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  1. Monitoring service dropped, but I think I have regular users who generate the same symptoms, this one is coming from an android phone : Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 5.1.1; A0001 Build/LMY48Y)
  2. I get rid of facebook (stopped campaigns, not enough effective according to me actually), and now discover other peoples walking here (see screenshot). I still don't understand why does it hit several times per second the DB... ( is my external monitoring solution) Perhaps I'll go back to file based sessions, I'm a bit scared to see those access to the DB...
  3. Mmhhhh, very good move. I've launched some promote ads with FB, it could comes from that. I'm going to investigate and will post result here. Thanks a lot !
  4. Hello, My website is live for 24h now. In the admin, setup->session section, I see many sessions but apparently own buy the same user, is it normal ? (see the screenshot). I guess it eats database ram ? Is there a way to change that behavior ? Stop the db sessions maybe ? Update : Don't know if it's related but my Guest user is inserting dozens and dozens of lines in session table... (10 to 100 / minute) Thanks
  5. I guess Zuckerberg got mocked too at the beginning But ... no It's and live today !! I have to communicate on that here, in another section I guess, will do it this week I thank PW and all its very friendly community in the about page : You really helped me build this up guys ! I knew nothing about PW a few months ago.
  6. Thanks @kongondo I don't want to know what happen if someone open the users menu within the admin with such a big number of subscribers...
  7. Hi, (silly ?) question here : My website will have many users (I hope). So is there a limit inside PW on that ? Do $u = new User(); will explode one day ? Thanks
  8. So simple and efficient, I'm going to do that Thanks @diogo !
  9. Hi @tpr, thanks for that link. Sounds a bit too complex for me as I've only a few hours ahead of me to push the website, but I'll dig into it for the next planned big update.
  10. Hi guys, I'm close to go in production after months of coding... But, I need to fix some things live (I could have a better process right here, I know, but...) So, is there a way to hide my landing page while still working on it (hidden ?) I now there is the unpublish functionality, but when I use it, it seems to disable too the index.html I've near the PW's index.php (close to /wire, or /site). What are your best practices on that ? Thanks
  11. @BitPoet YOU-saved-my-weekend ! It works... That was exactly what I needed big big thank you. Thanks to all of you for your ideas.
  12. Oh oh @BitPoet, sounds promising ! I'm going to try it asap and will post my feedback here. Thanks !
  13. Hi @kixe, I've just read the documentation related to your advice. I didn't know about the prepend functionality... But I can't see how it could help me on this one. Perhaps there is something to do with $config->url but I'm not sure. To sum up, I'd like that this application, loaded in my template page 'MyApp' runs without hacking the path/links in the code. I'm looking for something which could make my template page believes that it's local to the 'MyAppDirectory' which is in /template/MyAppdirectory The main page I'm loading is in /template/Myapp, as all my usual website pages are actually. Usually, for a standard webpage of the website, I put some "$path_template" in front of every <img src=".."> but here it's not possible / too complex to do.