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  1. Hi, had thought that this would somehow be possible via $pageimage->render, but via $pageimage->SRCSET is also okay. ? Thank you! Christian
  2. Hello, maybe I missed something somewhere, but is it possible to append the "browser cache busting query string" when rendering? With the "normal" image this is possible via $image->URL or $image->HTTPURL, but I have not found a possibility here. Thank you very much, Christian
  3. Hey @Sebi, thanks for your quick response. I downgraded PHP to version 8.1.1 and installed a clean PW v3.0.200 master and AppApi v1.2.3, but still no success. It seems, that the secrets are correctly set. Always error 500. ? But, the module created the Apptokens: Is there anything else i could have done wrong? ?‍♂️ Thank you, Christian
  4. Hi! I'm having problems with the authorization. I've installed the module and created a Double JWT-Application. The Test-Route answers correct, so the module is working. When i GET /api/auth/, also the correct answer appears. But, when i POST /api/auth/ (x-api-key is set correctly), then i get this internal server error: I'm using ProcessWire 3.0.204 dev and PHP 8.1.6. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you, Christian
  5. Same problem here, but playing with the checkbox doesn't work either. Always getting "REQUEST DENIED" and i have absolutely no clue, why. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks Soma! Will use $_POST["test"] instead...
  7. Hi! I have a formular like this: <form action="/test/" method="post"> <input type="text" name="test[1234]['value1']" /> <input type="text" name="test[1234]['value2']" /> <input type="text" name="test[1234]['value3']" /> <input type="text" name="test[2345]['value1']" /> <input type="text" name="test[2345]['value2']" /> <input type="text" name="test[2345]['value3']" /> ... <input type="hidden" id="_post_token" name="{$this->session->CSRF->getTokenName()}" value="{$this->session->CSRF->getTokenValue()}"/> <input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" /> </form> For testing the processing of the form looks likes this: if($input->post->submit && $session->CSRF->validate()) { $data_pw = $input->post["test"]; $data_post = $_POST["test"]; echo "<pre>"; print_r($data_pw); print_r($data_post); echo "</pre>"; } But i always get something like this... Array ( ) Array ( [1234] => Array ( ["value1"] => "Test" ["value2"] => "Hi" ["value3"] => "Hello again" ) [2345] => Array ( ["value1"] => "Oh no" ["value2"] => "Wait, what?" ["value3"] => "Bye bye" ) ) Why is $input->post["test"] returned as an empty array? Am i doing something wrong? (using PW 3.0.18)
  8. You're wrong, adrian! This is exactly what i was searching for, thank you very much! But I brought it to work only today... it's my first project with processwire and there is much to learn. But i can say right now: i love it.
  9. Yes, would be nice if upload of the images & creation of the pages could be automated. I thought of setting the maximum of photos per album to 48. Not sure, how often this maximum will be reached, mostly there will be ~20 pics. I guess there will be a new album 3-4 times a month. The workflow should be like this: - user logs in admin-panel - creates under "photos" new page like "my wedding". fields under this template should be "title", "date" & "cover image"... - uploads photos (perhaps possibility of rearranging, deleting and tagging of uploaded photos) - one click and the magic will happen (creating separate page for every uploaded photo, setting title of page to image-name and so on) This should be as simple as possible, cause my father and my mother will use this system too... Hope this answers your question.
  10. Hi! I'm new to ProcessWire and i need a "little" help with my family's website. What i want: The website of my family contains a gallery, where photos are shown in several albums. The current tree looks like this: ---photos ------ New Year 2013 ------ Going to the zoo ------ Dad's 60th birthday ------ Our Pug ------ ... Showing all pictures on one page is no problem for me, i got that working. But the photos should be Instagram-like "commentable" and "likeable". So i have to create a page for every single image, right? My questions are now: what's "the best" way to do this? Is it possible to automate this process? And how? I hope you understand, what i'm trying to do... my english is not that good, school is a few days ago... paulbrause
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