my fields. A typical problem is when I need multiple textfields on one template. I sometime contextualize them (i.e. "lead", "maintext", "detailinformation", etc.) or use "textfield_1", "textfield_2", etc., and I even tried to differentiate them by their type or max characters ("textfield_formatted", "textfield_unformatted", or "textfield_500", …) So my question is… What solution have you found to this issue?? ?
  9. Thanks Zeka, using Lister is actually a good solution. I can create a bookmark with the right settings, and share it with the users.
  10. I'm talking about ProcessPageSearch. Concrete case: the user searches a particular page in the search field top right corner. If they type the name of a tree, there's a bunch of pages that will display with that particular tree. I would need it to display a second field with the location. So they see in the result "tree, location". I'm also using ProcessPageList (which is perfect for displaying the pages in the tree (this time I'm talking about the tree of pages in the backend ?). But this is a different need. Lister might be an alternative solution, actually ?
  11. Is it possible to display 2 fields in the page search? I got a series of pages about trees with the same name (as a page title) but different locations. I wish I could display something like {title}, {location} Thanks.
  12. Thanks Gebeer, that was definitely a time saver. Works fine for me. Couldn't go into the trouble of swapping languages by default, not with all content already up there.
  13. Thank you Bernhard! That's exactly what I needed. I need to get my head around hooks, hooks are cool. ?
  14. Hi, I wonder if there's a way to display an image in the backend, to help fill out some fields. In this particular case, I want do display a map of buildings with all entries numbered, so the client can look up the number in the image and select the right entry from a dropdown menu. Thank you!
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