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  1. My template is set to end with a slash. But I implemented your override and that worked!! Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to install comments on two of my clients' websites. In both cases, I'm able to display the comment submission form, but the form submissions are not being saved or display. Once I click the submit button, I'm directed to the homepage where #CommentForm is appended to the end of the URL. I have looked through countless forums and Google searches, but I can't find any advice that has fixed this issue. I have followed the instructions from https://processwire.com/docs/modules/guides/comments/ exactly as described, and I'm getting no where. Like I said, this is set up on two different websites and I'm seeing the same issues with both. I assume it's some issue with connecting with a database, but I don't see anything in the instructions on PW's website that says I need to do anything there.
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