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  1. lenoir

    Yes, I'm aware of that. That's my issue. That's what I get with sharpening set on SOFT. Are the core rendering engines just not that good?
  2. lenoir

    HI, Has anyone encountered quality issues with the croppable module? I know I'm very picky when it comes to image quality, but I'm getting pretty bad results and I'm wondering what i can do about it. I've tried no sharpening, sharpening soft, quality 90 and 80, but the images still look "pixelated", specially in the diagonals. See screenshot attached. Original left, cropping on the right.
  3. lenoir

    Ok ok ok… You got me curious, I'll try out your module ;-) I was reluctant to use it since I only need the first page of each PDF, but the PDFs I'm dealing with have 1-5 pages, so it's not likely going to take too much storage space. Will it work if placed in a repeater?
  4. lenoir

    A year and a half later, Soma saves my day. Again. And for the very same issue
  5. lenoir

    Hi Richard, I've tried out this module on version 2.6 and it works nicely! I've tried installing it in version 3.0 and had to restore the database from backup: I got error messages and couldn't reach the PDF-field anymore. The information about compatibility is misleading: on the module page it says compatible with version 3.0, but later on it's stated <3.0. Too bad I can't used it now, I liked it a lot! Thanks.
  6. lenoir

    Yep. Just what i was dreading: I installed the module and it's not compatible with version 3.0. Now I can't delete the field that cause the issue, and I can't get rid of the module since it's used by a field… PS: I could restore from backup. I'll inform the compatibility issue in the right forum.
  7. lenoir

    I haven't tested the module yet. True, I missed the compatibility part. It says somewhere below: Requirements: Processwire >=2.5 <3.0 That's what threw me off. I guess the text isn't quite up to date… I'll give it a try now. Thanks for your help.
  8. lenoir

    I could run two fields (PDF & JPEG) in a repeater, that might do the job. It's only a matter of compatibility with the latest PW version.
  9. lenoir

    Thanks Adrian. Yes, I looked into the module "Filetype-pdf", but there are two issues for me. First, it's not supported in the current Processwire version (>3.0). Second, my field has both Jpegs and PDFs, and this module only accepts PDFs into the field. That's why i was looking for a simple code to do the job.
  10. Hi, I can't get this script to work. I'm simply trying to generate the first page of a PDF from a file fieldtype. I keep getting an error message like this: "Error: Exception: Unable to read the file: …". The path to the PDF seems correct to me. foreach($page->datei as $publikation){ if($publikation->ext === "pdf"){ $file = $publikation->url; $im = new Imagick(); $im->setResolution(300, 300); $im->readImage($file . '[0]'); $im->setImageFormat('jpg'); header('Content-Type: image/jpeg'); echo $im; } } Any idea what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Adrian! I don't know if you've solved Thomas' problem, but you hinted on mine ;-) Stupid mistake…
  12. lenoir

    I tested even without the repeater and I get similar errors. So I think we can leave the repeaters out of it. Permissions are OK. I tried to recreate the issue (can't tell yet exactly when it works and when not). I created 4 cropping-presets. These create the 4 croppings automatically. So far ok. When the user (whichever) creates a custom cropping, the new cropping doesn't overwrite the old one. Or I should rather say, sometimes it does, but most of the times it doesn't. Workaround is to delete the generated croppings in the "variations" window prior to creating a custom one. This works, but it's not a nice solution for the end user. Am I the first one reporting this bug? Thanks.
  13. lenoir

    Hi Horst, I've wrapped a repeater around my image and bullet selection (The user can thus choose which cropping to use). It works when I upload an image for the first time, it creates 4 standard croppings (panorama, portrait, etc.). However, if I make a custom cropping it doesn't save it. I'd actually want the custom cropping to overwrite other files, but that doesn't work either. Is there a known issue between croppable image 3 and repeaters? Should i use ProFields Repeater Matrix (haven't tried it so far). Pagetable is also a possibility, but not as intuitive and fast as a repeater. Thanks for your help! David
  14. lenoir

    I was also thinking about a repeater. Pagetable would also make sense I guess. Thanks Horst! I thought there might be a secret weapon I didn't know of
  15. lenoir

    Hey there, This module is great. Just wondering, what's the best way to have the user choose which cropping to use in the frontend? The way I understand the README file, the programmed template decides which cropping to use. But what if the user wants a vertical image for an image, and a panorama for another? Thanks for clarifying. PS: Currently working for architects, so I'm glad there are "serious" labels now too ;-)