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  1. Found the problem: The autodetection does not detect the current page. Instead it detects and uses the Repeater Matrix page as current page, which does not have a template with allowPageNum enabled. Fix: Add the real page as option to the pager if you need pagination in Repeater Matrix. Check 3rd line: ... echo $items->renderPager([ 'page' => wire('page'), 'listMarkup' => '<nav aria-label="navigation"><ul class="pagination">{out}</ul></nav>', 'itemMarkup' => '<li class="page-item {class}">{out}</li>', 'linkMarkup' => '<a class="page-link" href="{url}">{out}</a>', 'currentLinkMarkup' => '<a class="page-link" href="{url}">{out}</a>', 'currentItemClass' => "active" ]); ... File: partials/feed/items/list.php
  2. Yeah, I dont know why. There is also no error or any redirect. 😞
  3. Hi folks, my current pagination implementation does not work. The research via Google and this forum did not result in a success. Some details: The template of the pages has pagination enabled in the admin. URL Segments are not enabled. The buttons are correctly rendered. Clicking on the "Next" or numbered links merely reloads the current page. The link href values are properly being output with the current page url with ?page=1, ?page=2, etc. Manually entering the paginated urls has the same effect of reloading the current page with no new content. Pages are being returned from the ->find function properly and with the proper limit. A few other details: ProcessWire v3.0.140 Multi-language is enabled, 2 languages implemented, only one is use. Implemented as partial of a partial of a "Repeater Matrix"-field. ... echo $items->renderPager([ 'listMarkup' => '<nav aria-label="navigation"><ul class="pagination">{out}</ul></nav>', 'itemMarkup' => '<li class="page-item {class}">{out}</li>', 'linkMarkup' => '<a class="page-link" href="{url}">{out}</a>', 'currentLinkMarkup' => '<a class="page-link" href="{url}">{out}</a>', 'currentItemClass' => "active" ]); ... File: partials/feed/items/list.php <div id="feedItems"> <div class="container"> <?= wireRenderFile('partials/feed/items/list', [ 'items' => $items, ]); ?> </div> </div> File: File: partials/feed/items.php echo wireRenderFile('partials/content-section', [ 'title' => $page->section_title, 'body' => wireRenderFile('partials/feed/items', [ 'items' => $pages->find('limit=2, template=feed-item, feed_item_published<=' . time() . ', sort=-feed_item_published'), ]) ]); File: fields/section/section_feed.php Thanks for help...
  4. You are right. I've tested a lot of solutions in last few hours. It seems to be the fastest, most user-friendly and most flexible way to get it done without any third-party module or core manipulation.
  5. Hi, yeah, I saw it. But I don't like it, that you have to create a "settings" page under home to store the data. This is very iritiating for a dummy user. Is there no solution to create a hidden "settings" page and then map it to the admin page?
  6. Cool. Thanks. I think it is the only way for me and my customers to create a own module.
  7. Learning by doing. Could find it out by myself 🙂 But... What does ATO mean? Any plans for the next final release?
  8. Thanks for your links. I already know these solutions. But they are not "user friendly" for non-technical users. General site settings module is buggy in latest PW dev version and settings factory does not offer a solution based on uikit formatted input forms. The solution written in this post is perfect for my use case, but I want to prevent to create mulitple settings page under home and admin, only to get it accessible trough "setup > settings". Offtopic: Cool zgseh dass oh Schwiizer hie mit mache 🙂
  9. Does the duplicator also duplicate the database? If yes, how does it work?
  10. Hi folks, is there any "better" solution for global settings today as written in this thread? I've a few input fields like website_title and website_image which I want to be editable trough a admin page (e.g. setup > settings) and accessible in my template (e.g. $settings->website_title) Best regards, rjgamer
  11. Sorry, I think you misunderstood my question. I asked for a solution to find field values of a page, based on a specific field tag and not pages.
  12. Thanks! I already found $page->fields in the docs, but didn't reconise that I could use ->find('tags=custom').
  13. Hi, how do I get the values of a page tagged by specific field tag? Something like $page->getByTag('custom'), if I had tagged multiple fields by a tag called "custom". Thanks, rjgamer
  14. Hi guys, the template files has by default to be stored in this base path: /site/templates/ How can I change the base path in the config to /site/templates/pages/ ? Thanks, rjgamer
  15. Hi folks, I'm new to PW and have to say: I really like it! After 15 years of using WebsiteBaker or similar forks of it, I'm ready to switch to ProcessWire. I'm handling the site-wide settings in a Fieldset-tab in home-page: Can I use the Fieldset name as API key? Because currently on my installation, the name of the fieldset is not accessible as WireData/array and returns null: $home = $pages->get('/'); echo $home->site_settings->site_title; // does not work, throws error because site_settings is null echo $home->site_title; // does work If configurable, I want the similiar API-behaviour of fieldset to access the child fields like with the repeater. Thanks for your support.
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