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  1. Hi, did you find a solution to this problem? I ran into the same question.
  2. Is it possible to let people edit a page without having to have a user-role? My case is the following: Visitors fill in a form (Formbuilder) which is saved to pages. They get a confirmation email which could contain a unique editing link. In case they need to update some information, they can click on this link, edit the fields and save. Am I totally off? Is there a better practice?
  3. Actually… I was. Doh. Can't believe I oversaw that. 🤯 Thanks a lot
  4. It behaves correctly if I leave the field "range" empty… But as soon as I enter some value such as "-30:+20" (as in the example), it starts counting at the current year…
  5. Hi, I've setup a date field with a date picker. I set it with a range of "-10:+10" for the years, but for some obscure reason (to me), instead of showing years from 2009 to 2029, it shows the coming 20 years (2019 - 2039). Am I missing a preference somewhere?
  6. Of course, that's the one I'm using currently. Nice functionalities but limited in terms of design. And again, it feels old… (i know i know, it's not. But still…) 😉
  7. I'd like to add my voice to this topic. I was just browsing through the modules under "admin themes", sorted them by date and oh… the latest one is 4 years old… And almost all of them stopped with version 2. As much as I like this CMS, I'm having more and more of a hard time convincing clients to use it, and I think it has a lot to do with the looks. It feels old and somehow odd… i just came across the module "admin theme boss" by @Noel Boss and what a relief! Finally something I can present to my clients without shaking. 🙂 I'm really hoping for improvements in this field, since I'm a true believer in the love at first sight, or at least how important first impressions are.
  8. It's an old post but still a hot topic… I create a lot of websites for clients in german, sometimes in french. I often end up with a mix of languages either in the fields or templates names… Anybody working with multilanguage sites with a good practice suggestion?
  9. Hi, On GitHub it's posted as solved, although I still get that problem with integer fields on Form Builder. Anybody still having that problem?
  10. I had the same issue and this seemed to fix it. What is this function?
  11. You nailed it. It's an old site (one of my first ever with pw), and I wasn't rendering the URLs correctly. It works now. Thanks a lot for your help, wbnjfktr (whatever that means). 🙂
  12. Yes, I did. "en" and "de". But the names of the languages (under "languages") are "default" and "deutsch". But as far as I know, they don't have to (can't) be the same?
  13. Hi, I've just setup a website to multiple languages, and I have to say, it's very straight forward and quickly done! But still I'm not sure I understand the process correctly. I have the module "Languages Support - Page Names" installed. I can view all pages either in DE or EN, and I'm using this piece of code as a language switcher (from the introduction page): // remember what language is set to $savedLanguage = $user->language; foreach($languages as $language) { // if user is already viewing the page in this language, skip it if($language->id == $savedLanguage->id) continue; // if this page isn't viewable (active) for the language, skip it if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; // set the user's language, so that the $page->url and any other // fields we access from it will be reflective of the $language $user->language = $language; // output a link to this page in the other language echo "<li><a href='$page->url'>$language->title: $page->title</a></li>"; } // restore the original language setting $user->language = $savedLanguage; It works for the current page, but as soon as i click on any link, the language switches back to default (in my case german). My question is, do I need to update all URLs in the template files? I thought that the language switcher updated the language in the session and kept it this way… Could you give me light? Thanks
  14. Yes, I'm aware of that. That's my issue. That's what I get with sharpening set on SOFT. Are the core rendering engines just not that good?
  15. HI, Has anyone encountered quality issues with the croppable module? I know I'm very picky when it comes to image quality, but I'm getting pretty bad results and I'm wondering what i can do about it. I've tried no sharpening, sharpening soft, quality 90 and 80, but the images still look "pixelated", specially in the diagonals. See screenshot attached. Original left, cropping on the right.
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