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  1. Ok, still stuck to /tmp but I think it's a good idea to look in this area. I've checked my dev phpinfo() and it show the sessions in the assets/sessions directory (for local value, master value still in /Applications/MAMP/tmp/php). So my goal is to change that value (local) in my prod setup. to be followed ! thanks Update : My host doesn't authorize me to make any changes in that location, so I'm stuck with DB sessions for now. I'm studying some other hosts. Thanks for helping me !
  2. Thanks a lot for digging into that issue @szabesz. I'm going to try that new setting and will report here !
  3. Hi szabesz, Good idea : I read "/tmp"... So what does that mean ? Perhaps I can modify that and store them on site/assets/sessions ? The problem is, wherever it's stored today, it doesn't live long enough, and users complain (gently). The problem was "solved" with database sessions, which lived long enough, but the db was hit too much.
  4. Hi @cstevensjr, Sure : I'm using PW 3.0x, No fancy module : CK Editor and multilanguage stuff. I've just discovered that sessions files are created on my laptop (mac) but when it's uploaded, sessions directory stays empty. That said I cannot see any differences in the config, but I'm still looking (there must be some differences...). Directories permissions are the same on site, assets, and sessions. I've just read again the security/permissions sections but no more clue right now. Thanks
  5. Hi, I don't see any files in assets/sessions directory. Both are in chmod 755. Previously I was running with sessions in DB but it seems the DB can't handle the load on my shared hosting (too many restart...). So I'm disabling the sessions in DB. I can login in my website but I don't see any files on my host ? Perhaps PW handles that in local only, on my browser... Before I set up the sessions in DB my users were complaining because the sessions were too short. This is what I have in my config.php : $config->sessionExpireSeconds = 4320000; // 50 days ini_set('session.cookie_lifetime', 4320000); //$config->sessionExpireSeconds = 432000; ini_set("session.gc_probability", 1); ini_set("session.gc_divisor", 100); Any ideas ? Thanks
  6. Ok.. Make sense, thanks !
  7. Hi, Sun's shinning, so I'm digging into my website logs, logical.I've noticed that thing in the file compiler logs section : 1 day ago 2017-03-24 09:46:03 guest / Compiled file: /site/templates/_home_main.php What does that mean ? Does PW have to (re)compile every few day/hours/* some of the templates ? (which means I guess a longer access time for the "guest" who trigger the compiler ?) Or am I totally wrong ? Is it adjustable somewhere ? Thanks
  8. hi @Zeka, Thanks for your feedback ! I know there is some tuning to do, at the moment I'm preparing the backend stuff for the sunday races. I'm alone on this project and can't deal with everything on the same day but I'll improve the website day after day. favicon, minify are now planned, thx
  9. Hi ! Please welcome https://www.docpaddock.com/en/ It's a brand new rebuild of an old project called Trajectons.com (not online any more). It's a competition of predictions. You have to guess some podiums in MotoGP/Moto2/Moto3 categories or F1 (I'm a MotoGP fan). You have a free plan, another one where you can buy an avatar generator, and a Pro one to unlock some cool features. I knew nothing about PW a few months ago and its community helped me a *lot*. I wouldn't have be able to do this without your help. So thank you and have a look if you're into that kind of sports competition You can still sign up before the first Grands Prix seasons : it starts this sunday (26/03).
  10. Monitoring service dropped, but I think I have regular users who generate the same symptoms, this one is coming from an android phone : Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 5.1.1; A0001 Build/LMY48Y)
  11. I get rid of facebook (stopped campaigns, not enough effective according to me actually), and now discover other peoples walking here (see screenshot). I still don't understand why does it hit several times per second the DB... (checkmy.ws is my external monitoring solution) Perhaps I'll go back to file based sessions, I'm a bit scared to see those access to the DB...
  12. Mmhhhh, very good move. I've launched some promote ads with FB, it could comes from that. I'm going to investigate and will post result here. Thanks a lot !
  13. Hello, My website is live for 24h now. In the admin, setup->session section, I see many sessions but apparently own buy the same user, is it normal ? (see the screenshot). I guess it eats database ram ? Is there a way to change that behavior ? Stop the db sessions maybe ? Update : Don't know if it's related but my Guest user is inserting dozens and dozens of lines in session table... (10 to 100 / minute) Thanks
  14. I guess Zuckerberg got mocked too at the beginning But ... no It's https://www.docpaddock.com and live today !! I have to communicate on that here, in another section I guess, will do it this week I thank PW and all its very friendly community in the about page : https://www.docpaddock.com/en/motogp/about/ You really helped me build this up guys ! I knew nothing about PW a few months ago.
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