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  1. Strange. There are no default value settings anymore in PW 3.0.181. Does anybody have the same issue?
  2. Looks like the same issue I have with page repeater. It would be really cool to get this supported.
  3. Since the last update of the Upgrades module, there are two packages of duplicator: One can be upgraded, the other not. And when I install duplicator, only the module "Duplicator" got installed. I've had to install "ProcessDuplicator" manually. Thanks to this info here. It's look like something smaller is messed up since the last few PW updates. Or not?
  4. Was a problem with the AutoTemplateSubs module. After I uninstalled the module, the error did not occur anymore.
  5. This solution does not work. Same error occurs.
  6. Thanks. My module development skills are to low for any professional pull request. I would be really happy if you could implement support specific page repeater rules. Yeah, thats the current and only way to get it done. But who wants 3-5 similar fields with different names? 😞
  7. Hi, I got the following message when I update oder delete an text field: The update works. But deleting the field does not work. All other fields doesn't have any problem. How can I hard-delete the field in the db? Or is there any other solution? Thanks.
  8. Doesn't seem to make any problems yet. But you are right, I will rename it for "safety first" reasons. No, it doesn't work if I select "Repeaters" as parent page and it does not work if I explicit select the template or page. Doesn't work, because both times the same page and field got matched. The module can currently not set rules for page repeater and different handle the fields with similar names (connected over page repeater).
  9. Additional information: I've a image field called "image" and a page fieldset called "meta". The image is mapped on the template and also mapped on meta, which mapped to the template too. So the image field "image" is two times mapped. $page->image $page->meta->image For $page->image I want to rename the image to "{$page->title}" and for $page->meta->image I want to rename the image to "preview". How do I configure the rules to match both cases? Thanks.
  10. Hi, this rule does not work. Or is this even possible as rule?
  11. Thank you. It looks like that to cache the HTML output is the only solution. Strange is, that the cache offers a renderFile method. But I dont get it to work to render a partial (site/templates/partials/foo/bar.php). Does anybody have a working example?
  12. Hi, how can I boost up this code in my template? <?php $selector = 'template=game, genre.name=strategy'; ?> <?php foreach ($topics as $topic): ?> <!-- ~50 topics --> <?php $count = pages()->count($selector . ', topics.name=' . $topic->name) ?><!-- more than 1000 games --> <!-- My awesome super stuff with $count --> <?php endforeach ?> I've three similar queries of the code above in a template and it slows down the page load ~2secs. How can I boost up the count query? Thanks
  13. I think I found it: Page::loaded https://processwire.com/api/ref/page/loaded/ Edit: How do I check in a custom page class, if it is the current class? Maybe something like this: namespace ProcessWire; class DefaultPage extends Page { public function loaded(): { parent::loaded(); if ($this->isCurrent) { // to my special custom super feature stuff } } }
  14. Sorry, I'm mean after a page load when the current page get fetched from the database. Page::added get called when I create a new page. I've a use case where I want a run a method of my custom page class. But if I run the method in the constructor, not all properties of page are loaded (e.g. httpUrl).
  15. Hi, is there a hook after the current (active) page got created? Or which method got called in the Page class after the Constructor of the current page got initialized? Thanks.
  16. Correct this works. But what is if I dont want a wrapper around tabcontents in the forms?
  17. Omfg, I was blind. 🙂 From... $page->save('redirect_counter') ...to... $page->save() ...did it. Sometimes I cannot see the tree because of the forest... or somehow. 🙂
  18. Hi guys, the field "redirect_last" of type DateTime got not updated. The update on the field "redirect_counter" works and got saved. Does anybody know what I did wrong in my code? if ($input->urlSegment(1) === 'redirect') { $page->of(false); $page->redirect_last = time(); $page->redirect_counter += 1; if ($page->save('redirect_counter')) { $session->redirect($page->website_url, 302); } } Thanks.
  19. Thank you! Could not test it yet. But wow, what a fast response. 👍
  20. Duplicator does not work with PHP 8 anymore. get_magic_quotes_gpc() is removed. Is there any Roadmap to see how the module get evolved in the next few months?
  21. I found the issue and created a pull request with a fix. Problem: If SeoMaestro is mapped to a page fieldset or page repeater (e.g. $page->meta->seo), the fieldset will be handle as first page for the breadcrumb aka structured data and got listed as item. Solution: I added a check to prevent the listing of pages based on PageRepeater. Link to the pull request: https://github.com/wanze/SeoMaestro/pull/25
  22. The admin page and repeaters are getting listed as pages in structuredData: I'm using the latest PW and module version. Is this a bug or a configuration issue? Thanks for your support, rjgamer
  23. Foud the solution: ini_set("xdebug.var_display_max_children", '-1'); ini_set("xdebug.var_display_max_data", '-1'); ini_set("xdebug.var_display_max_depth", '-1'); Source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/34342948/2338829
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