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  1. Thank you Bernhard! That's exactly what I needed. I need to get my head around hooks, hooks are cool. 🙂
  2. Hi, I wonder if there's a way to display an image in the backend, to help fill out some fields. In this particular case, I want do display a map of buildings with all entries numbered, so the client can look up the number in the image and select the right entry from a dropdown menu. Thank you!
  3. Hi, did you find a solution to this problem? I ran into the same question.
  4. Is it possible to let people edit a page without having to have a user-role? My case is the following: Visitors fill in a form (Formbuilder) which is saved to pages. They get a confirmation email which could contain a unique editing link. In case they need to update some information, they can click on this link, edit the fields and save. Am I totally off? Is there a better practice?
  5. Actually… I was. Doh. Can't believe I oversaw that. 🤯 Thanks a lot
  6. It behaves correctly if I leave the field "range" empty… But as soon as I enter some value such as "-30:+20" (as in the example), it starts counting at the current year…
  7. Hi, I've setup a date field with a date picker. I set it with a range of "-10:+10" for the years, but for some obscure reason (to me), instead of showing years from 2009 to 2029, it shows the coming 20 years (2019 - 2039). Am I missing a preference somewhere?
  8. Of course, that's the one I'm using currently. Nice functionalities but limited in terms of design. And again, it feels old… (i know i know, it's not. But still…) 😉
  9. I'd like to add my voice to this topic. I was just browsing through the modules under "admin themes", sorted them by date and oh… the latest one is 4 years old… And almost all of them stopped with version 2. As much as I like this CMS, I'm having more and more of a hard time convincing clients to use it, and I think it has a lot to do with the looks. It feels old and somehow odd… i just came across the module "admin theme boss" by @Noel Boss and what a relief! Finally something I can present to my clients without shaking. 🙂 I'm really hoping for improvements in this field, since I'm a true believer in the love at first sight, or at least how important first impressions are.
  10. It's an old post but still a hot topic… I create a lot of websites for clients in german, sometimes in french. I often end up with a mix of languages either in the fields or templates names… Anybody working with multilanguage sites with a good practice suggestion?
  11. Hi, On GitHub it's posted as solved, although I still get that problem with integer fields on Form Builder. Anybody still having that problem?
  12. I had the same issue and this seemed to fix it. What is this function?
  13. You nailed it. It's an old site (one of my first ever with pw), and I wasn't rendering the URLs correctly. It works now. Thanks a lot for your help, wbnjfktr (whatever that means). 🙂
  14. Yes, I did. "en" and "de". But the names of the languages (under "languages") are "default" and "deutsch". But as far as I know, they don't have to (can't) be the same?
  15. Hi, I've just setup a website to multiple languages, and I have to say, it's very straight forward and quickly done! But still I'm not sure I understand the process correctly. I have the module "Languages Support - Page Names" installed. I can view all pages either in DE or EN, and I'm using this piece of code as a language switcher (from the introduction page): // remember what language is set to $savedLanguage = $user->language; foreach($languages as $language) { // if user is already viewing the page in this language, skip it if($language->id == $savedLanguage->id) continue; // if this page isn't viewable (active) for the language, skip it if(!$page->viewable($language)) continue; // set the user's language, so that the $page->url and any other // fields we access from it will be reflective of the $language $user->language = $language; // output a link to this page in the other language echo "<li><a href='$page->url'>$language->title: $page->title</a></li>"; } // restore the original language setting $user->language = $savedLanguage; It works for the current page, but as soon as i click on any link, the language switches back to default (in my case german). My question is, do I need to update all URLs in the template files? I thought that the language switcher updated the language in the session and kept it this way… Could you give me light? Thanks
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