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  1. I am getting errors when using cron.php Can you check/test it? I am on my phone and cannot access the error message properly. Thanks.
  2. I cannot see the default value settings for image fields on the latest PW versions. Did I miss something?
  3. I've a regular updated PW installation (3.0.191) which is more than a year old. I cannot find any AdminStyleRock module. Why? And how can I install it the best way?
  4. I like the backend theme. Good job. Any chance to get access to it?
  5. Hi, I am not happy with the limited features of the free comment module. Now I am thinking to buy the Form Builder Pro, but I am not sure if it can be use for custom comment system. Can anybody tell me more about the possibilities to create a custom comment system? Can I change the output of each input field for Bootstrap oriented stylings? And can I output the sent data in the frontend? Thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot. Is there any possibiliy to add a custom field to the comments?
  7. Hi, I want to replace the comment output classes with custom classes. Because I need the output formatted for Bootstrap, with a few other tweaks. I'm rendering the template with this code: <?= $page->comments->renderAll() ?> How can I replace the default classes CommentForm and CommentList with custom classes before the instance got created? Thanks.
  8. Strange. There are no default value settings anymore in PW 3.0.181. Does anybody have the same issue?
  9. Looks like the same issue I have with page repeater. It would be really cool to get this supported.
  10. Since the last update of the Upgrades module, there are two packages of duplicator: One can be upgraded, the other not. And when I install duplicator, only the module "Duplicator" got installed. I've had to install "ProcessDuplicator" manually. Thanks to this info here. It's look like something smaller is messed up since the last few PW updates. Or not?
  11. Was a problem with the AutoTemplateSubs module. After I uninstalled the module, the error did not occur anymore.
  12. This solution does not work. Same error occurs.
  13. Thanks. My module development skills are to low for any professional pull request. I would be really happy if you could implement support specific page repeater rules. Yeah, thats the current and only way to get it done. But who wants 3-5 similar fields with different names? ?
  14. Hi, I got the following message when I update oder delete an text field: The update works. But deleting the field does not work. All other fields doesn't have any problem. How can I hard-delete the field in the db? Or is there any other solution? Thanks.
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